Jewelry Tarnish Prevention and Removal

[Music] we’ve been talking about pendants today and this is really the perfect time to also talk about tarnish prevention and mark Nelson you’re back with us to show us how to do this clean our jewelry and also prevent tarnish right I want to talk to you a little bit about what tarnish is mm-hmm how to get rid of it and how to prevent it great so the first of all let’s start with what it is okay tarnish is actually soft salt silver sulfide okay it’s when the sulfur in the air reacts with the silver and creates an oxide so it’s a chemical reaction that’s some people might have the impression that it’s a dirty dirty but it’s not dirt right it’s just a chemical reaction it’s gonna happen especially with silver so one things that we want to do is get rid of it there’s a lot of different ways either chemical to a bunch of different chemical ways or there’s abrasion ways like paste and polishing cloths and paper and that kind of stuff so real quickly I’d like to kind of show you a chemical way and this is like a dip that you would find in most places mm-hmm and you have just a variety of tarnish jewelry here I have a ton of and here’s a piece and I just dip it in here it’s gonna happen really quick mm-hmm Wow yeah right off mm-hmm so there’s that kind mm-hmm and there’s also an old-fashioned way to do it what we can do is we take this ribbon here and this will create an electrochemical reaction mm-hmm this is aluminum pie tin and baking soda mm-hmm and we’re gonna take some hot water and we’re gonna cover the piece in there all right so you have your aluminum pot in your baking soda and hot water that’s it and that’s it and this isn’t really important that the silver contact the aluminum because the sulfur is actually attracted to the aluminum more than the silver oh so it’s like see you later silver I’m gonna go over the aluminum mm-hmm and you might have to do this a couple of times mm-hmm but it’s already starting to look just a little bit better right and you swish it around there a little bit or would you just let it sit I just let it sit and I might have to do that a couple of times especially if it’s really really thick um is it important to rinse that piece off in between the dipping it back in or doesn’t matter doesn’t matter doesn’t matter at all and then you always have the old standby of an abrasion method where you can take a polishing cloth mm-hmm and just rub it or a polishing meal or something like that right that’s a really quick way and even when you’re traveling you could just stash the silver cloth in your bag it’s a great way to do that and so that’s kind of ways to get rid of it mm-hmm and some ways to prevent it there’s a bunch of different ways and if you look over here there’s tarnish bags mm-hmm this is an old piece I made and it’s in an anti tarnish bag with an anti tarnish strip okay so this little piece of black paper in there is actually preventing the chemical reaction that creates tarnish exactly is absorbing all the sulfur the bag is doing the same so I’m kind of like doubling up okay okay mm-hmm and this box over here have a really old piece and here I use a cloth called Pacific cloth mm-hmm our silver cloth mm-hmm and it’s it’s been around old berieve a long time it’s in a lot of antique silver sets and it’s where you know all the jewelry gets laid into oh yeah so so you would just cut this piece to fit and now is it important to keep this airtight or the best scenario would be to keep it airtight but even if you can’t that silver cloth is going to help it’ll help the tarnish quite a bit yes all right I have any more questions on that er well I think that since we’ve been talking about pendants you know a lot of people get the tarnish especially on the back mm-hmm so maybe just a reminder that you can hit that with the cloth or dip it you can dip that too you can also use the baking soda as a mild scrub is there anything that you would need to worry about like with a stone on a piece like this it depends on how you do it you definitely do not want to dip things like that in a dip okay especially like turquoise pearl and that kind of stuff because this is kind of caustic and it will eat through that so stick to your my little milder methods like the cloth or the aluminum baking soda all right well those are great tips thank you so much Mike you’re welcome and we’ll be right back with crystal

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