Is physical silver a cheap purchase at $15 an oz? ( Part 2 of 2)

Is physical silver a cheap purchase at $15 an oz? ( Part 2 of 2)

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 28th March 2016 and we are
completing yesterday’s video when we asked the question is physical silver a cheap purchase
at $15 an oz, especially as it’s fallen from a high of $50 during the past 5 years.
In part 1 we suggested that much depends upon your time frame and alluded to the fact that
if its 10+ years then current prices seem very reasonable and this is supported by the
Silver Institute’s recent reports on Supply and Demand and the likelihood that mine supply
in 2016 will be some 5% below demand and this may very well continue through 2019.
Today we are briefly addressing the issue of economic slowdown, deflation and negative
interest rates. For investors who believe gold will keep climbing
on worries about a global economic slowdown, deflation and negative interest rates, silver
could become a more profitable alternative. Especially as it has advanced less than gold
this year, and typically the metal outperforms when the price of gold is rising and generally
underperforms only when both are falling. However Jeffrey Christian MD of CPM Group
is not convinced. He says: “There’s a lot of bullishness forming around silver,”
….. We are of mixed minds. Silver is in surplus, plain and simple ………….Investors
will only increase their purchases if there are more worrying economic, financial and
political developments, CPM Group data on supply and demand show annual surpluses from
34 million ounces to 177 million ounces stretching back to 2006.”
He infers that worries over the future health of the global economy may also not augur well
for a metal known as the ‘poor man’s gold’ and which derives more than half of its demand
from industrial uses. So what does this actually tell us? Well for
one thing it certainly suggests that the case for buying silver will indeed increase as
this decade proceeds. Of course this could be derailed as the result of a worldwide economic
slowdown, which many of our listeners believe will happen. However, if perhaps there is
actual economic growth of even a paltry 2% in the West and 5% – 7% in India and China
and somewhere in between for the rest of the developing world, then perhaps silver demand
will continue to exceed supply and over time, cause its price to rise.
Now before you rush out and purchase millions of ounces, we suggest you bear the following
in mind. Gold and Silver is priced in US dollars. With countries around the world moving to
negative interest rates and the FED still talking about raising rates – even though
there may only be 1 or 2 rises this year of 0.25%, in relative terms this will strengthen
the dollar, and continue to have a downward impact on prices. Nevertheless this will to
some degree be balanced by those investors wanting to take their funds from banks and
the stock markets and move a proportion into gold and silver.
It should not go unnoticed that only last Friday, it was reported that the US economy
grew at an annualised rate of 1.4% in the fourth quarter of 2015.
The US Commerce Department revised its fourth quarter GDP to upward from an initial estimate
of 0.7%. Overall, the US economy is estimated to have grown at a rate of 2.4% for the whole
of 2015. One reason for the revised figure was greater
consumer spending than officials initially thought, boosted by an improving labour market.
This suggests, at least superficially, that the economy may at last be improving, though
we are acutely aware that many of our listeners do not believe Government statistics. Also,
Core inflation accelerated for the fourth straight month to 2.3 percent, reaching its
highest level since May of 2012 as cost of rents and medical care increased at a faster
pace. This could indeed mean that interest rates
may be raised – we doubt it will happen in April, but that said, more economists are
beginning to believe that the trend is upward as opposed to downwards – either way, short
term, the dollar is likely to strengthen further. We are also aware that our listeners and subscribers
have heard all of the Clarion calls from the usual suspects that silver is going to $50
or $100 this year so buy now. Well let’s not forget some of the headlines that were
published in recent years. “SILVER – $150/oz Possible In Coming Months
Due To Tiny Size Of Physical Market” – Zero Hedge – 7th December 2014 – what happened
in 2015 it fell from $15.97 – $13.82 “THE FORCES THAT WILL PUSH SILVER OVER $100”
– – 12th March 2014 – what happened in 2015 it fell from $15.97
– $13.82 “Silver ‘$100 Within Two Years” –
– 27th March 2013 – what happened in 2015 it fell from $15.97 – $13.82
“THE SILVER BOMB: It’s An Opportunity That Will Never Happen Again… $500+ Silver
IS Coming” – SGT Report – 24th June 2012 – what happened in 2015 – it fell from
$15.97 – $13.82 And our favourite of all time:
“Here’s Why $100,000/oz Silver is a Conservative Estimate” – – Bix Weir
– 17th June 2014- what happened in 2015 – you guessed it, it fell from $15.97 – $13.82
Our view – yes silver prices will in time rise and to appreciative levels. Yes, taking
a 10+ year view we believe $15 silver is cheap but is likely to become cheaper later this
year but nevertheless a couple of dollars make very little difference over such a long
timeframe. However short of our proverbial black swan
appearing do we see prices rising to $100 in 2016 – no – $150 in 2017 – no –$500
in 2019 – no – How about $100,000 oz silver – Ah Yes – but long after we are all dead.
Happy Easter to you all! We hope you have found this video interesting
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  1. Very much enjoyed this video. What I came away with is — the price of silver and gold cannot possibly be projected with any accuracy unless those who do project know when, how much, etc. the prices will be manipulated. Thanks again for the education

