Jewelry Tool Basics – Using the Crimp Tool

Jewelry Tool Basics – Using the Crimp Tool

Welcome to Darice Jewelry Technique Basics!
Today we’re introducing you to a key jewelry making tool that looks much more complicated
than it actually is: The crimping tool. Last but not least! The crimping tool is used
in conjunction with crimp beads and tubes to finish the ends of beaded wires or secure
a bead in a particular spot. You can crimp beads with long nose pliers, but this tool
will give you a much nicer crimp. Crimping pliers have two stations in their
jaws. The first station, closest to the handle, has a notch or dimple in the middle. The second
station, closest to the tip, looks like a smooth oval from the side.
To create a crimped end as the start of a necklace, we will string a crimp tube onto
our beading wire… add a jump ring… then string the wire back through the crimp tube.
Push the crimp up toward the jump ring to shorten the wire loop—but leave it a little
room to move. Remember the notched station? We’re going
to use that first, to create a dimple in the crimp bead between the wires. It’s helpful
if you separate the wires before you squeeze. Squeeze firmly, but not too hard—just enough
to create a “U” shaped crimp tube, with one wire on either side.
Next, move the crimp to the second station. Place the “U” at a slight angle within that
station—slightly closer to the handle than the tip. When you squeeze, the two sides of
the “U” should come together… and form a nice, clean, secure crimp.
Using a wire cutter, snip off the excess wire as close to the crimp as possible. Your necklace
wire is now ready for beading! Once your necklace is complete, create another
crimp on the opposite end to attach the clasp of your choice.
The crimping tool requires a couple of extra steps, but using crimps will give your handmade
jewelry creations a beautiful, professional finish. We hope that we’ve shown you just
how easy it can be!

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