Is Gold The Biggest Fraud In History?

Is Gold The Biggest Fraud In History?

For over two and a half thousand years, gold
has been used as money. Today every country and central bank invests
in gold because its value is considered so stable – it helps to offset more volatile
investments that succumb to financial crashes. Currently, all the gold in the world is worth
over $8 trillion. In short, it is a hugely important part of
the global economy. But Chris Powell, Secretary of the Gold Anti-Trust
Action Comittee, says 80% of the gold owned in the world simply doesn’t exist. If he’s right, it is the biggest case of
fraud in history. Is Gold The Biggest Fraud In History? Over 2,000 tonnes of gold are mined every
year. Around half of that becomes jewellery, a tenth
of it is put to industrial use, and a third of it goes into bars and coins to be held
in monetary funds and central banks across the world. Gold is traded on the market every day, bought
and sold by individuals as well as funds and banks. Like any commodity, the price of gold depends
on the demand for it. As a mineral, there is a finite amount of
gold available. So far in human history, over 170,000 tonnes
of gold has been mined. All the gold that has ever been mined could
fit into three-and-a-half Olympic swimming pools. The remaining gold in the ground is expected
to run out shortly after 2030. The trend over the last century is that the
price of gold steadily increases. When it runs out, the price could skyrocket. But the market could collapse even before
then. Tens of billions of dollars’ worth of gold
is traded every day in special markets. According to Chris Powell, sales of gold are
basically underwritten by the central banks. In 2009, market analyst Paul Mylchreest calculated
that bullion houses who buy and sell gold have only 15,000 tonnes of gold to trade. He also worked out that 2,134 tonnes of gold
were traded every day on the London market alone. At this rate, the entire world’s stock of
investment gold changes hands every week in one market. But gold is bought as an investment, to hold
onto as it steadily increases in value. What’s more, all this gold is held by the
bullion trading houses, not given to the people who buy it. Analyst Adrian Douglas said this means that
when you buy gold, you’re really buying a document that just says you own it – paper
gold. Douglas also argues that the amount of gold
sold each day compared to the amount of gold that exists, means that every ounce of gold
has at least four owners. In effect, they are selling gold that doesn’t
exist. This might sound far-fetched, but there is
a precedent for it. In 2005, Morgan Stanley was sued by its clients
for selling them non-existent precious metals. For two decades, Morgan Stanley sold investors
gold, silver, platinum and palladium and charged them storage fees for holding it. When the clients asked for the metals, nothing
was ever delivered. Morgan Stanley settled the case out of court. Meanwhile, JP Morgan Chase & Company is currently
being sued for manipulating the price of silver. In January 2017, Keith Neumeyer, the CEO of
silver mining company First Majestic, said the same manipulation is being carried out
in the gold market. If more gold is being sold than actually exists,
it could have disastrous consequences. If Adrian Douglas is correct that each ounce
of gold is owned by four people, each one of those owners has a right to claim that
ounce of gold. If people simply asked to be given the precious
metal they officially own, the banks and bullion houses would not be able to give it to any
of them. They would become bankrupt. The price of gold would then rise to stratospheric
heights. As Chris Powell put it, “There may not be
enough zeros in the world to put behind the gold price.” This could have the effect of devaluing currencies
around the world, since a country’s ability to purchase one of the world’s most important
commodities would be drastically reduced. However, the effect might not be that cataclysmic. Almost every country in the world has abandoned
the gold standard. This means their currencies are not tied to
the value of gold, rather the value of money is tied to the worth of the goods and services
countries provide. Moreover, the price of gold is less stable
than its reputation suggests, yet economies have continued well in spite of this. If the price of gold went sky high, it would
cause the collapse of the gold market and the gold mining industry, but probably not
the economy. Nevertheless, in recent years Russia and China
have been buying up gold – the real thing, not paper gold – and increasing their national
reserves. They seem to be doing this to strengthen their
own economies, in particular against the US dollar. The balance of power seems to be shifting. If Eastern nations decide to tie their currencies
to the value of gold, it could cause a collapse in the western economy. If, after that, it were revealed that gold
is far, far rarer than the markets pretend, the global economy would be seriously under
threat. The USA still has by far the largest reserves
of gold in the world, and is one of the biggest producers and third biggest consumer of gold,
after India and China. Yet China claims to have only half the amount
of gold we expect it to have, from the quantity it’s been buying. And it appears to be an open secret that the
gold market is manipulated. Perhaps the whole system is based on a lie. And perhaps that lie will have consequences.


  1. That’s called paper gold, and yes it’s a legalized fraud, and this is old news. In the other hand physical gold is the real deal 👍

  2. Like I always say criminals always wear taxidos. Go the college to get a criminal certificate to RIP off people by law.

