John’s bracelet

John’s bracelet

One of my favourite objects that we’ve got
in the Museum of Liverpool’s collections relating to LGBT+ communities is this bracelet. There’s a really beautiful personal story attached to it. The donor, a chap called John Harrison,
left school and around the age of 16 went over to the Isle of Man with a group of his
friends and another young man, who describes as having a dalliance, a bit of a relationship with, while he was at school. The two of them were at Peel in the Isle of Man and John sees this bracelet in a shop. You might not be able to see it but it says Johnny across the front of the bracelet. He says “I might get that”, and his friend, this person that he’d
had a bit of a relationship with, a schoolboy romance if you like, said “I’ll nick it for
you if you like”. John went “No, no, no, it’s only about 2 and 6, I’ll buy it.” He bought
it, took it back with him and wore it all around town. And although the relationship came to nothing, they went off their different ways, they lost touch, John kept this for
almost 50 years as a remembrance of that time, of leaving school and love’s first dalliances, first liaisons. He kept if for almost 50 years and donated it to the Museum of Liverpool’s collections as a story, as a memory of that time of leaving school, going out into the big, wide world
and discovering who he was.

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