Motu Patlu from these eggs more chicken will come. And then they will give more eggs and from those eggs more chicken will be born. And they will give more eggs like that you will be having millions of chickens. Thank you big brother. These bulbs are specially designed and made it for your chickens. From that bulb a rays comes out which is very good for the chickens, they will be very healthy. And they will not fall ill. Thank you Dr. Jhatka. If I keep this bulb very close to the eggs they will be very healthy. What are you doing? We have opened a poultry farm not a gymnastic club. When you see what I have seen then you will also start doing gymnastic, look over there. Saw? How did this hen become so big? What did you do? Tell? Patlu forget what I did, just think such a big hen, how big the egg will be? And, how many eggs they will give? Look there such a big hen, think and tell now what will we do? Boss, we will cook the hen and eat it. Don’t think about today, think from far. Where are you going? Going far, until and unless I go far, how will I think from far? Hey fool, come back!! Daily we will steal the eggs and eat it, come with me. This is cheating, we have crossed the fence. Now we are at our place, you go back. My name is John the don, I am not scared of few hens, I won’t give up. John will become don, now wait and watch how the eggs are taken by John. Wow boss! What a poem you made. Leave the poem, and let’s change our outlook. Look John’s Goon had come to steal the eggs, they themselves got hunted. We have to be alert. I am hungry but I will not eat the worm. You come inside and I am going outside. Mummy! somebody save me from this mummy. Hey, I am not your kid. Sorry my mother, I made mistake. Now let me go. No! Don’t catch the worm. There the boss is, we have to go above him and pick him up and fly off, ok Town is not built yet and thieves started coming. Town! Which, town? Which town you are talking about? Motu it is just a proverb, we have just opened our poultry farm and to rob that John’s men are coming. Let us welcome them. Come on my tigers. I am very lucky to have such good Goon’s with me. Patlu they are not stopping, now watch me how I am going to stop them? No!! Oh my mother, why are you behind me? Enough of it, I am not your chick. I am John, John the don. And I demand some respect. See this! I am not your chick. Are you not ashamed to remove all your clothes in front of others, what will they say? I am John, John the Don, I demand respect, be respectful with me. Mummy! Somebody save me from this chicken’s mummy. Boss, this time we will save you. How come I became the guest of this hen, eating all this worms is no more fun. Wow boss! wow what a poetry. Leave that poetry and save me, please!! I am coming. Why are this John’s Goon’s are behind so much of this farm? Where is John? Let John be anywhere, first we have to stop them. Rockets are over, let’s fire this big missile. What a great. Let’s fire with this big rocket. They are the same thieves, hit!! Boss save! What is this? Where did John come from? I think he disguised himself as a chicken to rob the eggs. Help! Sorry, it’s a mistake, next time I will never come leave me this time. Oh lord above, today’s chicks doesn’t have any shame. Number one number two help! Boss, let us save ourselves first. Stop! Go to your poultry farm, go back! Thank you Motu, we are going, take care of our boss. Sometime ask him to call us. Go away! No! Motu you cannot do this thing to me.


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  3. very funny cartoon I like it I think sink john and hen is the best episode plz watch this episode I like this episode

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  5. Jane kyu es murgi ka mehman ho gya hun or kide kha kha kr paresan ho gya hun😂😂😂😂
    Im john the don and i demand some respect 😂😂😂😂
    Love you my favourite john the don

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