John Kelly: Godfather and Profiteer of the Kids in Camps – SOME MORE NEWS

John Kelly: Godfather and Profiteer of the Kids in Camps – SOME MORE NEWS

(dramatic music) – See you later, some of the news. And hey, how you doing? Some more of that news, and here it is, the United States of America is having a bit of a national conversation about its problem of taking outgroups and unfavored populations, populations the president
describes as an invasion, and concentrating those
populations in camps. Although a specific term
for that comes to mind, that’s actually a pretty accurate term, it’s important we don’t use it, so then it doesn’t sound so bad. The United States of America’s Japanese American internment camps, which I think we can all
agree were a terrible yet not uncharacteristic blight on the wavering illusion
of American greatness, well, those camps, that were bad, were referred to as “war
relocation centers,” because the Supreme Court
decided it was quote “unjustifiable to call
them concentration camps, “with all the ugly connotations
that term implies.” Agree. We wouldn’t want any
ugliness surrounding these interment camps. So let’s call these, like temporary emergency influx shelters. That’s actually what the government is calling these new camps, temporary emergency influx shelters. Missed opportunity with
Funcentration camps, but oh well. Whatever you wanna call them,
I don’t know, seems bad. As much as 155 detainees
in cells meant for 35, 41 meant for eight, 76 meant
for 12, et cetera and so on. A large number meant for a small number, causing as one would
assume sanitation problems. People standing on toilets just
to get some breathing room, above the toilet. There are countless horror
stories about these facilities, about the guards, the conditions,
lawyers and inspectors are referring to them as
basically torture facilities. It seems bad, kids, separated
from their families, taking care of infants they don’t know, no diapers, toothbrushes,
things like that. The kids in the cages,
you know, you’ve seen. But “Some of those photos
are from Obama though, “Obama started it”, you type
feverishly in the comments, “Yeah but only kind of and that’s not good “but it’s also not a reason
to be okay with it now “and it’s also not nearly
as severe or as many kids “because it was only for
unaccompanied minors, “not like now where it’s kids specifically “and deliberately separated
from their family, “something that’s traumatizing enough “without the horrible treatment “and conditions they’re dealing with, “and I’m sure you’ve heard
some awful liar of a website “or the actual president say “that it’s Obama’s fault actually, “but just take two seconds
to look it up, they’re liars, “they’re lying to you, and, I don’t know, “it just seems like why even mention Obama “if not to derail the whole
thing and obfuscate the issue “and forgive the cruelty and
ultimately not address it,” somebody replies to your
comment as you click away and never return. Anyway, this has been our new segment (blows raspberry) Thanks Obama! Anyway, the traumatized very sad kids have no toothbrushes or soap or blankets, which some could argue
violate the Flores Agreement, which since 1997 has set national
policy for the detention, treatment, and release
of minors in custody, things like safe and sanitary conditions. Others of course would argue that Flores is not violated in the
case of the toothbrushes and soap and general
unsanitary conditions. Like this person, arguing that. – This was in everybody’s
common understanding that if you don’t have a toothbrush, if you don’t have soap, if
you don’t have a blanket, it’s not safe and sanitary. Wouldn’t everybody agree to that? Do you agree to that? – Well, I think it’s, I think
there’s fair reason to find that those things may be part of safe and sanitary–
– Not maybe, are! – These Trump goons, and
their Trump-ish goonery. Disgusting! Also this is a career employee
of the Justice Department and has been since 2011. She actually argued for the
Obama Administration as well, arguing that solitary confinement for kids doesn’t violate the Flores Agreement, so I guess that’s actually the end of another installment of
(blows raspberry) Thanks Obama! But like, the tone is different, indicating that maybe despite
Trump exacerbating this and being miles more cruel
about it, this is just America. But anyway, it seems
bad in general, ya know? This Justice Department employee in 2018 also defended the new policy of separating migrant
children from their families, claiming that it had
occurred due to necessity, and “not for the purpose of deterrence.” This of course is a real big provable lie, which brings us to the real
reason we’re here today, and that’s John Kelly,
alleged adult in the room and former Secretary of Homeland Security, turned into White House Chief of Staff, turned into a man clearly
betting that hell doesn’t exist. – If you get some young
kids who are coming in, manage to sneak into the United
States with their parents, our Department of Homeland
Security personnel gonna separate the children
from their moms and dads? – We have tremendous experience in dealing with unaccompanied minors, we turn them to over to HHS and they do a very, very good job of either putting them
in kind of foster care or linking them up with parents or family members in the United States. Yes, I am considering an audit to deter more movement along this
terribly dangerous network, I am considering exactly that. They will be well-cared for
as we deal with their parents. – There we have J-Kel proposing, as Secretary of Homeland
Security and adult in the room, that they separate undocumented
children from their parents as a form of deterrent
against immigration, a one could argue monstrous
idea that they’ve lied about and that people don’t like, and also doesn’t seem to be working. But also, before his
time in the White House, John Kelly had previously sat on the board of DC Capital Partners, owner of Caliburn International,
run the Homestead facility, aka the largest and only
for-profit child detention centers. And so, Kelly proposed
separating and detaining children knowing that it would benefit the company he previously worked for. And then he left the White House, and then he joined the board of Caliburn, effectively making money
off of the terrible policies he pushed for, having known
it would benefit Caliburn, his former and current place of work. And while he’s certainly
not the only politician making money from the companies making money off of detention camps, he’s the only one who made
the very direct decisions ruining other human lives in order to gain his personal profit. Like, you should pause this video and take a moment to think how history is going to speak of John
Kelly, the adult in the room, a room that’s full of
scared immigrant children he suggested we put in cages which we did and now he’s making money from it. You know how sometimes you’re like, is there an adult we can tell? The president clearly obstructed justice and is unfit for office but the few people who can
do anything about it aren’t and so you’re just like, who
else can we tell about this? Or like when the president
who’s been leading a war on the press and has made
comments about jailing reporters and who has praised politicians who have physically assaulted journalists for asking him a question, well then that president
dude starts joking about getting rid of
journalists with world leaders who have journalists murdered. And he’s just, and you’re like,
who can we tell about that? Like, that’s not good. Somebody should do something about that. And then you have a high-ranking official who the media and politicians claimed was going to be a sobering, responsible figure amidst the cruel, ignorant chaos of the
Trump Administration, and that high-ranking
official starts a policy that would increase the
number of traumatized kids detained in for-profit camps, and that adult leaves and
gets a job at the company that profits from the
“cage up more kids” idea. Just… I guess a senator running for president can say “here’s my plan
to make this not happen, “in the future, if I’m president,” but in terms of John Kelly it’s just, enjoy it while you can, I
guess, or resign, for shame, for shame on you, and it just,
it just seems like the media should be talking about this more, like this specific aspect of it. The kid camp idea haver
profiting from the kid camp idea at the company he was already
previously involved in from before he did the kid camp idea. Like talk about it more. It just seems significant. Ask the president about it, you don’t even have to frame it like he and they are all monsters,
just be like “Hey prez, “I know you’re really
into draining the swamp “and your first promise
to the American people “was to stop the people in government “from profiting when they leave, “but here’s a dude who’s
objectively doing that. “Regardless of the kid camp stuff, “it seems like you’d be against it, bud.” And then watch him not
answer and weasel out of it and move on and nothing will get done, that will be fun for everybody. But it just seems like A,
this should be illegal, but two, it seems like a clear signal that these camps aren’t going away and in fact, there’s no
intention of making them go away. It seems like maybe they’re
just going to build more, and we’re going to keep filling them up. And turn a profit from them. John Kelly, the adult in the room and kidcentration camp
profiteer, is telling us, that the temporary
emergency influx shelters, are maybe a pretty good
non-temporary investment. Seems bad. Seems worth mentioning
on the news all the time. Is there like a march, I guess? Or like call the police? Can we call the police on ICE? I’m just gonna trail off,
I think we’re done here. (dramatic music) Hi, thanks for watching the video, make sure to do all the YouTube stuff that you know about to do because it’s not your first day here. The like button, subscribe,
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  1. If you ever find yourself in an interview with a politician please make sure to include a question on what swamp creature they see themselves as in government. Please don’t forget.

