Jaisalmer and ita gold marble wholesale price

Jaisalmer and ita gold marble wholesale price

Welcome to marble flooring jitendra sharma Today we will discuss about jaisalmer marble in this video The marble you are looking at, its price 80 /- sft gst extra Its thicness in 18 mm In jaisalmer marble only one load comes from 300 to 700 sft marble Whatever you are wathing this marble is haisalmer marble The price you see on this marble will be sft at 75/- and it will get all slub polish Its also a thickness 18 mm plus The name of this marble whice is seen is eta gold ,it is jaisalmer’s marble its price is sft at 75/- The name this marble you seen is paradise marble its price is 80/- per sft You can also use this marble in the wall cladding of the bathroom in the wall elevation in the flooring all this marble is very hard but you have to use chemical to polish it Whenever you install this marble you should get the installation done with a good detector so that you can get full result it is jaisalmer marble without polish and its price 60/- per sft If you liked my video then please subscribe and subcribe. thanks


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  2. में जैसलमेर राजस्थान सै हू इसको पीला पत्थर बोलता ह मेरी खुद की माइनस ह जिसमें येलो मार्बल्स निकलता है किसी भाई को चाहिए तो कॉल करै 8875483883

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