Jewelry Making: Wire Wrapping for Beginners – Class Teaser / Promo!

Jewelry Making: Wire Wrapping for Beginners – Class Teaser / Promo!

Have you ever wished you could make your own
jewelry to match a new outfit or wear to a special event? Have you ever wished you could give fabulous
handmade gifts to friends and family that they would be excited to wear? Have you ever wished you could make something
that you could sell for a bit of extra money or even create a thriving business around? Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m here to help you make
those wishes come true. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or you’ve
dabbled in a bit of jewelry making before, this course will teach you step-by-step from
start to finish to create the jewelry that you and everyone you know will be dying to
wear. I’ll show you the tools and techniques to
have you wowing your friends, family, and strangers in no time even if you’ve never
touched a pair of jewelry pliers in your life! This is not your typical YouTube tutorial
– this is an in-depth course that is a complete guide to making wire wrapped jewelry for beginners
and for anyone who wants to brush up on and perfect their wire wrapping techniques. We will learn to make simple rosary chains,
wire wrapped link chains, dangles and fancy wrapped briolette drops, clustered styles,
multi strand necklaces and bracelets, and SO much more. I’ll even teach you how to make your own headpins
and ear wires. You can watch this course at your own pace
from anywhere in the world and your purchase is 100% RISK FREE, backed by a 30 day money-back
guarantee. When you enroll today, you will have lifetime
access to this course including all future updates and additions all locked in at today’s
low rate. There will never be a better value for this
course as the price will change as I continue to add more lessons and projects for you. Go ahead and click the link below the video,
or go to right now and get started making beautiful wire
wrapped jewelry with me today. I’m looking forward to seeing you inside the


  1. For those of you thinking about this course… stop what your doing and sign up now! I was very apprehensive at first but let me tell you it was the best class I have purchased hands down. Jess makes it so easy for you and before I could even think… but what about… she's already explaining it. I was so captivated by her class I stayed up and did it all in one sitting. Now I made the decision to just watch before following along and now I've gone back through and started trying out what I've learned with some of the wire I had on hand. I need to order the wire suggested for the class which is why I just watched the first time.

    I have made earring wires before and I have done several wraps for beads. They never turned out the way I wanted and now I know why. Thank you so much Jess… I can't wait until your next class.

  2. Nice, but i have learned a lot with free tutorials on YouTube. why would i want to pay when there are people willing to teach people for free? Just saying. I understand trying to earn a dollar, but paying it forward might get you more than actually charging for your services when people can like and subscribe to your channel.

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