It’s Here! Super Saiyan Silver Ultra Instinct Goku REVEALS His REAL Struggle To Defeating Jiren!?

It’s Here! Super Saiyan Silver Ultra Instinct Goku REVEALS His REAL Struggle To Defeating Jiren!?

Did you just hear that #ANIFAM? Sounds like something Goku is going through
now, don’t you think? That’s exactly what I want to talk to you
about. Let’s be honest. What you just heard is a completely different
Goku from the one we’ve seen in Dragon Ball Super. But recently, I noticed a solution to the
sad changes in his personality starting to seep through. Motivating me to look deeper into those changes. And what I found, is the key to unlocking
the Mastered Ultra Instinct. The Dragon Ball Super Creators have been doing
a fantastic job of giving the spotlight to other characters who aren’t the main character
lately. And this has been a much needed change to
the face of the Dragon Ball franchise. But… Have you noticed something kind of strange
or off about these past few episodes? Goku is hardly in them! Look at Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 as the
perfect example. This episode was all about Gohan and Frieza
joining up to defeat Dyspo. Even the title had “Gohan’s Last Stand”
in it. Literally nothing to do with Goku. Yet they made sure to have Mr. Main Character
thrown in there for what, about 5 minutes of the entire episode? And to top things off, our proud hero practically
just stood around. Added absolutely no value to the episode. With the spotlight taken off of the main character
to such a harsh extent, that warrior who overcame every struggle he ever faced has been forgotten. As has the big picture of Universe 7’s dire
situation. The problem is, we’ve been so excited to
watch goku overcome the smaller struggles of pushing his way through each higher level,
making his way up the ladder to the ultimate goal, that we’ve completely ignoring the
bigger struggle. And then, last week, the Dragon Ball Super
Episode 127-129 spoilers were released. A hard truth was included in those spoilers. “Goku collapses from exhaustion.” I read just that one line, and instantly,
I finally realized exactly what that bigger struggle we’ve been missing is. In fact, we just missed it a couple of weeks
ago when Toppo landed in the stands. As Dyspo helped to pick up his physically
and pridefully injured friend, he called out in desperation to the last person Universe
11 could depend on. We all remember Jiren’s harsh words. But what stood out to me was Goku’s reaction. He questioned Jiren, asking him how could
he call his friends and trusted teammates pathetic? The Goku we love was actually shining through! But Jiren wasn’t having it. He kicked Goku off the tall cliff, crashing
his body into another one close by. But did you pay attention to what happened
next? It’s actually happened a couple of times
recently. And it gives us a glimpse into the biggest
struggle Goku is currently facing. Notice his hair. A simple kick just pushed Goku out of Super
Saiyan Blue. A kick! I think it’s safe to say that we all knew
the heavy toll Goku’s body has taken since his first awakening of Ultra Instinct, but
there’s something that’s been harder to see. The answer is the difference between him accessing
Ultra Instinct a third time from his previous two times. Remember the 2nd most recent time we saw Goku
pushed right out of Super Saiyan Blue? It was in Dragon Ball Super Episode 123, and
Goku was actually feeling really good. Even though both him and Vegeta were quite
aware that it wouldn’t actually eliminate him, Goku had successfully tricked Jiren and
dropped him into the void. But when Jiren made his way back through a
field of planted energy sparks, it was blatantly obvious that he was done playing these games. Goku had had his fun, had his chance to laugh,
had his little moment of victory. But now, it was time for a very real warning. A mighty punch that Maji Kayo had survived
solely due to the nature of his almost liquid-based body was sent flying within inches of Goku’s
face. This was the same attack that once literally
had Goku shaking at the mere thought of having to go up against it. This time, his vast fear is all that it took
for his hair to return to normal. This fear is important. Because it proves to us that Goku isn’t
just dealing with the struggles of a very tired out body. He’s also dealing with the struggles of
overcoming that little voice in the back of each and every single human’s mind saying,
“No. You can’t do it.” Hard to picture such a thought popping up
in Goku’s mind, isn’t it? But be honest with yourself. Even the strongest of people who overcome
those negative thoughts every single time, Goku being the prime example, still have to
do just that: overcome them. And that means those thoughts do pop up. Dragon Ball Super has made that very clear
from the moment Goku met Jiren. I’m sure you remember the first thing that
had us all in awe at the strength of this random Jiren guy. As all the warriors desperately jumped away
from the dangerously flying stage pieces, Jiren remained like a statue. He simply closed his eyes and allowed them
to pass right by him. Goku was clearly rattled by Jiren’s hidden
potential. But he still managed to crack a smile. Because despite everything, one of Goku’s
top goals has always remained the same. He loves it. It’s what he lives for. It’s the thrill of fighting someone better
than him to push himself to get stronger. You know what that kind of excitement did
in this arc, though? It created a false sense of morality for Goku’s
character. That was a classic hero statement. Throughout the years, we’ve watched Goku
push through hardships countless times in the attempt to save the innocent people of