  2. Yes , , , , , I am in accord with your perspectives,however I can not help to wonder
    what effect it will be on precious metals when China takes center stage in the next
    two to three weeks , , , , in addition do you think further economic instability might occur with Germany's rumors of leaving the E.U. ?

    Thus further affecting P.M.'s positive upward trend ??

    Thank you so much for your information .

    Regards !

  3. Why do commentators say, "Silver (or gold) is priced in dollars?" It's priced in anything you want: just divide through by the exchange rate for your home currency. It is particularly silly when you watch technical analysts pointing out 'formations' in the price charts and you can see perfectly clearly that if you switch to a different currency a completely different shape appears.

  4. Not cheap at today's $15.20 an ounce. About right for price. I'm losing interest in this after paying fat tax bill. There's still only two things we know for sure in life: death, and taxes.

  5. .. and when it fell to 13.90 in nov. i started buying . even when you and many other feared me with warnings of 12 and the dreaded 10 . and here we are
    even i am a hindsight expert

  6. and don't forget Bo polny and mike Maloney 2 men that have been wrong for 7 years in a row now they both say every year this is the year silver shoots to the sky lmao

  7. The thing about black swan events is that on the long run their likelihood of occurring approaches 1.
    No one can predict when a black swan appears, else they wouldn't be a black swan, but we can see pressure building in one direction or another.
    the 100K silver refers to the nominal price of silver in the midst of a hyperinflation environment, in such an environment a cop of coffee might cost 5000 dollars, so it would not be the time to sell.
    Many in the community talks of 500 dollar silver in todays money, based on the idea of the roman dinarious being 1/10 of an oz and given for a days labour but these calculations are taken out of the thin air.
    All we can really do is to wait for the black swan and prepare all the way.

  8. Since all those past predictions didn't pan out, this must mean today's silver bull predictions won't happen. Logical flaw here?

  9. I look at it the same way I do the stock market. Stocks are not necessarily cheap at the moment. But anyone dollar cost averaging for the next 5 or 10 years will do just fine.

  10. so the last rate rise that panicked the markets and coincided with a rise in gold prices was purely coincidental then?

  11. "Though we are acutely aware that many of our listeners do not believe government statistics." <<<My favorite part of the video. I chuckled pretty good right there.

  12. Thanks IS for the video. Great as always! I tell people to avoid the commentary and videos by the great pumpers, like Mike Maloney. When I researched this guy and discovered the lifestyle that this pumper lives, I ran from him. He said back in 2012 that Silver was headed for $1,000. 4 years later we are at $15. Do I believe Silver will hit 4 digits in 5-7 years? NO WAY! Do I believe Silver will hit 3 digits in the same time frame? ABSOLUTELY! A lot of people have asked me recently about my personal Silver investing. I tell all them the same thing, investing in Silver is not a get rich quick investment. Each month set aside money that you would normally put into a savings account and instead purchase some Silver. You will be glad you did in the longer term. 10+ years ago if you would have purchased Gold when it was trading at $350 and held it until today, you would have a very nice return. Same goes for Silver TODAY! God bless you all!

  13. These wild numbers being thrown around out there should just be discarded without a second thought. These pumpers are missing the point. While silver can be a rough ride, it will not go to the moon. Others will tell you that it pays no interest thus making it a poor investment. Well, what is money in the bank doing as far as a return? Silver in your hand can not be bailed in at your local bank! For those who are already retired, maybe silver is to late for you as income is required right now to fund you golden years.Pensioners have little choice but to enter the choppy markets and risking it all for some hope of return. As for the rest of us i see the white metal as a life boat to carry us across this so called "GLOBAL FINANCIAL RESET" that is said to be coming. Smart people know the old saying that we will happily accept return "OF" investment as opposed to return "ON" investment in these confused markets. If you end up with something on the other side, you are already ahead of the game. If there is some increase in the silver price at that time well that is just a bonus prize.

  14. Look isnt it getting weird its always in the news crisis is over we have growth bla bla bla and then i hear Russia in Recession Venzuela in problems Brazil is deep in the shit China performs bad..

