Just Add Water 02 – Copper Sulphate

Just Add Water 02 – Copper Sulphate

I’m going to start off with these crystals
here of copper sulfate. Now these are a beautiful blue colour and
this is because of the interaction of the water that they contain with the copper ions and just by heating the crystals we can
actually drive out the water Some I’m using the Bunsen here to heat up the crystals and we can drive out the water that’s locked up in them and we should see a colour change. So the crystals are blue because of the
interaction of the water with the copper ions. But once the water is removed, and we
can see some of the water condensing in the neck of the retort here. Well the crystals are actually changing to
a white colour So you should be able to see some water
dropping out. It’s just about to drip out the bottom. There we are, I think we’re just about to get a drop, there we are. So drops of water. So as I say it’s the water contained in these crystals interacting
with the copper ions that gives rise to the blue colour. Now many things contain water. Of course we contain water.

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  1. Hi friend, is there any mixture with water to increase thermal conductivity at higher temperature without being boiling , and the cost of that mixture low

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