Is Ted Kruz a Freemason and if so will he be the next Masonic President since Lyndon B Johnson?

Is Ted Kruz a Freemason and if so will he be the next Masonic President since Lyndon B Johnson?

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 6th March 2016 and we are
asking the question is Ted Kruz a Freemason and does it matter whether he is or isn’t?
Yesterday’s voting for the Republican nomination gave Ted Kruz decisive victories in Kansas
and Maine and now having captured 6 States, Kruz is clearly the front runner of the remaining
candidates to challenge Donald Trump. Of the 1237 delegates required to achieve
the Republican nomination, and with 1627 seats still available:
Trump has 378 delegates Kruz 295 delegates
Rubio 123 delegates Kasich 34 delegates.
Clearly now, despite Rubio being the Establishment candidate, Kruz is Trump’s main challenger
and it is likely that Rubio and Kasich will drop out within the next 2 weeks.
So this means there is a possibility, though an outside one, that Ted Kruz could win the
Party nomination, and if he does so and go on to become President, the question we are
asking is, could this mean that we will have the first Masonic President since Gerald Ford
and Lyndon Johnson? Now the jury is still out as to whether Kruz
is in fact a Freemason, though he certainly appears to show the tell-tale signs that he
is – such as his handshake with Donald Trump, his use of the ‘Hidden Hand’ during the
playing of the National Anthem, thereby suggesting he may be a Master of the Second Veil and
even the Pyramid sign made with his hands at a number of events.
If he is a mason then he would be in good company should he become President as the
following past presidents were members of that organisation: George Washington – President 1789-1797–
3rd Degree Mason James Monroe – President 1817-1825- 1st
Degree Mason Andrew Jackson – President 1829-1837- was
the Grand Master of Tennessee Masons from 1822 to 1823.
James Polk – President 1845-1849- Master Mason – exalted to Royal Arch
James Buchanan – President 1857-1861 – Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.
Andrew Johnson – President 1865-1869 – Master Mason, member of Royal Arch and Knights Templar
James Garfield – President 1881 –only serving 1 year was a Master Mason, Royal Arch and
Knights Templar and 14th degree in Scottish Rite
William McKinley – President 1897-1901 – Master Mason and Knights Templar
Theodore Roosevelt – President 1901-1909 – Master Mason
William H Taft – President 1909-1913 – Master Mason
Warren Harding – President 1921-1923 – Master Mason, Royal Arch Chapter Companion, Knights
Templar, Shriners Franklin Roosevelt – President 1933-1945 – Master
Mason and Shriner Harry Truman – President 1945-1953 – Grand
Master of Missouri 1940-1941 Gerald Ford – President 1974-1977 – Sovereign
Grand Inspector General, 33rd degree, and Honorary Member, Supreme Council of the Northern
Jurisdiction at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, which he served as Exemplar. He also became
a Past Honorary Grand Master, receiving his Collar and Jewel on October 24, 1978 in Topeka,
Kansas. Lyndon B Johnson – President 1963-1969 – was
initiated a mason in 1937 in Johnson City Lodge Texas but did not advance beyond the
stage of fellow Craft which is a 2nd degree mason and thereby did not complete his 3rd
degree to become a Master Mason. Surprisingly to many, the Bush’s weren’t
mentioned and this is because there is actually no registration documents available to show
that they were or are Freemasons, – members of Skull and Bones – yes but Freemasons
no. So what are your thoughts? Is Kruz a Freemason?
If he is or is not does it really make a difference? Let’s hear from you and politely please.
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  1. Oh goodness! Cruz? A freemason? Does it matter? No.
    If I'd fancy to become one, I'd have to go through the works of Malthus, Ricardo and few other 'heretics', right?

  2. according to the father of American freemasonry, masons worship lucifer as god….idk know if Cruz is but IMHO it makes difference….plus being born in Canada is another potential issue if elected

  3. Newt Gingrich said on national TV recently that Donald Trump is the only one who hasn't gone through initiations and does not belong to a secret society. Meaning Ted Cruz is part of the secret society. Bush's were skull and bones. Maybe Cruz just really likes rap music and was throwing up Jay-Z's diamond. I know Obama loved Jay-Z and look how amazing he turned out to be.

  4. After John F Kennedys assassination his wife Jackie asked the French government to do an investigation on the murder. Both the French and Russian governments came to the conclusion LBJ was behind the killing of JFK.

  5. These groups like the Freemasons, amoung others are scary because as a person running for president, a Freemason will have sworn secret oaths before taking the oath to become president. What do they owe these groups and how might it hinder their job as President ?

  6. Are you the same Illuminati who killed JFK, or is that another lot?

    As to the masons, I doubt it makes much difference. The real movers and shakers are the wealthy, the bankers, the well-connected business people. Most of the top American politicians are already bought and paid for and will take their orders from them.

  7. whip45
    To me it's become the RNC vs the American people. Wait until the convention. I think my point will be made there.

  8. Cruz is the Manchurian candidate, wholly owned by GS and the banksters, pretending to be for the common man. His wife is an MD at Goldman. He gets sweetheart loans from his owners to further his rise. He will continue the destruction of this country and eventually lead us into WW3. The banksters believe WW3 is winnable. They are insane.

  9. At this point it makes no difference- all bread and circus. It comes down to which gang cheats the best and thereby gains favour from the controllers. It's the American Hunger Games of politics. Each contestant garnering cheers and jeers from the public who are lulled by the illusion of choice. Meanwhile the elite of elite place side bets for their pleasure and give us their pick. I choose not to participate.

