IWD VISITS SILVER (Unranked to Challenger)

IWD VISITS SILVER (Unranked to Challenger)

You know so fucked up yesterday. My girlfriend leaned over and she touched my fucking chest. And she was like “Holy shit it’s a pec and it’s not just flabby anymore” Isn’t that fucked up? She said I used to be “flabby” *Top Kek* Yeah I was getting a little flabby I’ll be honest Just that I’m not flabby anymore Come on I wasn’t that flabby, was I? “Do I play differently in low elo?” Uh I take more free kills Like I don’t farm as much when I play low elo Just gonna go for top Probably get a free kill here So this is where you just walk up to him here *secured* you should push Oh my god, this is low elo for you Wait I-I think said this in one of my streams a couple of days ago That like mi-low elo players, they get mad when you push the wave in They, they think you’re like, hurting them when you push in the wave They’re like *inner flame contained* like like he burned his TP anyways, he’s like “Fuck!” “Dude you’re just taking all the exp” It’s like no dude, you’re fucking pushing it in so he has to TP and you don’t Because then he won’t be able to push it back to your turret I would say, lack of knowledge Hmmm, yeah let’s call it lack of knowledge I ain’t gonna flash in for that So here, I make the safe play Instead of flashing under turret and maybe getting a kill there I’m just gonna go into his JG and counter-actually now I’m gonna go for it Yeah it’s gonna be spicy, I think we’ll be fine though oh That guy just suicided Alright, WP Nautilus ya gotem Kay I don’t know why’d he take that Ugh, that’s so lame Shoulda just let me get the kill *low elo solokill* *spaghetti code* I’m gonna have to flash here I should’ve just flashed the hook but I was getting greedy *casual flame* Like I’ll actually just carry the game He’s taken like 3 kills unnecessarily which kinda sucks *casual flame 2: electric boogaloo* I don’t even know what this guy’s saying “No back” “Vac sah” Vel’koz, sah “bad back”- I can’t even understand what language these players speak in Dude low elo players speak in a different fucking language, I guarantee it dude, this is not english What-the-fuck “No back, Vak sah, bad back ?¿?¿?¿? Yeah definitely I mean… I’m pretty sure you could figure that out, by yourself right like I feel like you already know the answer to that dude It’s like “Alright so when I play baseball I can only play with one hand soo I don’t hit as well and I’m not able to really feel the ball Um, will playing with 2 hands help me play the game better, at all?” Dude, that’s pretty much what the question was! I’m gonna answer honestly, like So, I’m just gonna look for the Jinx to go farm this Whoever goes to farm this is dead Oh my god He fucking thunderlords proced me there Damn, he had his W back up Fuck dude, I should have like 13 kills man This fucking dumb ass Thresh taking all these kills from me


  1. 30 to 60 fps is low ? lol when i play a solo lane i got around 20 to 30 fps and that is as long as there isnt to much shenanigans on the screen i.e ganks from champs with lots of animations.

  2. Lol when you say you can't escape elo hell, and everyone laughs saying you're just bad.. Then a semi pro goes to silver and can't even win.. xD

  3. Lol silver in NA , not trying to make an old NA vs EUW joke but really 9/10 in EUW you will never find a Moakai pushing that hard with no vision in silver.

  4. I love watching these videos on autoplay. Literally the last video I watched "I don't want to hear anyone sending me donations saying their games in silver are unwinnable, these are the people you're playing against."

  5. Winning in low elo is harder than winning in high elo. You can get 40 kills and still lose in low elo. In high elo you can go 5-5-5 and still win

  6. 95% of Silver players are straight up fuckin retarded. Never underestimate their power to lose a game. They are legit fuckin retarded as in actual orange fucking, window licking, pants on head, hat on foot retarded.

  7. Hate so much in this ELO and sometimes in gold too that the fucking team misses the winning window to finish the game, they think that the nexus comes after the 3 inhibs, fucking hell, everytime I smurf I got stressed for the same fucking reason.

  8. The best after such bs is that even if u tell them u are high elo they are laughing and call u a liar and say : u could easy carry this as high elo player…. I'm thinking than…. I'm just a human what do they expect?

  9. blaming low elo players taking low elo kills.. :# there two sides off a coin when u play in silver, shouldn't be to grumpy about it.

  10. Quote “he has a bigger dick and is probably better looking than you” lol, I have to start watching his stream 😂😂😂

  11. Bro, you still a bit flabby check your face man, double chin growin in….. i say this to give you the power to go to gym instead of game in low elo…… Fuking HORRID PLAYLIST….. some 16yr old girl shit bro………………………………………………………………….. being good at leage means nottta with that list XD weren't you gonna carry haha JK JK JK dont wet your pannies little kids

  12. Remember this is the struggle that we get every seazon and bronze players and silver are really good but we are a few amongst brainless kids that intead of playng normals they go ranked with a 1993 windows computer belive me dom i deserve at least master i know my potential 🙂

  13. 4:30 wtffffffffffffffffff my brother literally has a 7 year old hp laptop and he pushes over 100 when i ran it on his laptop…wtf kinda rig you got that makes you lag a 2009 game ???

  14. Imagine smurfing in silver but still needing to ask the support to stop stealing kills with his auto attack. Dom was never good.

  15. Hey Dom I installed LOL on my leapfrog and have been using a joystick as my input. Do you think I would be better at the game if I use a real PC?

  16. i was in silver 2 for 2 years. Now you can say i belonged there as much as you want. I disagree. I played all the things and all the champs, i should be able to climb just because of knowledge. But If you cant 1v9 the game on your champ there is no hope in silver. Im now in high gold and i still feel the people around me are way worse. But atleast they can end games now.
    Silver Elo is cancer. I almost lost my mind in silver.

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