  2. I'm like 2 minutes wondering if he's going to make the connection that all the bad stuff that's happening in the camps are done on purpose, these people are meant to be punished, the lack of comfort is by design, the over crowding, the poor sanitation, they could fix these things (there are enough funds) but they don't want too, they want these people to suffer. I'm gonna keep listening and hope that he doesn't mention directing more funds to the camps to "help" these people.

  3. I'm just so astonished at how openly corrupt this administration is and the supporters refusing to acknowledge it even when its not being hidden. The least corrupt member of the administration is profiteering off of concentration camps, this is an insane time to witness

  4. When they try to blame Obama, you can always toss it back in their face that now they're supporting Obama administration policies. It's like telling them that rape and child molestation are still wrong even if Bill Clinton did both, and yes, if he did them, he needs to be imprisoned for it. Just make sure you're ready with an umbrella, because their head may explode.

  5. You know what that means kids?! Us germans are not gonna be the villians of history in a couple of years hurray! See you at the war crime trials!

    Honestly though this is disgusting and the fact people call america the greates country in the world is maddening

  6. “Donald Trump isn’t draining the swamp, he’s bottling it and selling it as Dr. Trump’s Miracle Healing Elixir.” —Seth Meyers

  7. Instead of Rushing Area 51 maybe people should rush the “kid camps” and rescue the kids who are being tortured by the government.

