JUST DANCE 2020 FULL GAME REACTION (all EXTREMES versions 😱 + All Stars & Kids modes)

JUST DANCE 2020 FULL GAME REACTION (all EXTREMES versions 😱 + All Stars & Kids modes)

Dina: Hyperventilating here. Hugo: Yeah, it’s like you’re
pregnant or something. Dina: I’m about to deliver a baby
Hugo: yeah you’re gonna deliver Both: named Just Dance 2020! Drey: I need help… Wait! I need water… Dina: can we ever start with you? Hugo: Okay people. Dina: Okay people, this is
the big discovery of the full game Just Dance 2020!! Dina: and it feels like Christmas Dina: I’m so excited!
Hugo: It does, it does. It’s so cool! Hugo: it’s so cool! Dina: The day has come! It’s been months since the announce of Just Dance 2020 at E3 and today is the day. We’re going to discover the full game and
I can’t believe I’m saying these words as it’s about to happen. Hugo: We are gonna press “A” at some point. Dina: yes
Hugo: and the world is gonna blow! Dina: Hugo how are you? Hugo: I’m Hugo
Dina: Thank you! So…
Hugo: with an “H”! That’s not “you go” but “Hugo” Hello people, my name is “off you go”. Euhhh no. Okay. Hello people, my name is Hugo Aka “Of.Hugo” aka “The Rockabye Guy” aka Dina: one of my best friends, and he’s here
with me today to… Dina: I mean, you now… we said it already a thousand times!
Hugo: to see! Hugo: to see this game! Dina: because he’s as excited as me! A little thought for Rosalia that was there
with me last year to discover Just Dance 2019 thinking about you. Rosalia: what? What! “Pas de sous-vêtements” what? Hugo: SURPRISE! She’s gonna hate you for that! People! It’s time! Just Dance 2020 Hugo: Okay people. Hello people. Hello, everyone. Dina: Wow, that’s a way to
start! It popped from the gift Hugo: poof! poof! and we’ve got the 10 years anniversary. Hugo: We’ve got some planets, we’ve got Vodovorot Dina: and “God is a Spoon” Hugo: “God is a Spoon” is there! Dina: I like it, the menu moves!
Hugo: yes! Dina: the avatars are moving, coachs are moving, objects are… Hugo: … oh colors Dina: how would I like to play… Hugo: How would you like to play?
Dina: so you can still play with your mobile devices which I don’t want to do Hugo: because we prefer Kinect Dina: we prefer Kinect Dina: I can already see the…. Dina: The fonts and the symbols, like the “A” is different from Just Dance 2019
Hugo: yes it is. I couldn’t describe you how it was before,
I can just say it’s different. Dina: welcome back TheFairyDina! It seems you have played Just Dance before Dina: we retrieved your profile and updated it Hugo: Okay. Thank you.
Dina: Okay. Dina: so this is my Calypso avatar from Just Dance 2019 New avatar unlocked! Can be obtained with a Just Dance Unlimited pass collected: 2 over 54. Hugo: Does it mean that
there’s fifty four songs? What coach is this? Hugo: I don’t know. It seems like “Not Your Ordinary”, but she’s got an earrings and everything. Dina: Okay, I’m not gonna equip now, Hugo: no
Dina: let’s continue. Hugo: Okay! Another one
Dina: okay Dina: another one
Hugo: oh, that’s “I Like It”, I think Dina: “show collection”? Dina: maybe I shouldn’t have go there Let’s go back to the menu. Hugo: Okay, welcome to Just Dance Dance to your favorite songs or
discovering new ones. Dina: There’s a lot of informations Hugo: happening Dina: first remark: There’s new logos
underneath my high score. I have a high score on “7 Rings” already
because it was available on Just Dance 2019 for a one week period And it kept my score already. Hugo: Yeah, it’s amazing like this Dina: So it should mean that all my high scores
from JD19 and Unlimited should have been kept Hugo: but there’s like the new… song rewards? Dina: Yes! Song Rewards, what is this?
Hugo: I don’t know. Dina: and if I go below… Dina: what’s this?? I don’t know that!! Okay, we’re late on the
last announced songs So… Hugo: “Always Look On
The Bright Side Of Life”. Dina: We just arrived, and the
first line is “Recommended for you” and then it goes on Just Dance 2020 by alphabetic order Hugo: this is recommended for you. Of course, “Skibidi” Dina: “Song Rewards” I don’t know what it is? I can’t go in there. Hugo: No?
