Jeweller loses $30,000 diamond ring in Memorial park pond part 3

So we’re shooting the new Jewellery Plus commercial down at Memorial Park, in Summerside and Philip was practicing taking the ring out of his pocket And he opened up the new container and ta-dah the ring fell into the pond So we decided to continue with the commercial, we were all distracted 30 years now And one of the best things I love of it one of the things I love most of all is this helping helping people express their love So It was getting late and Philip ran home to dig up a flashlight, and I ran here to Canadian Tire in Summerside and looking for a glass-bottom Toy like a kid’s bucket that they used for looking for shells and stuff at the beach But I couldn’t find one at that time of the year here so I went to the Department there. I found us a nice strainer Picked up a strainer and Bought it and ran back to the Park Gave it to Philip and he started Digging around the water

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