Jessie and Gary learn about the ‘golden parasite’ – Episode 5 | Parasite Island Recap

Jessie and Gary learn about the ‘golden parasite’ –  Episode 5 | Parasite Island Recap

There’s no phone reception.
I’m going to die. You’re more worried about that
than being eaten by zombies? No, I need to call
my dad in Manila. I’m sure he’ll send help. You. You. You. You. Look for better
reception outside, then call my dad. No one goes outside. It’s not safe outside. You’re our grandmother’s
servant, right? Why won’t you
follow my orders? I’m sorry, Dear Princess,
but you’re not my boss. I’m your boss’s granddaughter. If you don’t do as I say,
I’ll tell on you. Princess… Even though we work
for your grandmother, she wouldn’t want anything bad
to happen to us. He’s the only one
who can fight the zombies. We’ll all die if
no one goes out. Fine! I’ll just look for
better reception myself. TJ, there’s a zombie! TJ! Princess, let’s go! – TJ, hurry up!
– Let’s go! Sunshine.
Sunshine, my dear. Sunshine. I’ll take care of this. Didn’t you promise that you
won’t return without the kids? The night isn’t over yet. I just brought back Queenie but
I’ll continue searching. How come you haven’t
found them yet? – This is a small island,
Jessie! – It’s not that easy! – What do you–
– Gary! Calm down. You should be thankful he
found Queenie and that child. Yet he can’t find his
own child and family? They’re still out there
and in danger! Didn’t I say I’ll continue
looking for them!? – I’ll do it!
– I can do this! Stop! Stop it already! Instead of fighting, why don’t the both of you
look for them? – Ma, I can’t–
– Help each other out! Do it! Something’s there! – Let’s hide!
– Get in the van! [SNEEZES] Mama is right. I could have done
this on my own. You’re just here because
Mama said so. You ruin everything. Stay here! Get them! – What’s that?
– Is that them? Hurry! Finally! Rescue! Dad! – Where’s Sunshine!?
– I don’t know! Let’s go! – My grandchildren!
– Grandma! Are you okay? Are you all okay?
Are you hurt? Ma! Where did you find them? On the way to the mansion.
We saw them on the street. They were being attacked
by those zombies. Thankfully, we got
there in time. Didn’t I tell you? Since the two of you worked
together, you found them. Jessie. Jessie, Chito was here! He said Sunshine was with Father
Lorenzo and his sacristans. Sunshine! Sunshine! – Sunshine!
– Sunshine! It’s full of leeches.
Those zombies were here. Where’s my daughter!? You haven’t changed. You throw a tantrum every time
something bad happens. You’re still a spoiled brat. What? Do you want to fight? Or do you want to look
for your daughter? Please, stop! No! Please! Run! Take the children
with you! Mommy! Hey, Sunshine.
It was a nightmare. The zombies are after us! We’re safe here.
We’re with Father Lorenzo. – Crispin, Sunshine.
– Father! – Father.
– Why did you leave us? I didn’t leave you. I just looked for
something to eat. Father! Father! – Run! Crispin! Sunshine!
– Father! – No!
– Just go! Father! Run! – Sunshine! Run! Now!
– Father! Father! Queenie, the police
are already outside but we need to make sure
someone’s on the lookout. So I made a schedule and you’ll be on
the lookout tonight. Me?! I have to be on guard
all night?! Oh, Janelle. This face is not meant
to be a security guard. Just deal with it yourselves. This is crazy! – Queenie.
– Yes, Mama dear? You’re a part of
this family, right? Of course, Mama dear! Then act like it. Help out. You can’t act all high and
mighty at times like these. Of course, Mama dear! You know you can
count on me! I just hope that when all
of this is over, you’ll give us the
pharmaceutical company. You’re definitely shameless. Father Lorenzo? Father. Father, were you
with Sunshine? I asked them to leave.
They need to escape. It’s only been an hour. They couldn’t
have gone far. What?! Why did you let them go?
They’re in danger– They’ll be more in
danger with me! The leech people found us! I held them off to
save the kids! Leave now!
I’m infected! Father– Father! Gary, that’s enough! You killed him! Why did you do that?! We’d be dead
if I didn’t kill him! The devil has come. What? The leech is the
devil’s messenger. Let’s go, Jessie. – Hold on. Just a second!
– Come on. I saw it! You saw it? The golden leech! – A golden leech?
– The lake. The ground split open
and the leech came out and went inside
Miss Lucia’s body. She turned into a monster! Here! The golden leech
came from this lake with the other leeches,
then they went back! My dad also fell into the hole
with the leech woman. There was a man with Lucia. – They fell into the hole.
– Yes. You saw what happened
to Papa? Did you see the leech woman
attack him? I saw the leech go back
to where it came from. Don’t tell me you believe him. Just a second! A golden leech possessed
Lucia’s body? The golden leech
came from hell. Hide! Jessie! Hurry! Jessie! Jessie! Jessie. Jessie! Miss. What’s wrong? No, get away! Miss. Leech! Miss, what are you
doing to Papa? Papa! The woman! Papa! Papa! So you’re saying that a Golden
Leech came out of that hole and is taking control
of the people? Is that what you’re saying?
That’s nonsense! It’s possible
he’s telling the truth! His story matches with
what happened before. I saw how the Leech Lady
attacked Papa. It’s the same way the
Leech People are attacking. Maybe that’s the worm that
entered the people’s bodies and bred more leeches. Maybe the Golden Leech
attacked Lucia. She tried attacking Papa,
but since they both died, maybe that’s why the leeches
didn’t spread through El Cuerpo. Recently, there was
another earthquake. The Golden Leech escaped. It spread throughout El Cuerpo. Hold on. I thought you said the
Golden Leech was inside Lucia. If Lucia died the night
Papa died, that means… The leech found another host. Who is that person?
They’re causing all this mess. I don’t know,
but we need to find them. This Golden Leech
uses a person as a host. And that person is
spreading these leeches all over our island. It looks like the
Golden Leech gave birth and the leeches spread
to the other people. Like an epidemic. It’s contagious
and spreads rapidly. The end of man is near. The day will come when
El Cuerpo will be filled with Leech People,
as will the world. Whoever is carrying
this Golden Leech, we need to find and kill them. According to Andong, the leeches
obey the Golden Leech. Yes. When the Golden Leech
came out the hole, the other leeches followed. When the Golden Leech gets hurt,
so do the other leeches. The leeches love
the Golden Leech. If the Golden Leech dies,
so will all the other leeches. But how will we find
the Golden Leech host? Who are they? What are you looking at? You think I’m pretty? Danger. Do you think that crazy guy
is telling the truth? About the queen leech? How could you believe him?
He’s crazy. How could they believe
his bogus stories? Those fools. They said the queen
can control her minions. She can control
all the leeches. Some power, right? Nurse, we have a new patient. Okay. Bring her inside. I’ll help her to the bed. You need to lie down.
Careful. Here we go. Miss? Are you okay? What’s happening? Stop! Leave! – Ma’am.
– Whitney. She followed your command. What is it about you? The leeches follow the
command of the queen. Those leeches love
the golden leech. My god. Is it me? Did the golden leech
enter my body?


  1. Mas ok na yung zombie ng pilipinas nang hahagis ng linta share the blessing kumbaga di tulad ng ibang bansa nangangagat mga patay gutom mga zombie

  2. Excited for nxt ep.
    I like kaori's acting. Nag iimprove sya lalo kahit wla pa yang workshop. May future sya sa showbiz. Waiting for her nxt project abs-cbn!!!

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