James Franco Wins Best Actor, Musical or Comedy at the 2018 Golden Globes

James Franco Wins Best Actor, Musical or Comedy at the 2018 Golden Globes

-♪ This is
the rhythm of the night ♪ ♪ The night, oh, yeah ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Whoo! -First person I have to thank
is the man himself — Tommy Wiseau.
[ Cheers and applause ] Come on up here, Tommy. [ Cheers and applause
intensify ] 19 years ago… [ Chuckling ] -Congratulations. [ Cheers and applause continue ] -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. [ Laughter ] 19 years ago… he was stuck in traffic
from the Golden Globes. He said to his best friend,
Greg, [ As Wiseau ] “Golden Globes?
So what, I’m not invited. I know they don’t want me,
guy with accent, long hair, So I show them.
I don’t wait for Hollywood. I make my own movie.”
[ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] I’m very happy to share this moment
with him today. Thank you,
the Hollywood Foreign Press, for all your support
over the years. Also Steve, Daniel, Hugh, Ansel.
You’re all my brothers. You know that.
Thank you. This was billed as a movie
about the best — the making of the best
worst movie ever made, but, in fact, it’s
a story of friendship. This year, I’ve learned from all
my friends and collaborators. My longest friend in
entertainment, Seth Rogen — known him since
“Freaks and Geeks.” Evan Goldberg, James Weaver,
Vince Jolivette, thank you so much.
Alex McAtee. You all taught me
to be a better director, a more responsible person.
Thank you. A24, you had me
since “Spring Break.” New Line, Good Universe,
thank you for all your love. [ Soft music plays ]
Finally, my brother. When I went to NYU, I always said I wanted
my own Coen Brother, someone to collaborate with. I realized this year,
I had my own Franco Brother. [ Laughter ]
I love him more than anything. Thanks to my mother
for giving him to me. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Up-tempo music plays ]


  1. I thought about it being rude that Tommy tried speaking FIRST! Would have ruined all of it. Should've grabbed mike after the speech

  2. Happy Birthday,James!!!!I hope I can meet you one day you have a very tough voice now and I want you to meet my mom and JAMES,ALICIANNA & RAE…..I love your mother's name Betsy Lou very sweet name for sweet mother that would make her a baby and that would make me A baby and….. BABY MARGARET BM…… and Dave would be for my sister Mishelet DAVE, RAE & DEE DEE …..BABY DAVE BD…..and to my daughter Dee Dee who is a baby and she very disability she is very little and she does not talk in a normal voice a small sweet disable baby and James now that you are 39 and you'll turn 40.

  3. People saying Franco should've let Wiseau speak I think you gotta remember he just won a golden globe something actors can work their whole careers for… Professionally this might of been the highlight of his life so can't blame him for wanting to keep it personal he still thanked him and acknowledged him.

  4. James Franco is such an idiot for not letting Tommy Speak… I hate what he did. So rude, it’s not okay!!!!! … oh and he didn’t even thank Greg like wow James. Anyway, I still love you 😑

  5. 0:54

    Greg had to watch from the audience as the man he knew would have given anything to end up receiving an award on stage for his work was shooed away by the bigtime Hollywood actor that adapted his book into a movie, not even allowing him to say a single word to the group he's desperately tried to become a part of

    That moment alone had more impact than the Disaster Artist. The final footnote to Tommy and Greg's flirtation with stardom

  6. It's really a shame what happened to him and Aziz the day after the Globes…if those weren't calculated attempts to bring them down idk what would be

  7. Guys, the speech was never Tommy's- the award and the acceptance speech were given to James. Hes doesnt have much time- its his dream and he truly earned it. Most actors who won awards for a biopic film would not invite the real person on stage. This was James's achievement- Tommy didnt have a right to hijack it..

  8. James Franco stopped Tommy Wiseau from speaking. It brought him bad luck. James Franco will never win any award in his life after this day.

  9. The movie was funny but Hugh Jackman was robbed hard lol 😂😂😂 he looked like he couldn't hold in what he was truly feeling! XD

  10. Tommy is kinda angry about James. Was there something between them?
    1:55 You can see he's knocking off his arm when he put around him at the last moment.

  11. So..
    You make Millions on a Book based on Tommy's film. You win an Emmy for that film. You invite Tommy on stage. And you dont let him speak? BUT, you do a Tommy impression? Terrible

  12. James tommy waiseu impression is garbage. Also, I'm pretty sure tommy was going on stage regardless of whether he was invited or not. Franco just invited him up when he was half-way there so as not to embarrass the guy.

  13. Greg está realmente emocionado por qué Tommy está ahi arriba.. la película es sobre su amistad y este detalle lo hace tan sincero

  14. More thanks to Tommy instead of all your producer buddies – without Tommy you wouldnt be there in the first place – you practically just made a remake of his movie and added a little docu in it – not ok – should have given him the mic.

  15. Oh my goodness that was awkward…😣 this moment right here only proves that James Franco is a terrible and arrogant person. Yeah he's a good actor but I don't like he's attitude. And he's a lil bit maniac. His brother is better that him.

  16. This Franco is an idiot for cutting out Tommy and for no recognition to book writer, lol, what a loser.

    And probably the worst speech ever, so boring, loser.

  17. Franco is such a good actor! He can be excellent in any role. Stupid comedy, drama movie, as a villain, etc. he is always credible.

  18. James did not let Tommy talk because James was already starting his speech "19 years ago…" but when Tommy came upstage he kind of interrputed him, and James wanted to finish his speech. That's why he was like "Dude, let me finish" I don't blame James tho…

  19. If a lot of people love each other, the world would be a better place to live. And you know that they say, love is blind.

  20. Obviously Franco isnt going to let Wiseau steal his moment. Hes just won his first Best Actor in a Motion Picture a couple years after being snubbed by everyone for 127 hours!

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