the planet that he called home. But when the Tournament of Power was created,
that sense of heroism seemed to up and vanish. When the Grand Priest announced that the losing
Universes would be totally erased, yes you saw Goku freak out, but not for long. Soon he was headed to the Zen Exhibition Match
with a smile on his face and a big ego to match it. And when he excitedly told the other Universe
to bring it on, we saw the ultimate change that the Dragon Ball Super creators had done
to his character. Goku was the cause. The cocky troublemaker. The evil instigator. Goku became less of a hero and more of a silly,
brainless nobody. Definitely a low blow to all those fans who’ve
supported the Dragon Ball franchise literally for decades. And to think about the new generation just
discovering it. The writers of the show were doing Goku’s
true character absolutely no justice. Why wasn’t he going to confront the Zenos
about something so terrible? Especially being their closest friend. It’s not like Goku to care how strong someone
is. Wrong is wrong and he’s gonna challenge
it, right? Well, apparently not. But, surprisingly, Goku’s saddening character
change wasn’t the end of it. The creators had an even worse change hiding
up their sleeves. Yes the fighting style changed. But that’s not the problem here. The real problem starts with the Super Dragon
Balls. When the Grand Priest first came to Goku and
the others to explain the Tournament of Power, they smiled as they asked him what the prize
would be. His reply confused them all: “nothing.” Nothing would be the prize? Their questioning put the Grand Priest in
a tight spot. So he gave in. And the truth of the Zenos’ dark intent
for this tournament was brought to light. You see, the ultimate prize is survival. The Super Dragon Balls were just a side gift. Yet we get constant reminders as each person
explains their desire to win the Super Dragon Balls. Simply put, this present on the side has just
put a happy light on the dark erasings of complete universes. Ok, sure it’s a kids’ show. I get that. But the fact remains: the weight of the situation
isn’t nearly as heavy. Look at it this way. Did you ever feel that sick to your stomach
kind of sadness when someone lost their life in Dragon Ball Z? You probably ended up just pushing it off. “Eh, no big deal. We’ll just wish them back with the Dragon
Balls.” The same applies to us now. “Eh, who cares if they get erased? Goku can just wish them all back after he
gets the win all main characters deserve.” But also look at the space they are fighting
in. It’s completely different from what we’re
so used to seeing. Even when the fighters went to different planets,
as was the case with Frieza, for instance, you saw all the things that Earth had. The sky might be a different color, but there
was still a sky with birds flying through the clouds and a sun shining down on them. There were still trees, and grass, and dirt. Cliffs, water, and animals all around them. Constant reminders of the place they were
fighting to save. The tournament between Universe 6 and Universe
7 was the original introduction to fighting in a space with none of these reminders present. But there’s a huge difference between that
tournament and the Tournament of Power. Champa and Beerus had started all of this
basically for the fun of it. And the lack of those reminders reflected
in the light heartedness of their fight. Let’s not forget what they were fighting
for either. The Super Dragon Balls. A silly fight for a silly prize. See what i mean? All of these things have lessened the true
panic that the Zenos have created. But finally we saw it. The sweat dripping from Goku’s forehead and
the squinch between his eyebrows. That glaring fear in his eyes has been crucial
to the Tournament of Power. Because it’s the one thing that’s done Goku’s
character justice during this arc. And now that Goku is being pushed into his
third Ultra Instinct occurence, it’s finally coming to light again. As Jiren declared his true personality through
the first smile we’ve ever seen appear on that emotionless face, Goku uttered a single,
meaningful word. “Jiren.” You could hear it in his voice. The pain of seeing a man letting go of those
he called his friends and instead depending on himself. You could hear the fear of the unknown power
that Jiren was about to release. But more importantly, you could see all of
this in his face and in the sudden change back into his base form. All of these things seemed to scream, “What
do I do now?” The display of Goku’s struggle has returned. But this time, goku isn’t the one under
fire. It can’t be his own life in danger pushing
him into Ultra Instinct this time around. The emotions we’ve seen finally return from
the brave warrior we first came to know and love is the key. Very soon we’ll be reminded of a time Goku
held his arms up in a panic. He wouldn’t let Vegeta down. Goku kept begging his comrade to hold on. But then, Vegeta took the last blow that he
could handle. With wide eyes, Goku looked above him to see
that the attack they had been waiting on finally was complete. And just like then, Goku will soon find himself
forcing Vegeta into the same dreadful situation again. This time, however, it’s uncertain of how
much Vegeta will be able to take. As the Prince of Saiyans stalls time for Goku
to gain all the energy needed to access Ultra Instinct just one last time, we’re left
to desperately wonder: will the same end result also be repeated? Well, in my Discord server, they helped me
answer that, the super active #ANIFAM. Use the link in the pinned comment to join
the discord server.


