‘It could get ugly’: Orlando residents prepare for Dorian

‘It could get ugly’: Orlando residents prepare for Dorian

-We should be prepared
and I think that current models have it coming right up
through Orlando, so it could get ugly. -I saw fights over carts. I saw people taking water
out of other people’s carts. I saw two fights in the water
aisle because people weren’t
getting enough water. The original plan was to get
done with this thing by Sunday and now they’re talking
about Wednesday. So there’s just that much
more time to prepare and — or be unprepared. Watch the people
that aren’t prepared yet. -Dealt with these storms
over and over and over. I just, not me. It doesn’t bother me at all. And I live on the fourth floor
of a building, so you know, I feel like I’m pretty safe. And I know the flood routes, like the ways between here
and where I work. So even if it gets really bad,
I think, I think I’ll be fine. We’re gonna be fine.


  1. Americans have become so friggin ignorant, fighting over bottled water. My god, do you not have tap water which could fill up many empty jugs? Naw, ya gotta have bottled water, tap water sucks. America has become a joke.

  2. I needed a smile this being my seventh hurricane these people remind me of the level of ignorance in Hurricane Andrew. is best to get ready just in case…

  3. I really don't get the whole rush on bottled water. We have a filter and a few 5 gallon rubbermaid drink coolers and manage each storm just fine, usually with water left to spare.

  4. I have dreamt of warm, rainy summer nights in Florida, but I would not want to experience a hurricane. My only hope is more people will understand owning two houses is excessive and they should pick which state to live in locally after this. People need to travel less and learn to self sustain themselves. Goodluck to everyone in the path of Dorian. Stay inside and get along.

  5. We are Floridians we will survive and thrive. I know it! I have faith! We must do everything we can to protect our state and the people with in it. We must hope for the best for all the rest.

  6. Bro, water comes out of your tap. Fill up some containers put them in the fridge when the power goes out you have water. You dont need Bottled water.

  7. It's ashame how so many people have no food or water in their homes. Especially minorities. Meaning African Americans. They go shopping almost every day. And day to day. Why is that? Because the others who they feed don't contribute to the food or are not on the food rolls through government subsidies. But they all eat something at grandma's house. Like many disasters they will be the first to die. Why? Because people who create their own society and don't isimulate with the society that they live in are doomed. I'm sorry was that MLK. I don't want to steal his words from the 60s. But what is is going on over 50 years later?

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