Jake And The Never Land Pirates Peter Pan Returns Episode 6 – Niamh Birch

Jake And The Never Land Pirates Peter Pan Returns Episode 6 – Niamh Birch

What you’re looking for captain anything Shalini I PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT & SUBCRIBE video! Thanks you very much! Change of plans you slugs Ah Come on hook her nap. Sounds nice I Said no such thing somebody’s playing games Where’s pain? Beg pardon captain He always makes me laugh, yeah, but he still got your shadow Peter and he’s getting away Hey, you’re right. Skully don’t have to order us twice captain whether we lose him Welcome back Peter. Thanks. Excuse me, but has anybody seen Captain Hook past this way? Yes Hook took the high path Guys we really need to get Peters shadow back right away. But how can we get across this Canyon? I Know we can swing across the canyon on these vines There certainly are plenty of shadows here Perfect Peter Pan will never be able to find his shadow amongst all the other sheesh All I see are shadows and more shadows, even the shadows have shadows hmm Call out Captain Hook Hmm. Does that look like hooks shadow? No, that’s a tree oh My they found this captain man We found Captain Hook and we got three more gold doubloons is lost without his shadow And to make sure he never gets his shadow back. I shall sink with a little pixie dust I’ll make the sack that’s holding your shadow fly away from hook and then we can grab it Watch this Peter the cotton we call fly And use your feet fuzzy Runnings But you need to pay attention to where you’re throwing the pixie dust Yeah, I guess I wasn’t looking because I was kind of showing off for you Oh It is nice to be back on the deck of the good old Jolly Roger Isn’t it Cap’n and he’ll no longer be a bother to me? step lively boys This is go rock here Captain Hook is sailing this way around school rock out to sea but if we go the other way around school Oh from Bucky Yoho Bucky You Not a chance this is one treasure you’ll never find When I sink this chair sir, don’t let them get their grabby little hands on this treasure chest I captain These barrels will keep them away Silly old barrels Is the end for you And you can’t fly neither Cracked crackers, they’ve got him surrounded and Peter can’t fly away I don’t know pygmy. Haven’t the foggiest. Oh, that’s not good Let us go this instant are you sure well alright My words There there captain so the lad got his shadow back. There are worse things that could happen, right? That takes care of Captain Hook now, come on team let’s all fly back to Pirate Island. I Got my shadow back, and I feel great. Thanks again guys It was our pleasure Peter and that goes for you, too Thanks for all your help today. What do you say we put all our gold doubloons into the team? One two three four Five for solving pirate problems and helping Peter Pan. We got 15 gold doubloons Wow, well me and my shadow have a lot more exploring to do but always remember I’m never far away and I Might be back sooner than you think We can remain hanging here just a little longer Oh Hi mateys, do you want to join my pirate crew? Rear wheeling fun Just exactly how far have we walked we didn’t find a single treasure Captain we still have to walk all the way back to shipwreck beach where the Jolly Roger is anchored It would be to ride rather than walk I must have that marvelous wheeled riding machine Well, don’t just sit there Smee make it go go go Hey matey’s will you help us get our bicycle back? Great remember to keep a lookout for gold doubloons whenever we solve a pirate problem the only To run fast and think smart if we’re gonna catch up to him That will get us to have a banana grow faster Come on crew follow me on the shortcut and we’ll catch up to Captain Hook in no time Oh what a lovely day for a bicycle ride business me Try to get across they’ll be slippin and slidin for sure I’m glad I thought of it Jake it is are we gonna get past all those banana peels without slipping I wants to swing on let’s go One doing everything so bloomin big cap Give us our bike back, please. Say so long. Yeah Barnacles hooks way ahead of us again. Whoa good eye. We can ride in the big seed pod like a sled 61st I’ve slowed down if I were them you said it they’re headed right for deeper Steve Who looks like our bike went overboard big time, where is it down there? Mike take a handful of pixie dust ready to throw it Hey, baby, thanks. You helping us. We got our bicycle back bloom I shouldn’t have done this Come on count with us 1 2 3 4 let’s ride Pretty me mr. Smee Now I have to go all the way across Neverland to get back. Oh, I know just how you feel captain Indeedy, I do See yours round up That’s Never Land seahorses Seahorses really like to splash each other, ah, my seafaring stallions What treasures these Never Land seahorses be mr. Smee? My yes indeedy go But up captain the seahorses seemed so happy swimming free Perhaps ooh, but I want those when they get upset like this the best way to calm them down sing a lullaby like this No way hook took the seahorses we have to bring the seahorses back to their home It alone little seahorses don’t be so dumb Wow pulling hooks the well They’re just mad me but once I’ve attached the seahorses to my boat I’ll have the most spectacular ride on the never sea Hey Oh my orders Listen up now When I say go I want you to swim around the corral three, the other half is his teacher chill to the liver bone Come captain a cup of nice hot. Cocoa. Will do you a world of good? Seahorses sure are upset. What do we do to calm the seahorses? We sing them a lullaby Yay-hey we calm down the seahorses and We got three gold doubloons Let’s grab them and go Maybe they can hop over the wall. Sounds good Jake, but they need something to hop on hmm and thought of that is he Crew let’s all stand up and show the seahorses how to hop over the wall Ready? Stand up and hop gold doubloons. Let’s grab them and go Oh We’ve rounded him up now, let’s hit him out Hook scared the seahorses We can’t let hook take them away again and we won’t let him after a mateys let’s go Gonna find him. Well cubby since we can’t see him. We should listen for him. Yeah Everybody shout. Ahoy if you hear a sea horse Two more gold doubloons Let’s grab em and go take the sea horses back. Don’t hurt you and here comes double trouble No one escapes from Captain hall Oh We’re surrounded is a big goal Where these in the sky last yo, yep unity pops. You haven’t seen the last of me obviously apparent ship Hey It’s great to see the feet we’ll just play and swim free again it sure is Come on count with us 1 2 3 4 I mean mateys Mom Yes, mr. Swede. I’ve decided I don’t need those bonuses and take the scenic route Not the scenic route the game


  1. Jake And The Never Land Pirates Peter Pan Returns Episode 6 – Niamh Birch

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  2. If my sister caught me watching Peter Pan I'm so so embarrassed🤣😂and I lock my room door and watch Peter Pan in secrets😜

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