JH Audio Custom IEMs + Silver Dragon IEM Headphone Cable

JH Audio Custom IEMs + Silver Dragon IEM Headphone Cable

Hi everyone! This is Nichole from Moon
Audio. This video is about how to install your Silver Dragon V1 IEM headphone
cable onto your JH Audio Custom in-ear monitors. These are my new JH
Audio JH16 FreqPhase in-ear monitors. Thanks so much JH Audio – I love
them. This is the left side. It has blue lettering on the back, there’s a blue dot
on the top of the cable. This is the right side – red for right – and there’s a red
dot on the top of our cable. You take the pins and you install them so that
they are flush with the IEM – and they are installed. The other thing I wanted
to show you is how to properly take care of the cable; for optimum sound quality.
You’re going to take the headphone amp connection end and make sure it’s
pointing towards you and you’re going to take the cable and you’re gonna wrap it
around your hand so that it’s flush and flat. You don’t want to twist the
cable because even though it’s rugged and very durable, you want to make sure
that you don’t break the silver conductors inside. And then you’re gonna
put it away in a gym bag, in a safe little pouch so that you are taking care
of it properly. This is what you don’t want to do to your silver dragon cable.
Once again you could break the silver conductors inside and you’re just not
going to get the optimum sound quality out of them and you’re gonna have to buy
a new one – which we actually don’t want you to do. We want you to get years of
listening enjoyment out of this. So if you have any more questions let us
know! We’d love to answer them for you. Thanks for watching!

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