  3. I find that blame gold or the banking system as a scam is totally useless because we are not attending the root of the problem: The people are losing their power to choose, is no longer a question about what should the government do but what system the government should use. What’s next? Abolish the electoral college vote? Yeah, as if that was going to happen soon…

  4. Have you ever noticed all the reports of gold being traded off this planet. Why do banks like the idea of crypto currency? It would hide their lies. Ever read the book from the 30's the 9 unknown? It was one of the first to bring up that this was going.

  5. The central banks are the fraud!
    We need a great "reset" in the world economy. It would be hard times and very uncomfortable, but if the peoples of the world made runs on their banks and withdrew as much as possible while stockpiling gold and silver…. idk, fuck it, let's light this fucker up!

  6. This is not news, ever commodity trades this way. Do you really thin when people buy corn or soybeans the amount is capped at the total acreage that is planted for that year? This is why all traders zero their positions before the contracts are due. In other words if one person wishes to buy gold, all they need is to find a trader willing to sell gold. Once this happens a contract is created.

  7. Nobody can control the real quantity of GOLD in this World! Because the Big Boys like Rothschilds, Rockefellers & Co. Wound allow you to control them!

  8. The aliens made us mine gold to power there equipment and weapons. They will return one day to get there gold bullets and kill us all

  9. I don't think they are, specially because it has an actual use (industrial, decorative, collectible, reserves as a store of value) I think the scam is The system that controls it (and the Fíat currency)

  10. Some of the Gold stocks, like symbol AU just stocks in the company that actually mine gold. So you are betting that the company is going to profit, not actually buying gold. I'm up 34% that is good for me. When you buy Amazon stock your not buying actually stuff, your investing in that company.

  11. Well, many videos contradict themselves. Gold or not, the economy doesnt run on something stored somewhere for nothing.

  12. I'm currently buying gold. I will pay anyone a loaf of bread for a meer 50 metric ton of gold. Hurry, supplies are limited!

  13. 1971 USA went off the gold standard the US$ was pegged at 35$ for 1 ounce
    Today June 21st 2019
    Takes 1400$ for 1 ounce
    Buy and hold the physical gold coin

  14. The best reason to hold it is because they dont want you to own it…. Because their paper robs you and as long as their paper robs you gold in turn rewards you because their paper is designed to rob you. That's why they hold it and try to manipulate it lower to stop you thinking its worth holding. It is the best storage of value over time because it responds to the value of paper fiat currency directly which only ever returns to its inherent value which is zero. When you understand this fact you understand money and that gold is true money that theyd rather you didn't have . It is the enemy of central banks.

  15. Money, Time and Religion are all imagined realities and exists only in our mind.

    Some one said "This piece of paper is worth ______." And we believe it.

    It is all a matter of brainwashing. It is only worth what we think it is worth.

  16. Let's make this clear. The metals price is determined by the Crimex market. A bullshit fiat currency market for physical metal when NO metal is traded. The banking cartel CONTROL ALL ASPECTS OF THE COMEX AND THE PRICE OF METALS. The price of gold has been UNDER DIRECT CONTROL FOR DECADES. The last thing the banking cartel want is the masses to flock to physical gold. The control over gold price is all that is necessary to keep the entire world out of physical gold. Let's look at the facts. In a free market with fair mechanics…. gold would be at a fair price RELATIVE TO THE DEBT RATIO OF THE PAPER MARKET. In this "fair" scenerio….. metals would be in the stratosphere in comparison to where they are at. THE ENTIRE METALS MARKET HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH METAL AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ….P A P E R !!!!!! In addition. The price of gold will ONLY move under one of two scenarios. 1. If the banking cartel wants it to go down….. it will go down…..if they want it to go up….. it will go up. IT IS ALL AGENDA. As an example of this. Back when gold hit 1,800 record high…..ask yourself what was going on surrounding the rush. I will tell you. GOLD ETF's Globally !!! Country after country accepting gold ETF's to be utilized. The amount of paper "gold" that got involved with the gold market was astronomical at that time. What happened after the ETF's were in place……systematic lower to the price of today where it has been capped below 1,300 for a decade by the banking cartel. Mass amounts of wealth were extracted by the cartel on citizens all over the globe. All the while the paper debt ratio of the world is EXPONENTIAL and gold has not budged beyond 1,300 for a decade !!!! Scenario 2. If there is a complete DEFAULT of the Comex gold market and the paper pricing mechanism is transferred to actual physical gold trading occurs……. the price will rise significantly to levels people are talking about. KEEP THIS FACT IN MIND…….If the default does not occur…….the banking cartel……WILL NEVER allow gold price to go anywhere near a fair (high) level……period…..end of discussion. If you would like to read the 34 page article I wrote entitled "The Deliberate Global Economic Collapse" which I submitted to a high profile financial site and had great reviews……email me at [email protected] I will send the word doc and delete your email afterward. You can do what you please with the article. I am only interested in sharing the information from what I had learned after a 12 year daily aggressive research on the global banking system. The article is accurate. If in doubt….. spend some significant time researching and I believe you will end up agreeing. Take Care Mike

  17. All these so called precious metals and gems only have a monetary worth value cause the world market say so.what good will these things be when Mother Nature is tired of all of us humanoids?it very obvious that earth is over the human race and it’s going to show us that in the next 50-100years if,water and survival will be the real worth when Mother Nature beats the drums.

