Jerusalem: Ancient Gates, Future Glory #5: The Damascus Gate

Jerusalem: Ancient Gates, Future Glory #5: The Damascus Gate

We’re here in Jerusalem
at the Damascus Gate leading in to the
Arab Quarter of the Old City I know you’ve read
about the Damascus Road. But stay with us
to find out what’s going on
today at the Damascus Gate. ♪ My heart was glad
when they said to me ♪ ♪ Let us go up ♪ ♪ Let us go up
to the Gates of Jerusalem ♪ ♪ Our feet will stand
in the House of the LORD ♪ ♪ Yes, Let us go up
let us go up ♪ ♪ To the Gates of Jerusalem ♪ ♪ The Gates of Jerusalem ♪ Shalom and welcome to our
program…I’m Myles Weiss And I’m Katharine Weiss and we want to welcome you to
our series on Jerusalem… The Ancient Gates…
the Future Glory. We’re really on
a journey aren’t we? We’re going
through all the gates seeing that they have
a historical, a current and a prophetic meaning. We’re really going to
take you on this tour. We’ve been going through…
beginning at The Dung Gate Going to The Zion Gate,
The Jaffa Gate, The New Gate. Today we’ll be looking
at The Damascus Gate. And in upcoming programs
we’re going to finish the entire modern city
of Jerusalem by looking at Herod’s Gate The Lion’s Gate and finally The Eastern Gate
or The Golden Gate, the Beautiful Gate…
the Messiah’s Gate. WOW…what a journey! Before we get
to The Damascus Gate we’re going to hear from
Professor Shimon Gibson. And he’s going to
tell us about a Gate that dates back
to the time of Yeshua, Jesus. Let’s take a look. Ancient texts and scripture tell
us about the Gates of Jerusalem We’re provided sometimes with
their names and their location. But archeological excavations
have only produced one or two. This is one of those Gates. It’s located on
the western side of Jerusalem on the site of a
building complex which existed in the first century
at the time of Jesus known as the “Critorium”. This is the place where
the trial of Jesus took place. Now, it’s quite important because here at this gate
Jesus was brought. He was then brought
in front of Pontius Pilot, condemned and then
led off for crucifixion. We hear from the Gospel of John that it was at the place
known as “Lithostrotos” which means in Greek,
“stone pavement”. And this is what has been
found in excavations here. A pavement
situated between two gates in front of the military
barracks of the Critorium. The other feature
which is important is that we
hear from the Gospel of John that the place
was also known as “Gabbatha” which is Aramaic for
“stone or rocky protuberance”. And over on the left you can
see part of the rocky outcrop which is probably
being referred to there. So this is the place
of the trial of Jesus. Now, we know of other gates
which existed around Jerusalem
because of their descriptions. Some of them are rather oblique
such as the name of one gate
which is “The Sheep Gate”. It clearly led to a place
where the sheep were watered
or kept in a corral. Alternatively, we can have a
place known as “The Dung Gate”. Clearly, dung and rubbish
was thrown out of the gate. But it doesn’t really help us
in positioning those gates. There are other gates
however which have
topographical information. Gates which exist even today
known as The Damascus Gate
and the Jaffa Gate. These are gates
which led towards the cities which were at a
greater distance from Jerusalem. So this is the information
that we have from archaeology
and from ancient texts. Combined together they give us
that picture which helps us understand the topography of
Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. (Myles Weiss speaking) Professor Gibson is a
world renown archaeologist with unprecedented access to
nearly every major discovery
pertaining to Jesus. He’s been excavating in
Jerusalem for over 30 years and is very familiar with the
ancient gates of this Holy City. The Damascus Gate
is situated on the northern
side of the Old City. In fact, it’s one of the
principal gates of Jerusalem. It’s named after
the City of Damascus which is of course
outside of Jerusalem. And the road led towards north
in the direction of Damascus. Of course it would
have taken a week going from
Jerusalem to reach Damascus. However, under
this gate which was built by Suleiman the Magnificent
in the mid sixteenth century, are the remains of an ancient
Roman gate which has been
excavated by archaeologists. And this Roman gate
is quite interesting because it’s part
of a triumphal gate which was built
at the time of Hadrian when he rebuilt Jerusalem
as Aelia Capitolina. This gate has 3 entrances. Only the left side of
this gate has been unearthed. Inside the gate
archaeologists came across a
large expanse of stone pavement. And this pavement
is what is shown on the
Madaba map of Jerusalem. It’s a Byzantine mosaic map
which represents Jerusalem
in the sixth century. And in the middle
of this paved courtyard is a