  8. If anyone bring up Obama, just tell them that him, Trump and the rest of their pals deserve to rot in a prison cell for this travesty.

  9. That guy is gonna make money off bad government policies thus establishing even more wealth for him and his family. Then these same assholes will tell you 9to5-er that you need to work harder, that this is a meritocracy, bla bla bla. Another round of exploitation. Slavery 3.0 is here.

  10. Can you call the police on ICE? I don't know. I'm depressed my country is holding refugees and a small republic to ransom because we destroyed nuaru's environment and short-changed them a few billion dollars over 20 years ago. So we've been 'supporting' them by making refugees an industry rather than once they qualified as refugees they'd be flown over because that's the law. That's bad enough when it was supposed to be a temporary thing in 2001.

  11. I gotta ask: in the credits, is the John Carmack listed under "Heroes," the same John Carmack who helped create the original Doom PC game?

  12. If you break the law and you are with your child, guess what? You will be separated from your child, BECAUSE YOU BROKE THE LAW! These people from Central America came here willingly (except for the children, they were forced to come here by their parents) so THEY put their children in harm's way. They are responsible for anything (good or bad) that happens to their children. If these "parents" were so concerned about their children's welfare, they should have stayed in their home country or perhaps stayed in Mexico instead of trying to cross our Southern border ILLEGALLY.

    "The Immigration and Nationality Act ('INA') authorizes the Attorney General to grant asylum if an alien is unable or unwilling to return to her country of origin because she has suffered past persecution or has a well-founded fear of future persecution on account of 'race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion." So, does seeking "asylum" include people who just want a better life for their family? No, I don't think so. It most certainly does not include people who just want to come here to get free health care and live off the government tit.

  13. 7:00 "Who else can we tell about this?"

    We can tell the countries that are our allies, and the United Nations. They can try this administration for war crimes under international law (a la the Nuremberg Trials).

  14. Everything about this shameless wealth grabbing, reeks of desperate obstructive people, seeing that unregulated Capitalism might have a shorter life than they thought because of how transparent it's becoming. They wanna get their greasy loathsome pockets full before that kind of thing goes away or becomes way harder.

  15. let's play out what happens when you call them concentration camps: "but there are not ovens, no gas chambers, and we are not Nazi Germany" conversation is over, but at least you used the technically correct term. and then you are on your way to your local tattoo artist to get a swastika tattooed on your face, because it is technically a religious luck symbol!

  16. Masterful use of fartnoises, Showdy! 😗👌
    Also; fuck Kelly and all other camp apologists!
    Also also; Algorithm food. 👍

  17. A lot of those kids will probably never be reunited with their parents 😢🥺😭 because this whole situation is a paedophile’s wet-dream!! I sincerely hope I'm wrong about this!! 😢🥺😭🥺😡😾👎👎👺👿👺👿👺

  18. Totally unrelated but kinda:
    Why won’t Nancy Pelosi initiate impeachment?
    She is a business woman as well. What would she lose? How would it effect her prospects with her family business?
    How would effect her job and future campaigns?
    I would request you take a look at Nancy Pelosi, don’t scroll away yet, I’m not a Trump thumper in the least! Not doing that thing they do to somehow justify horrible behavior and acts, I’m just really frustrated with why she’s not rallying more. A vote condemning the President’s tweets does what? Does it stop him from tweeting or being him? No. It just gives the alt-right meme fuel, it’s mostly symbolic and useless, and she’s making her title seems just the same.

  19. These are kids!
    Please take care them!
    Pro life people, actual kids are actually dieing here! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. Trump personally murders dozens of people

    trump apologist “this may seem bad but insert democrat killed 1 person and so you are hypocritical if you criticize this. Checkmate globalist”

  21. This whole concentration camp denial from the right is pure semantic propaganda. The right is always deviating from the actual definition of a word and using feelings to create a different definition (and totally deny the real definition), only because it makes their actions seem better or necessary.

  22. Only a minute and a half in, and already… holy shit, dude. This is far from honest reporting. I see you hopped on the Ocasio-Cortex bandwagon of declaring these 'influx centers' as "CONCENTRATION CAMPS", despite the fact that both the asian-american internment camps as well as the german concentration camps were used on their own populations, people were forcibly collected and placed in these camps with impunity and without due process. Border influx centers are for people who aren't citizens of this country, by definition, and they came here of their own volition, or were put in them due to illegally crossing the border. Which is a crime. But 'No', I hear you say, 'They are asylum seekers! No human is illegal! Trump is Hitler! REEE!'

    Dude, this is intentional misinformation. I'm not even surprised you took that route.