  1. I'll be mostly covering dragon Ball super <- after March but also sprinkling in one piece,naruto,boruto,my hero academia,attack on titan, hunter x hunter <- JOIN #ANIFAM

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  6. Question why would it be called super saiyan silver ultra instinct isn't it ultra instinct mastered because instead of super it is ultru

  7. Another wonderful video. I love your analysis, decription and narration! And your voice always has the right emotions in it! Loved this video💯

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  10. I have a feeling that this going to end this way…GoKu with Ultra Instinct (or Mastered Ultra Instinct don't care) and Jiren both going all out having an even fight, but it looks as though GoKu might win pushing Jiren towards the edge slowly, only a few feet away until…SURPRISE! The time runs out…it looks like a tie, but…Huh!? What's this? A forgotten person? Someone's laugh echoes through the arena…in a dramatic turn of evens frieza is alive and well still in the tournament…so universe 7 wins by default…either Freiza or GoKu takes the wish, probably GoKu asking for either all the universes to be restored OR all the people from every universe to be revived and fused with universe 7….the universe itself expands and the gods of destructions have divided territory (basically the universe would be divided into 13 territories with each representative god of destruction ruling over it) this outcome could set different directions the future arcs could go towards….

    Or GoKu gets a Deus Ex Maxina and beats Jiren and it just turned out that Freiza just magically disappeared

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  13. Imagine if the tournament of power didnt happen then ultra instinct wouldn't had been a thing

  14. Technically though Goku has always been like this. Look at the manga. He has always been a cocky trouble maker

  15. I would have to disagree because even though he started the top he won it because if he didn't then they would have end the series anyway

  16. Not meaning any rudeness but you don't really know Goku. He's not a hero, he's a country bumpkin. He is pure hearted yes and he does help people through his actions. but what he has always wanted and all he will ever want is to fight strong people. It's the dub that changed who he was in the first place. They're pretty much fixing the wrong they made when they dubbed it in the first place.

  17. i dont think they ever changed his charc what they did change however was the english voice over slightly from time to time so it fits better,in the japanese dub goku probably never said allie to good nightmare to evil or something like that,goku has never realy been to interested in good or bad just in helping good people.
    goku even said this when jiren attacked his friends in the stands or wel somewhere arround those episodes he said am not realy the justice type or annything but i dont like it when good people get hurt,goku isnt stupid or annything he just has a simple mind and a simple life.

  18. I think Goku turns base to absorbed the power of the punches to know what he's really up against there fore upping his base form boosting his other forms ten folds as well initially zenki boost while fighting

  19. You know… many people do reviews of Goku but always use the anime as a comparison… seldom uses actually the REAL source.
    They call Super Goku "Out Of Character", because he is too different than what he was in Z and GT.
    But they forget one.single.thing….
    GOKU HAS ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For those who had read the dragon ball manga, and also seen all the spinoffs that Goku appears in that sadly stayed in Japan; knows that Goku has always been the idiotic happy-go-lucky goof ball he present himself in Super.
    Hell! Even AKIRA TORIYAMA HIMSELF said that He DID NOT LIKE how Toei portrayed Goku in Dragon Ball Z! Toriyama NEVER designed Goku to be a hero.
    He just wants to fight strong guys and have fun in it.
    Goku has always been selfish.
    But people always say: Dragon Ball Z this, Dragon ball Z that. And it became worst when funimation did the dubs and made Goku even more heroic.
    The Goku in Dragon ball Super IS THE REAL Goku; deal with it.
    Don't believe me?
    Read the Dragon Ball manga from chapter one until the end.
    And then also look into all the spin offs and side stories where Goku shows up.
    This also includes his Cameo appearances in other games like jump super star series.
    Goku always has been like Super.

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