Is your Moscow Mule Mug Real Copper and Does it Matter? 🍹

Is your Moscow Mule Mug Real Copper and Does it Matter? 🍹

Hi I’m Alicia and if you’ve watched any of my other videos then you know that I like Moscow Mule mugs – these little copper ones – this is the third video talking about them. They have a lot of uses. You can, of course, use them for Moscow mules, but you can make other drinks, as well. You can even use them for hot beverages – sometimes. I’m going to discuss a little bit about that with you today but I also wanted to talk to you about why it’s important to make sure that your copper mugs are 100% copper like these are from Spirit Valley and they are hand hammered. The company was really sweet. In the box, they came with this little key fob in it shaped like the United States. It’s got a little heart inside of it. Isn’t that adorable! I love that. First, I wanted to talk to you about the different types of Moscow Mule mugs and the importance of making sure that you get the original right ones. Have you ever been to a restaurant or something and order the Moscow Mule and it comes in a copper mug but the inside of it it’s got a Tin lining? I’ve seen a lot of those on Amazon. The pros of that is are usually a lot cheaper than real Moscow Mule mugs but like anything – like most things you get what you pay for. Those mugs aren’t going to last as long because the surface starts peeling off over time. Then what you’re left a really ugly copper mug, so if you want more you have to try and pay for it. Those kind of mugs do not maintain the temperature like an authentic Moscow Mule mug will. Copper is one of the best conductors in nature. That’s why we use it for wiring houses and stuff like that. It’s an excellent conductor, so it keeps drinks colder for longer. A few nights ago I made my husband a drink in this – the mojito – and he left it sitting on the table. I found it an hour later and it’s still hadice in it. You can’t say that about glass and you sure can’t say that about those about silver lined ones that are lined with the stainless steel. Another thing is that copper interacts with lime, and the acid in a lot of different drinks. And it gives the drink a unique flavor that it’s supposed to have. Moscow mules are supposed to have this unique flavor and you will not get that if it’s mixed in with the nickel plating or the the other ones. Also there supposed to be some health effects to drinking from copper but that’s beyond the scope of this video. You can look that up but if they are lined with that steel then you’re not getting those kind of health benefits. And lastly, copper is also antibacterial. Look it up. I didn’t believe it, so I looked it up and they are. they’re antibacterial. You won’t get the natural antibacterial effects that you’ll get from using copper. You can’t throw copper mugs in the dishwasher –
even one ones with the silver lining – so if you’re having to hand wash them, it makes a lot of sense to make sure that you also get the ones that have got the antibacterial benefits of real copper. Right? Some of them, you’ll see you’ll advertise that they are not lined, however they’re lined with lacquer. Now, that has some benefits because the copper doesn’t tarnish as easy if it’s lined with lacquer. They are still a little bit less expensive than the real Moscow Mule Mugs, however, since it’s lined with lacquer you don’t get that flavor or the health benefits drinking out of copper. You can’t use them for hot drinks because the lacquer is liable to melt off and who wants to drink that? Right? However, it does keep your drink colder than the ones with the steel lining so that’s still a benefit. They’re still cheaper than real Moscow Mule mugs so the only cons of these (real Moscow Mule Mugs) is the maintenance but you have that same problem with the other two, too. You cannot just throw them in the dishwasher. You have to hand wash them and then dry them very well. Since they’re not lacquer lined, you can also serve hot things in these. Now one thing you have to worry about and be safe about with it if you’re serving something hot is the fact that – like I said – copper is an excellent conductor. You have to adjust to how hot you’re used to having your drinks because it will keep it hotter. Anyway, these are from Spirit Valley and they are 100% copper. They are not lacquer lined . I know that I have to take some special care with them, but I also know that I’m going to be getting the health benefits of drinking out of copper and that my drinks are going to stay colder for longer. I can use these for hot drinks so they’re more versatile and they’re absolutely beautiful. They’re direct from India and hand hammered and they’re absolutely perfect. I don’t see any lacquer runs which is something else that you see sometimes with the ones that are lined with lacquer. I’m going to include the link to these below. if you’re looking for some really good Moscow Mule mugs – I’ve been using these for a while – and I really like them. And they work great so anyway thanks for watching and I hope you’ve enjoyed the video. Leave me a comment down below and be sure to check out Spirit Valley. Have an awesome day. Bye!


  1. One of our petsitting clients has these mugs! I drank sweet tea from it and it tasted like heaven! I love when drinks are a certain degree of cold and those mugs were just the right touch!

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  3. I dont support amazon. The link takes you to amazon. And the link sends you to a different brand name copper cup than the ones you show in the video. no thanks, I will order mine straight from the source 👍

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