Jewelry store owner robbed at gunpoint outside Miami store

Jewelry store owner robbed at gunpoint outside Miami store

a crime caught on camera here a jewelry store owner ambushed and robbed the masked bandit getting away with thousands of dollars in loot this little logo 2 News reporter in Margeaux live download of Havana to show us much more of this video yeah Calvin this happened about 24 hours at this point today they have just shuttered up for the day but a lot of people working there tell me they’re still pretty shaken up about this he put the gun don’t move Jim’s rabello relives the terrifying moments when he and his boss were held up outside of this Little Havana jewelry store he was a parking over there waiting for us to close this war and after that we’re moving close today to the Oneg car the truck parked in a spot nearby for about a minute and a half as the men spoke but suddenly a masked man jumps out of the backseat holding what they believed was a gun the crook points it at the store’s owner and demands he give up his watch and ring before jumping back into the truck and taking off the owner jumps in his own car and tries to chase them while rabello calls the police but those crooks got away and those were no ordinary pieces of jewelry either the watch itself is worth tens of thousands a city is fifty thousand on the ring is a diamond Raines is a fourteen thousand so between the two about seventy four thousand dollars yeah and right now this is the parking space where that truck was parked and then it backed its way up and you can see just how close it was to the front of this store when you look at that video closely it actually looks like the gun may have been a Taser either way police are looking for the people involved Ravello tells us the man that was holding them up he was speaking in Spanish if you think you know anything about this case that can help detectives call miami-dade Crimestoppers 305 471 tips we’re live in the Little Havana neighborhood in Miami Ian margrove local 10


  1. I’ve never seen a video of a person getting robbed with a “gun” and don’t even move or pull up his hands. Look at “ Ravelo” or whatever is the name of the employee this guy looks so relax that he will be the first person I’ll investigate. Something is not right with that guy and it is one of the two: he knew what was about to happen or have previous military training.

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