  18. Buy gold and store it yourself, not paper gold, its the same as paper money. Money is printed, so dont save in money, save in real assets like precious metals.

  19. The banking system is a fraud. Gold is a stable asset that holds value over time. And if it's even rarer than thought that only makes gold even more valuable. Silver is the alternative to gold, another great asset that was always used as money, real money for thousands of years until some assholes decided to put their hands in the pockets of the working class through the central banks.

  20. I've always felt that gold and silver prices artificially suppressed. So if anything, price manipulation is the real scam.

  21. Hahah..40 years ago gold was suppose to run out by the year 2000 .
    There is more gold in the ground than has ever been dug out .

  22. I really don't think Fort Knox has any gold left , it's amazing how the government says it's our gold our White House , our land , try asking to see it ,ask to live in White House , try to build on our land .
    See What Happens , we the People of the United States are nothing but Fxxked , God Bless America and God Bless the People of America , 🇺🇸✌️💕

  23. Neopolean had a great take on gold…He insisted all his guest ate from gold plates…For him, however, that was not good enough!
    He ate from aluminum plates…yes you can't make this kind of things up…Aluminum was almost impossible to produce back then.
    Now any possible lessons to be learned? It's all about perspective…and you get to make your own!. Don't get caught in someone else's…that a mug's game for sure.

  24. At 5:15 the gold "market" might collapse, but why would gold mining industry be in trouble, if the commodity they produce is MORE valuable due to scarcity?

  25. Peter Schiff claims bitcoin is worthless because it is virtual lol. Banks only are required to hold 20% of the money they lend out because that is the amount that regulators see safe unless there was some run on a bank. Does this surprise me that banks are selling air…………lol not at all.

  26. Merrill Lynch Brokers have already acknowledged to criminal manipulation. It is just there to prop up the green back

  27. A pure greed of lost souls , hmmmm..greed have no boundaries…a great flaws of a fast paced of capitalism economy…reform for our specie economy can do without greed metal… a hinder..not help.

  28. I have a friend that is a jeweler, he told me that diamonds are the biggest rip off. He said that they have mines full of diamonds and they will not release them so they can keep the price high.

  29. The economy runs on debt by people in pursuit of happiness. No need for Gold for the majority, all they want is spend,spend,happiness,happiness. economies inflated and deflated but gold always has the same buying power never change

  30. No it’s not the only reason that you would say that is because you don’t really know the real reason why it’s hold value. 😂🤣😂

  31. B'S !!! The price of gold is FIXED by the LONDON FIX twice a day , at 10:30 AM and 3 PM LONDON time and NOT by demand !!!
    People may end up believing this shi…t !

  32. Alot of gold being sold is "on paper" if you're not in physical possession of it, then you don't own it.. 😆

  33. The price of gold is not particularly unstable. The price of gold measured in fiat currency is definitely unstable.

  34. Do you actually think that there isn’t a lot more gold than what they claim. There’s more gold in the ground than we could ever retrieve

  35. Gold is a scam. It's a borderline useless metal. It has no "intrinsic value" as you can neither eat or drink it and it is not a requirement for life. In the event of economic collapse and food shortages no sensible person would trade you so much as a box of poptarts for your shiny coins.

  36. There us way more gold in human hands thsn 3 swimming pools
    .. Gold runs out in a few years? Not a chance.. KNUCKLEHEAD PROPAGANDA..

  37. Thay always say "ITS GOING TO RUN OUT" so thay make you pay MORE for it just like fuel-gas "ITS GOING TO RUN OUT". Selling gold that's not their is the same way the true America is and has been bankrupt cents 1933 that is how the INTER NATIONAL BANKSTERS TOok over as the US CORPORATION LLC with a gold fring around the American flag thru tricked the people around the world.

  38. it gets worse ppl – all these circuit boards in cell phones use silver soldering which is thrown away after use phones use and is irrecoverable at current rates of loss available silver will be as rare as gold in just 25 years combined with gold reserves running out by 2050 we are heading for a calamitous crash of absolute biblical proportions by 2050.

  39. I heard when they had told people gold was against law and people turned it in …so what did they do with it I keep hearing they dont even know…paper is worthless if you got it ask for it and you will see..

  40. Currency is a fraud. Done dusted and digitly bankrupted.
    Currency doesnt equal the amount of gold available. Fraud alert. I guess they are trying to make gold seem unvaluable but make no mistake its very valuable and will last until the end of time. I believe there will be at all out war when they find the ultimate gold mine- yet to be discovered in eastern parts of the world.

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