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Hi. Michael Seto here again. In this clip
we’re going to talk about how to style and shoot earrings. Earrings can be a little complicated
because they look best hanging from ears. So you need something to actually suspend
them the way they would look. So, if we come down here, you’ll see I’ve got a standard
pair of jewelers display to hang some earrings from. The problem with this is you can see
that often times you’ll have part of the hoop blocked and it may not look completely natural.
So, instead of using that, what I do is, I make my own earring hanging contraption, and
I’ll sell one of these to you for five hundred dollars. Just email me at my website
But it’s really just a piece of wood, a couple “L” brackets, and a piece of white dental
floss. You can also use fishing line. What you do here is just hang the jewelry from
that. Often you’ll have to take a moment or two just to let them stop moving around or
just use a finger or something to stabilize them before you take the photo. That’s especially
important if you’re shooting with a low shutter speed or a slow shutter speed, anything under
say one thirtieth of a second, you may get a little movement. The key to shooting earrings
well is to make sure they’re hanging so that they look natural, and try and get something
like a piece of string or fishing line to hold them up so you’ve got a white background
in back and nothing blocking part of the earring itself.

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