    Its like always Europe/USA do great growth here consumer confident rising and lower unemployment over and over and over again…Slowy i have to trow up from this crap thats pumped in by the media…..The reality is really looking bad…And things are getting only wors…Next years pensions will get cut here in Holland….Wonder what that does with poverty and houseprises wenn the old people get cut 200/300€ and and and and…

    We as west with our fiat money system and capitalism that moves jobs to asia and south america for the cheap labour has made us poor and in debt and we are now close to the bottom we have 0% intrest rates……….Image a world just image it with 5% intrest that our western goverment shut pay over there national debt.

    All this crap the USA (a nation with the highest number of debt on the planet) talks about raising rates….hahahaha
    Everybody seems to believe this will happen….the stockmarkets fly up one its told we go raise them next time..

    They needed to raise them last dec but u really think we ever see 3 4 5% intrest in the west………with this monetary system of the dollar and fiat money?

    I dont see that happen i see the dollar end up as toilet paper soon then 5% on the usa national debt…

  15. WOW !  You just done all the work I was plotting to do, I was thinking today that all these silver predictions are getting out of control just as the Jade Helms, Planet X/Nebru/WoodWorm,  Martial Law has been activated,, or war is imminent with China and or Russia is now imminent, or the economy collapse is just around the corner, or Old Faithful is ready to erupt killing millions,  or the race war has begun, or gun grabbing has officially begun around the nation, or were now in a recession and or depression, or there is an asteroid heading straight toward earth and will hit any day (this rumor started 7 yrs ago )  Obama will be arrested for war crimes, George Bush has an arrest warrant for his arrest for arrest too for the same thing "WAR CRIMES" which this is true however why hasn't he been arrested, when the press asked him what he plans to do in regards to his arrest he replied with a laugh saying "by the time they get me in court and I keep post phoning the trial it will take so many years that I will be dead and gone, now we have a fresh one this time Hillary Clinton this time the court lodged warrant for her arrest for using a highly secured phone for personal business, this must be true because you can see the video where a judge instructs the US Martials to go arrest her but a week later she's on YouTube laughing at the whole circus" I suppose she's above the law,  I can go on and on but with your video I think people are finally getting the message that we can no longer trust these home made YouTube Video Broad Casts.  Oh yes and I forgot to mention the all time rumor that silver is about to explode well if this 5 year old rumor were true I would be a millionaire by now.  Thanks for the good video, you just need to speak up at the end of your words it's hard to hear.

  16. Before 1980 Did anyone think that silver would go to $48?  Today even IS thinks that, in a few years to come, $30+ Silver is yet again on the horizon.  It's because everyone thinks this that it won't happen.  Opportunities don't come from the places one expects.  The Morgan dollar was hated.   The current U.S. Dollar coins? everyone hates them.  In 50 years they'll be all the rage.  I say 8-18 Silver for the next 20 years!

  17. I'm sorry but the question is not if it is cheap or not but if silver is money or not . Silver is MONEY therefore 10, 5, 50 or 100 usd /ounce are irrelevant. The real value of silver,will be known only when the paper money (fiat) collapses. However historical purchase power of silver as money is HIGH HIGH HIGH. Therefore the second question must be: when the toilet-paper fiat money will return to its intrinsic value (that means 0), exactly as all fiat monies did in the past? I do not think in 10 years. This will allow you to not measure the value of things in future in a dead fiat money and allow allow of us to discover the real purchase power of glod and silver…sorry for my English 🙂

  18. It makes sense to get coin to the value of about 1% to 2% of your investments.

    With a downside of 50% of that versus potentially 500% it's a good bet.

  19. I'm always slightly reluctant to buy physical Silver because of the VAT attached. That's not to say that I haven't nor won't again, but I'm wondering if there's even a small piece of perspective that IS can offer to help ease these concerns. I do intend to hold for a long time.

  20. What you do you when you fell for the hype and bought some ounces? Wait it out and sell when you break even?

  21. Silver and gold are risky commodities to invest because they are subject to price fixing.
    I don't ever silver or gold ever reaching their true value.

  22. +Illuminati Silver, I agree and I've said it before in comments on other channels. Silver will not skyrocket without a black swan. And without a black swan it WILL get to an astronomical value per ounce, but only after silver is no longer being dug out of the ground (or very little is being dug out) and it's going extinct. When silver goes extinct in 50-100 years (maybe 200) then it will become EXTREMELY valuable. I wouldn't be too surprised if 1 ounce of silver at that time could buy what one million dollars will buy today.

  23. God bless that was very funny at the end you guys have a good sense of humor !!!! I'm still laughing about $100,000 an ounce of silver !!!! LOL HA HA HA : )

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