Jewellery – English vocabulary

Jewellery – English vocabulary

This is a mask. I am a robber. I need some money! I am looking for some jewellery. Ah bingo! Do you know anyone who wants to sell jewellery to me? I know someone. It’s me! Show me! Badges… Nice joke! I am not interested! A charm. It is silver. No. This is steel. The cross is steel. No. I am not interested. A hairclip. Made of wood! You are right. But it’s worthless. A necklace. It’s gold – pure gold. No. Absolutely not. This is bronze. I am not interested. A bracelet. It is made of shells. It is… But that’s interesting for a souvenir shop. not for me… What about this? Earings. White gold. I am interested. A brooch. Made of glass. Another joke… A chain. Let’s look at this chain. This is pure silver. I am interested. An engagement ring. This is glass but the ring is made of silver. I am interested. And that one. This is a wedding ring. And it’s golden. I like it. Anything else? I have something special. Watch! With diamonds. Really? A watch. Diamonds… Forget about it! This is glass as well! You can keep it! What about this?! This is a mask! This is a mask! You are a housebreaker! Get out of my garage! Now! I am calling the police!


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