1. I bought mine when it came out. I own strats from 56-65. They are all great at one thing. My SS is hands down the best guitar I own of the strat variety.It sounds great in every position.

  2. John Mayer's playing is Phenomenal. But the guitar he is playing is PRS's attempt at making a stratocaster without obviously calling it a strat. But PRS is very similar to Gibson in terms of sound and mid-range. I just think for John's style of playing his tone was a lot better with a Stratocaster.

  3. I like this fella. Collects all the money he can get from prs but records all his albums & plays concerts on a fender.

  4. John and PRS came up with the perfect guitar for John. John is a completely masterful player and knows what he wants, and Paul Reed Smith just knows how to get it done perfectly and precisely to what the player envisions and hears in their head. Not easy at all, but PRS is just a Tonal Genius!!!

  5. Are we not going to talk about that ending chord? Sich a beautiful sound.

    Like most (and massive Mayer fan) I was a little underwhelmed in the first half. And then totally blown away. Like he subtly weaved in thematic bits he planned to use later. This is storytelling with the guitar

  6. John Mayer is doing exactly what makes sense for a top tier player today and working with one of the few big guitar makers that still is owned by someone who loves and plays guitar

  7. honestly, not a fan of how it sounds. I get that its johns tone and works for him, and thats good and great. but I feel like its not a sound that compliments how most people play, myself included.

  8. Dang they are still making that old junker? I already put mine I shamelessly purchased upon GASSING impulse in the closet with my Danelectro Amp-in-case Guitar…. along with that POS PRS amp….

  9. If you look at his right hand he is barely moving it. It almost looks like he is always playing a chord with no licks in between

  10. Well. 5 years in High School and talking with no one, back to the house and practice guitar for 6 hours every day is definitely worth it

  11. I think the guitar is not special, but the player is. Looks like a strat with a PRS neck. Innovation sounds/looks different. It is just a selling point!

  12. Such a rare legendary talent…..yet he completely hides it inside boring slow ballads on his albums. Where the light is is a masterpiece but only a handful of good songs since. Not enough guitar

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