Jewelry Photography : Digital SLR Cameras for Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Photography : Digital SLR Cameras for Jewelry Photography

Hi, I’m Michael Seto. This next clip, we’re
going to talk about what sort of camera is ideal shooting jewelry photography. Jewelry
photography is very specialized. It requires you to get in very close to a piece of jewelry.
You tend to need a lot more resolution because of that. You often are just focusing on a
very small thing and then you’re going to have to crop in in your post production, so
you need a specialized camera. Something like this, a little point and shoot, is really
not going to do the job. If you’re serious about your jewelry photography, what you need
is a thirty-five millimeter SLR. In this case a digital SLR. This is a Nikon D200, but any
digital SLR will do. It gives you the option of changing lenses. Right now I’ve got a sixty
millimeter macro lens on this which is one of the ideal lenses for shooting macro or
close up and in this case jewelry. So, having a SLR allows you to change the lenses from
shorter, say sixty millimeter, to longer, hundred and five millimeter or even two hundred
millimeter or using some of the specialized lenses. So, when you’re shooting jewelry,
you want to get a digital SLR, this gives you a lot of options in terms of lenses, ISO,
and so forth; the other controls on the camera. So this is a perfect camera for jewelry photography.


  1. Hi I'm going to buy a canon dslr but not sure what lens to get for small jewelry pieces but also for family pictures far and close ups? Would I need several different lenses? Which ones for jewelry etc…? Thank you

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