Jared Golden For Congress – He’s Got Your Back

Jared Golden For Congress – He’s Got Your Back

I’ll never forget what it felt like
running across the field and up the ridgeline toward the sound of gunfire. On
the other side of that Ridge, three of our Marines were in a firefight. We were
racing to get there faster because they needed us to have their backs. We knew
they’d have done the same for us. It’s just what Marines do. Unfortunately, after
coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq, I learned that you can’t say the same
about our leaders in Washington. Down there, they follow the will of special
interests, not us. When it matters most they don’t have your back. Congressman
Bruce Poliquin voted for a health care bill that would charge us more for less
care and killed thousands of Maine jobs at small town hospitals and clinics, and
he cut and ran from his constituents. “I understand you’d promised to take a
question from this constituent, would you keep your promise?” It time to fight back.
Washington isn’t working when politicians push through trade deals
that cost us jobs, waste time fighting over issues that don’t impact your life
and bottom line, and failed to deliver on the promise to fix our crumbling
infrastructure and bring back jobs. Maine has been hit hard by unfair trade deals
and a rigged system that’s leaving people behind. The opioid epidemic is
surging, and the poverty rate for Maine children has increase at eight times the
national average. It’s true that Maine has gone through some rough times, but we’ll
come back, because the tough times have only made us stronger and we need
leaders who are as tough as we are. It’s time for a new generation of
leaders that will fight for you – not the political establishment that has failed
us. I’m Jared Golden I’m running for Congress I’ll give you my word I’ll
always have your back.

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