Jewelry Soldering Class Kit 96 – Rhinestone Chain Bracelet

Jewelry Soldering Class Kit 96 – Rhinestone Chain Bracelet

Hi I’m Jan welcome to another soldering
video today we’re going to be making this piece for this project you need five
18 mm settings five 18 mm Rivolis two 8 mm jump rings
one 13 mm fold over clasp and about forty three and a half inches
of 16 ss rhinestone chain the rhinestone chain you’re going
to need four pieces that are about six and a half inches long you’re going to
need five pieces that are about three inches long and then two pieces that are
an inch and a quarter and on this this is going to be the length of the
bracelet whenever I make a bracelet I actually make the bracelet itself the
actual size of my wrist and then the play and it is going to be due to the
width or length of the clasp so this will be exactly the wrist size and then
you’ll have a little extra with the clasp but it probably adds about a half
inch with the clasp maybe a little bit more I’ll go ahead and get started when I’m
doing a piece like this I go ahead and make my framed rhinestone pieces first
like this one right here I’m going to be doing five of these so I just put my
rhinestone down push it down into the play-doh
a little bit to cover most of the stone and then just lay the rhinestone chain
around it you want it as close to the setting as possible and you want the
stones as close as possible as well and on a stone or setting this size 16 ss is
just about as large as you can go to get it to curve completely around the stone
or around the larger stone I am going to start soldering the piece you want to make sure it’s level when I start heating it up I put the
heat on the chain and the settings and I touch the setting for the large setting
first and that way I can see how hot it is you’re going to be soldering every joint
of the rhinestone chain because you need to make the rhinestone chain stiff
when you frame this with about four spots I will join the
rhinestone chain to the setting okay once I’ve framed my rhinestone
pieces I want to check them and make sure that they are solid and if they are
solid I can go ahead and again laying down my rhinestone chain I need two
pieces at the top and two pieces at the bottom you want them to be fairly
straight a lot of times I’ll just set a ruler up there and these the second piece you’re going
to line it up with the first piece you want all the chain to touch I’m just pushing them down into the
clay just a little bit and I want the rhinestone chain I want each link to be
lined up together once I’ve laid my rhinestone chain down pick up my ruler
and then I want to begin laying down my rhinestones since I measured six and a half inches on the
rhinestone chain and that gives me 30 stones I need to find the center portion
of that which means I need to line up two stones from this piece with the
rhinestone chain and then I’m going to lay out the rest of them the same way
I just want to evenly disperse all the frame settings okay I have everything laid in place
and you’ll notice the rhinestone chain at the top and bottom
these pieces are stretched out you can see the gaps you see the gaps right here
and the framed pieces are solid solid and they’re close together also in
your sides you’re going to want to solder all this to make this stiff so
these pieces are close together to the difference between these two this piece
these rhinestone chains these are going to have to move they’re gonna have
to wrap around your wrist so these are just going to be tacked and the place I’m going to tack
once I solder this together I will also attach to the width of the chain
so I’ll be tacking this rhinestone chain on the length of it and we’ll be
tacking it here to make this line of solid line I will be tacking it to these
round pieces and then tacking it here tack it here and then here here and here
and so on I’m going to go ahead and begin okay I’ve attached these pieces to this
rhinestone chain and I’ve made this piece solid
we’re just doing a layer of soldered all the way down the edge I’m gonna go ahead
and do the same thing to the bottom I am going to do is just a simple jump ring
clasp with a fold over and when I attach the jump rings I attach the open end to
basically go to the center of where the bracelet is going to be sometimes I may
do two but this one’s not too terribly wide so I’m just going to do a simple
jump ring and instead of using a third hand I’m just going to use a little bit
of play-doh to raise that area so I can get the jump ring pretty much
centered on the rhinestone chain this way it’s centered between the
thickness of the chain that appears to be centered there so
I do the same thing on this side I don’t want to push it down too far to
the clay because if I do then it’s not going to want to heat up I have jump rings attached I have the
piece cleaned off except for some paper towel stuck to it now I’m going to
attach a clasp and I’m just doing a simple fold-over clasp fold-over clasp
for my favorite they seem to be one of the most sturdy as possible they’re easy
to attach and they’re also very easy to put it helps put it on your wrist
they’re just easy to use so on a fold-over clasp
they look like this when they’re open you just take this little rounded end
and you put it on the jump ring and turn it around and you just clamp down to
where it is attached to the jump ring and then you’re gonna fold it and test
it to see if it’s tight enough it still works well if your fold-over clasp is
too tight or too loose you can just barely touch this little lip right here
see this you can just barely touch this thing you’ll bend in slightly to make it
tighter and then bend it up to loosen it the way it is right now it is perfect
and this will be the closure around the wrist and that is it for this soldering video
thank you for watching have a good day


  1. I'm very interested in learning how to do this as a hobby, Where do you purchase all of the stones & Settings at?

  2. Your amazing. I do drag and wear jewelry this size and have been wanting to make my own. It's nice to see someone who does it big size not little stuff.

  3. im having a hard time choosing the right solder wire. i see that you have one that is lead free. wearing this bracelet on your skin is it healthier to use lead free wire? does the lead get into your skin? is tin solder wire safe for your skin?

  4. Hi jan, were do you supply yourself with the stones? I have a hard time finding good stone settings. Greetings from Belgium

  5. mam can I used more then 300 degree melting sodring wire for solder jewelry like 600 degree melting point,and mam what type of clay u used plz tell me

  6. gooooooood👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  7. Hi Maam, I have issue with soldering. Is Lead-free Electric solder different than other soldering wire? I tried with a torch and electric iron but my pieces are coming out very figitt. they either break apart or feel very rough scratching the skin.. Can you give me some guidance please.

  8. Great video! One question, after soldering what can be done to the back to make the settings all one gold color without gold plating? It looks like the metal discolored from the heat and the solder wire does not match the gold. Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

  9. عمل اكثر من رائع….. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  10. Jan, I am really enjoying your videos. Have you done any repair or re-purpose work with vintage rhinestone jewelry?

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