Jewelry Photography : Lenses for Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Photography : Lenses for Jewelry Photography

Hi, my name is Michael Seto. I’m a professional
photographer and in this clip we’re going to talk little bit about lens selection for
jewelry photography. Jewelry photography is a very specific type of photography and in
order to really do it well, you need some special life lenses. Let’s look down on
this table and talk little bit about some of the lenses I have here. You got to your
basic kit lens that typically comes with any camera. This is a seventeen to fifty-five
millimeter. This often will do an adequate job but not a great job of jewelry photography.
The key lens you want to buy is called the macro lens. These are specially designed to
focus very close up. This is a sixty millimeter macro lens by Nikon. This will get you a great
close up of a piece of jewelry or an insect or whatever you’re photographing from about
a foot away. The next lens we want to talk about is the hundred-five millimeter lens
and that will get you a little closer. So, if you really want to do some good jewelry
photography, remember the lens is important. You want to get a macro lens. This is going
to get you the best image of your jewelry.


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