Jewelry Photography : White Backgrounds & Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Photography : White Backgrounds & Jewelry Photography

In this clip we’re going to talk about how
to achieve a real pure white background for your jewelry. A lot of jewelers like to have
their pieces shot against a white background. It’s very plain. It highlights the jewelry
itself and allows them to use it either in a catalog for print or on a website. So how
do we achieve that? If we look down at our basic set up here, we’ve got the piece of
white plexiglass. It can be a white piece of paper, but I’ll tell you in a second why
it should be plexiglass. If you try and light this piece of plexiglass to pure white you
will tend to overexpose the jewelry so often the jewelery, the colors, will be a little
bit blown out. There will be a lot of reflections and it’ll just be too hot as we call it in
the business. So if you’re trying to get a pure white background you need to come up
with another solution. We want to actually light this plexiglass from the bottom and
that’s going to give us a pure white background without overexposing the jewelry. So what
we’re going to do is we’re going to actually lift this piece of plexiglass up and put a
light under it in order to light it from the bottom and I’m going to talk about that and
how to construct a light to go under there in the next clip.

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  1. i bought a Nikon camera trying to get this but mi iPhone do a better job 🙁 i make a box whit lights and the back ground still gray not white. any suggestion? thanks for your time

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