JCK 2019 – Bridal Jewelry

JCK 2019 – Bridal Jewelry

Hey everyone, we’re here in the bridal section
of our booth and Alex is gonna tell us a little bit about some of the new bridal things that
we’re showing off this year at JCK. What we have here is some of our newer assortments,
some of our trendier pieces. You see a lot of fancy halos, some different
center stone shapes, some color in there as well. Everything is very trendy but still very bridal. Or you can take some of them and turn them
into fashion but we love that they look like they came off of Pinterest. They’re for the new bride who wants something
a little bit lighter, a little bit more fun. So that’s what you see a lot in this case
along with some contour bands that we’ve been developing that fit along with a lot of different
shaped stones. So it’s nice that you can pair them with almost
anything. And we also have some pieces from our newest
designer collection that takes a lot of those elements that I was just speaking about like
the fancy halos, the ballerina style, some fun shaped center stones and pairs them all
together in a collection that our customers can shop. Alright, if you want to come check these out,
they’re really nifty, they’re really cool looking. They’re here in our bridal section of our
booth right here at Michigan and Broadway so come on and check it out.

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