representation of a column. And it’s quite interesting that
the name in Arabic of this gate is “Bab al-Amud”,
“Gate of the Column” which continues that tradition
going back to Roman times. We’re coming to you
from Jerusalem. We’re here at The Damascus Gate” The Damascus Gate is on
the north side of the City. And it is one of the most
important gates in the City. It is the entrance to
all of the Arab life here. There is the
market place that is busy. People are coming are coming
and going…buying and selling. It’s the hotbed of life,
a Muslim expression is here and it is an important gate because it points
towards Shechem and
also towards Damascus. Like we were telling you earlier each gate is
named after the direction
to which it is pointed. And this gate
is the northern gate and
it’s pointing to Damascus, Shechem at the other side of it. But also it’s
wonderful to notice that God has said that there
would be trouble from the north. Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel
said that there is trouble
coming from the north. And this gate
is pointing towards the north. And often there is trouble
on this side of the city. Isn’t it amazing
that going north from here is where Paul went and
was on the road to Damascus when he had his
encounter with Yeshua. We read about it
in Acts chapter 9 where he was knocked down,
he was blinded and he was sent to the house
of a believer who healed him and the Gospel went forward because of what happened to Saul
on the road to Damascus. And we’re standing here
near the gate that leads
to the road of Damascus. And we are currently in a season
where all eyes are on Damascus because of the
troubles in Syria and the
difficulty that’s there. And the Israelis
are watching that, the world is watching that. We don’t know what
will happen in the short term. We do know that in the long term
there is going to be a prophetic
change that comes to Damascus which is very, very serious. In the meantime
we’re watching because of the
Syrians being a proxy for Iran and the troubles that come from
Iran as they marshall through
Syria, Hezbollah in the north. So trouble comes from the North but the Gospel
went north from here and so there’s always the
possibility of God doing something over and above
what we could ask or think. Absolutely, and that is our
heartbeat is that we pray for the soul conversion
of all people groups; that encounter from God
that takes us out of
the religious concept and brings us into a reality. Saul heard the LORD Himself talk
in a Hebrew tongue and saying, Saul, Saul why
do you persecute me? And God Himself revealed Himself
and took the blinders off. And that’s what we are praying
for the Muslim people here. And I know that you’re wanting
to stand with us as we pray for the revelation of Sar Shalom
to come in this northern gate. Yes, The Prince of Peace that He would invade the mosque, that He would
come to the Muslim people and
transform their hearts to those who
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financial sustenance. Thank you. We’re here in Jerusalem
at the Damascus Gate. A very important gate that is
the center of Muslim activity in the north of the city
and leads to Damascus where the Gospel went with Saul
as he was encountered by Yeshua But if you go back in time
to Genesis 24:60 there’s a prophecy
to Rebekah about the twins
that she would bring forth. And it says to her… (Speaking Hebrew) That your descendants
would possess the gates
of their enemies. In other words, there is going
to become a spiritual battle between the sons of Jacob
and the sons of Esau. But folks there is hope because both the sons
of Jacob and the sons of Esau can turn to the God
of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through Yeshua Ha Meshiach. And we’re here
to declare that hope. Just recently
I was with a young new friend
of mine here in the Land. He came from a Muslim background and was gloriously
encountered by Yeshua. A personal salvation with
spoken words to his heart that just transformed his life. Now he is being trained up
to follow the Lord and to be
a blessing to all around him. We’ve had the privilege of
meeting him this trip to Israel. I want you to know
that there are others that God wants to raise up
out of the Muslim world. Not only so, right near here are the ancient gates,
the original gates. And near those gates
the cave of Zedekiah. And that is where even today
the freemasons come to this area in order to do their
initiation rights. Folks this is
a center of a cultic and
religious and dark activity. And God wants to transform it. Your prayers
are vital for this area. Not far from here is Meashearim. The most ultra-orthodox area where we’re praying that the
ultra-orthodox Jews would
come to know our own Messiah. That they would be lifted up
out of this 18th-19th century
garb and rabbi worship and come into the worship
of the One Living Rabbi,