  10. I'm more concerned that Ted Cruz's wife is a Goldman Sach's executive. One of our sons is a Mason. I forget what degree. He's always trying to get us to go to the lodge events and trying to get my husband and his brothers to join. He laughs when I tell him the Mason conspiracy theories. I told him he's not high up enough to know anything important. If you ask me, it's just a way to get cheap stuff from other Masons but the down side is giving cheap stuff to other Masons. Let him drive his little car in the parades and do good deeds if it makes him happy. It broke his grandmother's heart. They do a lot of good but like any corporation or club, who knows what goes on at the top. Usually nothing good. Power corrupting and all that.

  11. Masonic Lodge is another Jewish construct. A Jewish construct for gentiles. The Masonic Lodge controls the police forces of the western world. It can be described as another gentile sorting mechanism whereby compliant corruptible people of influence are enlisted to corrupt their own nations.

  12. If there is any masonic sway at all in the upper echelons of US politics then why is a woman making inroads into the Presidency.

  13. Who cares for god sake, freemason or not ! (exept you and a few others…)
    What's that obessession about belonging to an exclusive club ?
    I am always amazed to what extend people always go (throughtout History) into futility to distance themselves from the crowd, put themselves on a elusive pedestal, getting the feeling that they are worth much more than the masses, the need to feel superior, so special, more intelligent , admired…
    And each group to invent and follow religiously a whole set of grotesque rituels and ceremonies in order to feel really unique… like they have accomplished something major in life…
    It's quite pitiful to see people with good IQ failing so badly the maturity test.
    Can't you do good around you and lead a honest life without being freemason or mormon, or eveangelist, or jesuit, or boyscout … ?
    Incapable to stand on both feet by themselves.
    They need a club, a society , a group to back them…
    And of course the freemason will always brag about a few famous names but be very discreet about the less than respectful members they have in their community like all others.

  14. the hand shake you show is clearly a freemason signal clasp
    Trump's expression is
    " I out trump you mother f$&$er"

    they tried to pass a law in the UK about identifying Freemason that crashed and burned like Air India


  16. The whole of Washington DC was designed and built by masons. If you look at the angles of building positions even the roads are all in the design.

  17. It does not make a difference, Cruz is an outside candidate, but that doesn't mean that he isn't part of the establishment. Their main man was Jeb, their backup is Rubio, but Cruz is still part of the team, just not part of the central core. However they will accept him, and may indeed throw their full support behind him, if Trump manages to win Florida. Because Trump is not their man, he is not part of the oligarchy.
    If he win, he will become an American version of Vladimir Putin, and establish himself as an autocrat.
    He will drive out the oligarchy, instead rely on the support of the bourgeoisie, as he asset himself with absolute power.

  18. I belong to the Illuminati Silver Elite Club. The Silver Stackers Empire!!!!! Cream and sugar please!

  19. Well we do disagree .light is light and dark is dark and satan is not so bright .All of freemasonry is dark and hidden FULL OF LIES THEY LIE TO EACH OTHER TO GET HIGHER AND NEVER IN TRUTH and has NO communion WITH  the  Light of Christ .Morals and Dogma given to the 33rds at Shrine level becomes more apparent  with the Alert Pikes beliefs and teachings  of Lucifer .3 world wars to accomplish there Goal of ultimately One world everything and Antichrist …..Do NOT BE DECIEVED ………SATAN IS A ANGEL OF LIGHT  THE DECIEVER AND DESTROYER …PEACE BE WITH YOU ONLY IN JESUS CHRIST

  20. Matthew 7:21-23King James Version (KJV)21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

  21. Who cares who is ring knocker/cock knocker? Looks like overall they did a pretty good job! It seems like they have evolved into a club of do-gooders (i.e. Shriners). They have their secret meetings, read their little red book with the funky coded language. Have more hand shakes than anyone except the Arabians. The ladies version of the Masons is the Eastern Star and Rainbows.

  22. of course cruz is a mason but trump will be the next president , some men are born masons some will never be masons manly p hall the elect receive light spiritually 33 words in sentence .

  23. Cruz is supposedly born in Canada, or so they are saying. Didn't stop Obama from running and 'winning' so who knows. Apparently the rules and laws only apply to us little people, not the 'elite' ruling classes.

  24. I suspect there are three views:
    1) Tin hat .. ooooo secret society ..oooooo Freemason bad
    2) Masons as a social and charity organization… good for him
    3) Freemason… is that like being circumcised? who's business is it anyway??

    While I have read up some on it…I am more in line with 2 and 3… its not a bad thing, it is a private thing

    Cheers… I get to vote today… probably going to vote Cruz… more as an anti-Trump vote than anything

  25. I suspect the freemasonry to be a school of wisdom, knowledge and truth. It has certain alchemy, rites of passage and codes of conduct, etc. The fact that alot of freemasons have been, or are, members of other esoteric organizations gives off some hints.
    I believe that one of the few things that seperates the freemasons from other similar organizations is their focus on building and organizing a structured society, as well as connecting with people in power to do so.
    I also believe that most of the members doesnt really have much interest in the esoteric element behind it all, and are satisfied to be part of a "nice and poverful brootherhood, with a religous dimension to it".

    Can the power corrupt, and the leaders on top become tempted to take shortcuts and "not so heavenly actions"? Certainly. But there is probably a council to balance, as far as they can.

    In some organisations your not supposed to discuss politics nor investment opportuniies, because it can lead to negativity very fast. If this is so also within the freemasonry, then a president that is a member should have the freedom to lead as he best sees fit himself. Perhaps with some "good advice" from time to time. 🙂

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