Jewelry Polishing Cloth Fabulustre Scratch Remover

Jewelry Polishing Cloth Fabulustre Scratch Remover

Easily clean your gold and silver jewelry
on the go with this handy cloth from Esslinger-dot-com. This two-piece jewelry polishing cloth was
designed to put a bright shine on silver and gold jewelry without the use of messy gels
or liquids. The cloth cleans and polishes jewelry efficiently
with its unique two sided design and can be used repeatedly until the cloth wears out. The inner cloth is comes with professional
jewelers’ rouge imbedded in the fibers. The rouge is a compound made to both clean and
shine metals like silver and gold. And the outer cloth both protects your hands
while you clean and buffs the jewelry to a finished “like-new shine”. All within minutes
and without making a mess. Whether you are a jewelry enthusiast or just
a jewelry wearer, you’re jewelry will always look beautiful with this cloth from Esslinger-dot-com.


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