Yeshua Ha Meshiach. We’re looking for that. We’re looking for
the overturning of the
occultic spirit that’s here, the freemasons and the way that
the freemasons go out from here around the world to work
behind the scenes for evil. We want to see that overturned. And certainly as far as Islam
goes we’re looking for our Arab
cousins to come to know Yeshua. And for all those
around the world that go by
the religious ideology of Islam that they would
be transformed as well. That they would have a “Saul on
the Road to Damascus” experience that they would be transformed. And from this place would
arise Apostolic type leadership
to come and say there is one way and
His Name is Yeshua, Ha Meshiach. Would you pray that way with us? I know you will. The wonders of the Bible can
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our website and asking for it. It’s great. You know when
people come to Israel they go out as Ambassadors
for what God is doing. It’s not just
about the Jewish people It’s about every thing
He is doing in the world. And how He’s really
getting us all ready for the coming of Yeshua. The coming of Messiah
is spoken so loudly as you
go through the Land of Israel. Well coming up
we’re going to hear from
Jan Willem van der Hoeven. He’s one of our heroes. He’s an elder statesman
as a Christian Zionist. He’s been standing
with Israel for decades and his passion will awaken
in you love for Israel
and the Jewish people. Let’s go to Jan Willem. Jan Willem it’s always
great to be with you. What about the International
Christian Zionist Center? Tell us about the heartbeat of
that work and how it evolved and where you’re going with it. Well, it’s amazing. The Lord has led me already
years ago when I finished
my work at the Garden Tomb to live in Anatoth
where Jeremiah lived. And although one cannot
compare one’s self with Jeremiah I still feel it was the Lord
that brought me to that Anatoth because I have such a prophetic
calling I believe by God’s
grace and mercy to the nations. And however important
the concern for having godly
ministers and government people the Bible is so clear
that a nation has no chance to survive in the end time
if it goes against Israel. It doesn’t say the nation that
does abortion will perish
although that is terrible. But the Bible is
unbelievably clear the nation that
shall not serve Israel,
Isaiah 60:12, shall perish. And then God adds
through the prophet, yes,
shall be utterly perishing. And then in Joel it says God
will bring all the nations to the valley of Jehoshaphat
to judge them. Not because of general
immorality however bad that is and sucks the strength
also of America. But the reason that God gives is because these nations
that I’m going to judge
have divided my Land. I think I’m the only one of
the prophetic people that
live actually in the West Bank where I have my office near
Bethel where the story started. I wish that all the American
Christians, Jews and Believers would rise up and say
we believe the Bible and the Bible says
that God has given ALL
this Land to His people. And He is so excited about it that when He writes and
prophecies about the return
of the Jews to their nation He says I will plant you with my
whole heart and my whole soul. And I look up and we are here
in front of the Creator, the God of Israel, the God
of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who by His grace
and through Jesus has made me
also as a Gentile His son. And I said, God
you threw all the stars and
planets all over the universe. Is it so important for you to
bring your little people Israel back to this little place
called Israel, a small place when I know the Arabs have twice
the size of the United States
of America as territory… Is it so important for you? Then where is the passion
of all the Christians
who see this program? What about your whole heart and your whole soul? Are you willing
to flow with God says God
if it’s so important. I’ll tell you even now
while I speak I feel
the Lord says show them, show them how important it is. God has promised
to save this planet earth
from its own stupidity and sin and rebellion through one nation. And Paul says it
even in the New Testament, if their rejection,
their diminishing,
their scattering has meant a
reconciliation of the Gentiles who have now through the Gospel
been able to become sons and daughters of that
wonderful God that I love what shall the receiving
and the fullness of Israel be but life from the
death of this planet earth. So how can Christians don’t
be excited with their God? Says, Lord if you need
the Jews to be planted on their
own earth, on their own land… You know it’s very clear. God says it is My people and God says it is my Land. So He puts His people
on His Land. And no Abu Mazen, and no Obama and no European weak politicians are going to stand in His way. And God speaks from heaven. And I feel that God
