Jewelry Experts Guess The Cost Of Diamond Engagement Rings

Jewelry Experts Guess The Cost Of Diamond Engagement Rings


  1. “I like the box more, DONT PUT THAT ON THERE!”
    puts it in the video

    Can we get an update on that relationship? Loll

  2. Wait why is someone who doesn’t know the price of their ring being featured on a video where people guess the price of her ring?

  3. Peter was market or appraisal value of what its worth lisa was appraising at street value or the value you could buy it online, or a common market….in my opinion you want both appraisals done since most offer well under appraised values

  4. I'm just here to tell that diamonds aren't rare but the industry puts a cap on how many diamonds get to be on the market to keep the prices high. A self made limitation so people fight over them lmao. ALSO there is literally a way to make diamonts in a lab and the only thing that can tell the diffrence is a special machiene. Diamond merchers fight so hard against them, saying a natural diamond is somehow better and that's the TEA. If you want the source I can find it for you.

  5. God I can't imagine spending thousands on a ring. I'd much rather something cheaper. Otherwise id be waaaaay too scared to wear it.

  6. What's up with all the Americans spending a gazillion dollars. My engagement ring and both our wedding rings didn't even cost that much and yes I do wear white gold and it has diamonds

  7. The second ring looks like an I1-2 clarity and J-K in color …. these jewelry appraisers are irritating…. they're being a little too nice…

  8. You can appraise it for 12k, but this guy right here isn't paying a penny for it. So in my world, it's worthless.

    Diamonds are only worth what you can't someone else to believe they're worth. So the tittle for this video, if it was me, would be "Con Artists Keep the Illusion Alive"

  9. The truth is diamonds aren't worth anything except sentimental value after you walk out of the jewelry store. That's the truth. If any one of those women were to pawn their diamond rings they'd get no more than 1k for the largest stone.

  10. Diamonds are actually one of the least precious and rare. They only have value because of marketing and controlled supply and demand. Wonder how many "woke" people enjoy their slave labor engagement rings.

  11. the only thing I've learned from this video is that neither of them knows how to properly measure the size of a diamond in the setting.

  12. And this, kids, is why you go with a GIA graded diamond or get your diamond graded by GIA. These 2 were oceans apart on price, ct weight (which you can't accurately measure by MM) color and clarity. Not sure the point of this video actually.

  13. Inclusions in a natural stone or gem is about particles , fragments and maybe gas bubbles or imperfections in appearance that are included in a gemstone/rock which makes them look unique and natural.

  14. A 1ct – 1.50ct D (colorless) Flawless (no inclusions) diamond is worth $20,000 – $30,000.
    It’s all about the 4 C’s
    Sometimes measuring from girdle to girdle do not mean the correct weight to the carat.

  15. Peter: this stone has a lot of imperfections and is very small I value it at $1,000,000.

    Lisa: this stone is beautiful and very big I value it at $100.

  16. I could see with my naked eyeI it's inclusion in the centre. It's Smokey. Lisa's not a good as him (The ring with stones around it)

  17. I had a real diamond once, someone took it, so I bought a fake diamond, nobody wants it. I love diamonds but I don't seem to be able to keep a hold of them. I have a family member who will take anything that isn't nailed down and he has all my diamonds. But I still have the CZ's!! My Aunt went to Mexico one year and her 2ct diamond in her wedding set came out due to a prong breaking. She took it to a jeweler in a rather large town so she thought she would be ok. She didn't get the same diamond back. As a matter of fact, she didn't even get a diamond back!! There was nothing she could do. The jewelry told her that it was the diamond that was in it when she dropped it off, so tuff titty! Only take your diamonds to a trusted jeweler!!

  18. Diamonds, second worst investment you can do in life.
    The selling is a scam and to sell it you also get scammed because the buyers want to make it the most profitable.
    Labdiamonds or better zirconia are the best buy.

  19. Not going to bother finishing watching because I thought the whole point was to have them guess the price and to know the actual price, but no one knows the price, so pointless.

  20. This would’ve been so much better if they actually knew how much they paid for the rings isn’t that the whole point 🤷🏽

  21. There’s a huge difference between what a piece of jewellery is appraised for for insurance purposes and what it’s actually worth.
    The woman appraiser is absolutely clueless too.

  22. You’re telling me you couldn’t have found three women who actually knew how much they paid for their rings to participate in this video?

  23. I love how Peter worded everything with that custom heirloom ring. He said it’s sentimental, so really, it’s priceless. Then he said he’d look at the material value. Idk I just thought it was cool that he didn’t want to take away from her excitement of it being so sentimental

  24. The sad part is when you go to resale it they only give you money for the gold and sometimes throw away the diamond.

  25. Very nice video idea, the execution is really poor though, the appraisal is for what purpose? Why don't have people that know the price of the diamond they bought?

  26. The guy was closer to actual value of the diamond and market value.
    So if you got it at a discount yeah he is right you got a good deal.
    The second one right had some imperfections that may have lower the value .

    For a high-quality SI2 clarity, J color, VS2 clarity, and round-cut diamond:
    0.50-carat diamond will cost approximately $1,250
    1-carat diamond will cost approximately $5,700
    1.50-carat diamond will cost approximately $9,900
    2-carat diamond will cost approximately $17,000

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