Jewelry Making : Adding Copper to Gold for Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making : Adding Copper to Gold for Jewelry Making

The question is about adding copper to gold.
The actual terminology for that is called alloying your gold, and a very basic example
of what alloy gold is you have to understand what for instance, fourteen carat gold is.
Pure gold is twenty-four carat, so the easiest way to understand this is if you take twenty-four
bee-bee’s and you line them up in a row, that each bee-bee is twenty-four carat gold. If
you were to melt them all together, you would have twenty-four carat gold. But, if you line
those twenty-four bee-bee’s up, took one bee-bee away and replaced it with another metal, then
you’d have twenty-three gold and one of something else, and if you melted those together, you’d
have twenty-three carat gold. So fourteen carat cold is fourteen parts gold, or fourteen
gold bee-bees, and ten of another metal. White gold has a certain mix. Yellow gold has a
certain mix. Green gold has a certain mix, and there’s no real formula about what the
other ten parts have to be. If you add copper, copper turns it red. If you add nickel, nickel
turns it white. If you add brass and other elements, it keeps the metal yellow. So, basically
what alloys are is the other ten parts that you mix with pure gold and to come up with
fourteen carat. Now if you’re going to make eighteen carat gold, you’ll have eighteen
bee-bees and then you’ll have six of something else, because it always has to equal twenty-four.
Eighteen parts yellow, six parts of something else will give you twenty-four, twenty-four
parts, eighteen carat. And alloys in today’s society, we very seldom make our own alloys
anymore, that most of the alloys you buy premixed from the manufacturer. This particular alloy
is made for green gold. You can see the little green components in it, that this mixed with
twenty-four carat gold will make green gold.


  1. I want to turn 24k into 14k and was thinking to add copper and something else. If i want to reduce the weight, would it be possible to combine titanium?

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