wants the Christians to become a little bit more courageous
in their speaking for us. The nations imagine a vain thing And what is the vain thing? That all the nations,
even George W. Bush and
the European leaders and all the leaders of
the world have agreed to? There will be peace when
we have two states solutions. Two states solution…shaw! And we know it’s going
to be opposite of peace. As even Rabin said,
to have a Palestinian state will be on the ruins
of the state of Israel. The Jews parted with Gush Katif Yes – Gaza with Gaza. Did it become peace? No It became a terrorist base. They went out of Lebanon. Did it cause more peace
between Lebanon and Israel? No It became a
Hezbollah terrorist state. So now the stupid world
with stupid politicians are telling us
to do it a 3rd time. Recede from the West Bank
and all the Muslims said, And we will make it the
cornerstone of the destruction of what will then
be left of Israel. ♪ When the nations rage
and all the kingdoms fall ♪ ♪ He says I Am
I Am…I Am all ♪ ♪ And there’s a river
whose streams make glad ♪ ♪ the City of God ♪ ♪ They flow
to His Holy habitation ♪ ♪ They flow to
the Home of the Most High ♪ ♪ The Lord of Hosts
is with us ♪ ♪ The God of Jacob
is our refuge ♪ ♪ He breaks the bow
and He shatters the spear ♪ ♪ And says I am,
I am…I am here ♪ ♪ So we will not fear ♪ ♪ Though this world
should change ♪ ♪ Though the waters roar ♪ ♪ Though the mountains
shake and tremble ♪ ♪ For He’s
a present help in trouble ♪ ♪ in trouble ♪ ♪ Be still
and know that I Am God ♪ ♪ I Am exalted in the nations ♪ ♪ I Am
exalted in the earth ♪ ♪ The Lord of Hosts
is with us ♪ ♪ The God of Jacob
is our refuge ♪ ♪ Till the ends of the earth ♪ ♪ He causes wars to cease
and says ♪ ♪ I Am, I Am,
I am peace ♪ ♪ He says I Am, I Am ♪ ♪ I Am peace ♪ Marty sings it so beautifully that the I Am
shall have the last words You know the kings of the earth
rage it says in Psalms 2 against the counsel
and against His own will that they try
to divide the Land, they try to fix things in the
natural that God can only fix. It’s really true. This story did not begin
in the 20th century when the Jewish people
came back after the Holocaust. It goes back to the 19th century and then back to the 1st century and then back
to the time of David and then back
to the time of Abraham. This is a long story that God has intended
for many, many centuries to come to pass. And this tension
that we see in the Land and
this posturing over the Land. It’s just really the nations
raging against God Himself, against His Word
and against His Christ, against His Meshiach…
His Messiah. And that’s really
what we’re seeing. I love the scripture
what it talks about the God of Jacob is our refuge. He himself…
Jacob wrestled with God. But then through that wrestling God began to show us
as His people that
there’s a refuge in Him no matter what
wrestling we’re feeling we can find our safety
in the Lord Himself. I think about Psalm 122. We always close with that. But it also says earlier, (Speaking Hebrew) Our feet shall stand
within your gates, O Jerusalem. There’s a prophetic word in that that the believing community, the Jewish people
first and foremost and then those grafted-in will stand within
the gates of Jerusalem. It’s God’s Word. It’s God’s plan for that area. We’ve heard from Shimon Gibson. We’ve heard about the
archaeology of the Land. We’ve heard from Jan Willem
the theology of the Land. But the eschatology,
the end times… the study of the end times
the last word of the end times belong to the Lord. The I Am. Yes, He is the Great I Am. He will have His way in that
Land and on this planet. It’s not an accident
that the gates are mentioned
129 times in the scripture. It’s something that God is
pointing to because ultimately the Word is to
open up the Gates so that
the King of Glory can come in. And that’s
where we’ll end this series will be with that
mysterious Eastern Gate,
The Messiah’s Gate. The Mercy Gate. The Mercy Gate…The King’s Gate it’s going to be really amazing. You know God is just so much
bigger than the tensions we see
in the political realm. And He will have the last Word. Next week we’re going
to go to Herod’s Gate and see something about
the tension between the natural
and the supernatural. You know I always like to
remember Psalm 2 about when the heathen rage
they try to seek council to see how they
can undo the plan of God. God sits in heaven and laughs. And that’s the
attitude we need to have. We need to be sober,
we need to be awake, we need to be vigilant,
we need to know our prophecy. But we’re not to be in fear. We’re to have the peace of God, the joy of God,
and the laughter of God. It’s really true. Thank you for that. And that’s why
we always remind you Sha’alu Shalom Yerushalayim Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Our monthly newsletter,
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