    And tell me, why are the conditions there so reprehensible? Do they seem, I don't know, under-funded? Lacking in amenities? Overcrowded? What party was responsible for blocking funds for these centers? Oh that's right, the Democrats, the party you're clearly pandering to. First, you claimed the border crisis was manufactured fake news, plus mocking Trump for his insistence for a border wall to prevent illegal immigration, then you applauded the Dems for freezing the government for a record 35 days over the budget and laughing at Trump's plan to alleviate the border crisis (despite that all of the border-guarding methods you are demonizing were put into place by previous administrations, namely Obama), you applaud people like Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez (and every other Dem Candidate) for touting free healthcare for everyone, even illegal immigrants, now the border is flooded with migrants, overcrowding the ports of entry, and you blame the current administration for their deplorable conditions.

    But no, ORANGE MAN BAD. Jesus H. Fuck, and you don't even bat an eye at the violence caused by Antifa (who firebomb immigration facilities) who lap this rhetoric up like fuckin' milk. I'd say go back to history class, dude, but you'd probably call it problematic because it was written by fascist white colonists.

  23. I can barely take care of myself and my wife. We are miles more comfortable than most of the world yes, but here we are battling every day just to have hope our future will be better and can possibly retire before 70. What the hell can we do about any of this!? These people have power and resources far beyond people like me. Im seriously asking because i hate these things but I genuinely feel powerless…

  24. Here's a comment of engagement, saying that it bothered me way too much when you said "A) <something> and 2. <something else>"

  25. I sure hope the day comes where we can jail all these pieces of shit, for all 2-3 years of life they have left.

    No peace until justice is served.

  26. how do prisons make money though, the government pays them? is that why they skip all the shit oh nvm haha its nazi? theres nazis now haha
    edit: oh right they arent nazi germans theres facists i guess or trumpists this is kinda new to me

  27. So glad I found this channel. Much support from Germany.
    Please don't let history repeat itself my American friends, you're on the best way there which scares the feces out of me.

  28. I try to watch and read as much news as I can.

    This is the FIRST TIME I've heard about this John Kelly making a profit off of this thing (actually from your video that came after this, but enough about my time dilation issues)

    when you said "isn't this something people should be talking about….like all the time?"
    my actual thoughts when I agreed loudly, internally: "WTFOMGAYFKMYESTHISSHOULDBETALKEDABOUTLKAJSDFOIMAOISDFM"

    this has been my internal monologue.

  29. Gosh this guy needs to be more popular. I remember seeing you on Cracked a few years ago and not really liking you but now that I'm older I love how you're covering all of this. You remind me a lot of Jon Stewart, whom is one of my favorite comedians/political satirists/amazing person.

  30. That's why trump attacks people with color & anyone who disagrees with him…..because by doing so….no one is quite sure where to look first!! That's why "the squad" are SO valuable right now. They don't fall for his bullcrap which in turn is why he attacks them so viciously with his KKK, top shelf racism!!

  31. I get they say it's supposed to be a deterrent, but how exactly are people on the run for their lives supposed to know about the kidcentration camps? Like, "we've been scavenging for food while on the run, but have you seen the news lately?"

  32. Hey Cody how do you feel a far left terrorist who’s a big big fan of you (retweeted and liked you so much) killed 9 people today in a mass shooting? Your responsible for radicalizing people into far left extremism

  33. I think the Obama call out isnt to stop the dialogue…but to point out the dialogue should have been started a long time ago. And to point out the MSM was pretty damn quiet about this during his admin. Ok?

  34. Congrats, Cody! You inspired the Dayton shooter with you constant extremist propaganda.

    I wish you were a better person. But you're not. You're going to keep doubling down and escalating violence. Aren't you?

  35. Ouch, it can't feel good being a mass shooters major inspiration (Connor Betts constantly retreated this show on Twitter). But maybe you'll have extra sympathy when someone like Pewdiepie (which I'm not even a fan of) gets cited in a mass shooting having gone through it yourself.

  36. Hey! You going to make some videos about how Dayton shooter referenced YOU to go along with all of the anti right wing videos you make? Just curious

  37. Well, here I am at 3:00 in the morning, trying to chuckle away the miasma of horror that's choking my brain flesh. . .


  39. 6:24 not to undermine the ugliness of what he's done but… sounds like the very definition of capitalism to me…

  40. You complain that the conditions are unacceptable, conditions brought on by severe lack of funding, but you never mention the easy solution: don't privatize these prisons and fund border patrol enough to have sufficient facilities to handle the illegal immigrants.

  41. Some More News is really starting to feel like the old Daily Show before John gave it up, certainly more so than today's DS which just seems over-produced and toned down with simplified writing. Thanks for picking up the torch.

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