It’s White and Gold!

It’s White and Gold!

– Hey listen,
during the last few days while I was out here dancing and
entertaining the world, there’s been
a controversy happening. I’ve waited a few days
to talk about it, to let the emotions die down. It’s finally time for me to
break my silence. [laughter] I see white and gold. [loud cheers and applause] Listen, I know there are people
out there that say they see blue and black,
and those people are crazy. [loud cheers and applause] Who sees blue and black? [cheers and applause] Who sees white and gold? [loud cheers and applause] [laughter] The whole world is divided about
the color of the dress. Taylor Swift said she thinks
it’s blue and black, so does Justin Bieber. Kanye West sees white and gold. Kim Kardashian sees
blue and black. It’s tearing apart
friendships and families. [laughter] This is why
I don’t wear dresses. [laughter and applause] That’s the reason, right there. Here’s the crazy thing:
it turns out the real dress is blue and black. Isn’t that amazing? [cheers and applause] It’s amazing.
The real dress is wrong. [laughter] It’s crazy you can be so sure about what you’re seeing,
and still be wrong. It’s the way I felt about
my mullet in the 80s. [laughter] I was so sure it was
the right thing to do. Apparently, there is science behind why the dress looks
different to different people, and here’s how the scientists
are explaining it: light travels in waves, and your eyes contain
thousands of rods and cones that send signals to your brain. Your brain determines which part
of the object is illuminated, and the reason this dress looks
different is because the dress is an optical illusion
created by the devil. [laughter] That’s all.
That’s all I’ll say about it. I’m not going to say anything
else about it, for now. because a little later, I’m going to interview
the actual dress. We have the dress here… [laughter] We have the owner of the dress,
the person who took the picture, and I am not going to let them
leave the building until they tell me
it is white and gold. [laughter]


  1. trust me, if you thought the dress was anything but black and blue your brain isnt working properly

  2. I saw black and blue at first but the next day I saw white and gold I've read so thing that said it had to do with what time you wake up in the morning.

    I get up I the afternoon tho…

  3. I see both, with pictures on google I see blue and black, on YouTube I see gold and white.

    I might be crazier than everyone else

  4. wait i saw white and gold at first but i saw her other video where she brought out the actual people and now i can’t unsee black and blue

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