Dina: you know what I mean?
There’s no buttons like… Dina: I can go back, change the sorting, activate sweat mode and add it to my playlist. Hugo: Yeah, it’s the same Dina: if I change the sorting, let’s see if it does the same as in Just Dance 2019 which was sort by “Trio”, something like that. Hugo: Yeah Trio
Dina: trios, and there’s quartets
Hugo: press once more Hugo: once more, do it once more. Medium, yeah… Dina: This is difficulty
Hugo: difficulties and everything… Change it again Dina: Letter. Letter? Hugo: Yeah, it was the case in the 2019. I used it a lot. No. Hugo: yes!
Dina: by every letter like this? Hugo: Yes!
Dina: I could go to every letter? Hugo: Yes, every letter
like this, was like this in 2019 Dina: full catalog, what is this?
Hugo: that’s like everything Dina: really?
Hugo: I guess! But what’s the order of this? Hugo: Rockabye!! Dina: it begins by “Rockabye”! No, no, no! Wait! ….Sorted by score! What? Both: sorted by score! Dina: and I have 13333 on that, that’s why Drey: that means that you can finally see which songs you never played. Dina: Let’s see if…
Hugo: oh it’s so cool to see all those purple stars over there. Dina: It’s nice to… Whoaw there’s a lot I still have to Megastar Dina: every JD20 is there and some of the songs that I never did Dina: the menu looks
more or less the same than the one of Just Dance 2019 Hugo: something that I can see that I don’t think we had last year is like… the background for your avatar. Dina: Just before we go there,
on the “Dancer of the week” There’s still the high score of the week,
but it shows as well the level of the person but it gives all the information
about the players that has the best score of the week. Hugo: The last thing we can say
is the dots: there’s red dots on the side Dina: Yeah like there’s something new. Dina: Oh my God, I get it a notification from my homepage
Hugo: notification from Just Dance! So everything is accessible
when you launch the game And if I remember correctly last year, it
was not accessible from when you launched the game. So the “World Dance Floor” is still there. Ooh, welcome to the Home tab! Hugo: hello, hello 4th coach, we don’t know who you are There’s the recommended song, playlist here, playlist here Hugo: it pretty much looks the same Dina: tip number one: “how well do you dance” ? Dina: how well do you dance Hugo?
Hugo: I don’t know. I need to read that! Dina: when you’re dancing, your performance is
displayed below your nickname. If you follow the rhythm correctly, you can score “okay”, “good”, “super” or even “perfect” a cross indicates that you miss the move or that the song is bugged Be on the lookout for when
the screen turns golden: it announces the coming of a “Gold Move” Obtaining a “Yeah” on a “Gold Move” grants five times the score of a “Perfect” This was never written anywhere. Hugo: That’s so true. That’s tip 1 out of 19 Dina: and I can check the next tip. Hugo: Yeah! Dina: okay, we’re not going to read
them all but we’re just gonna see… Hugo: Difficulty level and everything Dina: It shows in the menu the difficulty level
Hugo: that’s so great Dina: can you do the “Ah” ? Dina: 3 rewards to win on each song If you dance to the song for the first time, you win an avatar to customize your Dancer Card. So the avatar represents… Hugo: The dancer, the coach of the dance Dina: dance to the song three times to unlock a sticker Dina: for your sticker album in the profile tab Hugo: So does that mean
the machine is out? Dina: I don’t know and if you succeed in scoring a “Megastar”, you win a “Golden Avatar”! Okay, you know what? Let’s try one song! You know what? So we can
see what happens before we go to the next tip. Hugo: so what… Dina: I don’t know what to begin with…
Hugo: let’s “Baby Shark”! Hugo: No?
Dina: No. Dina: The first song I’m dancing in Just Dance 2020…
Hugo: “Skibidi”? Dina: I want it to be a good thing to remember! Dina: “Bad Guy”… What is that? Dina: no no no, wait… Backstreet’s back, ALRIGHT! What’s this picture for “Fancy Footwork”? Hugo: He’s in the shower to begin Hugo: and then, he… Dina: excuse me, I just saw that…. Dina: Dance 5 times to “God is a
Woman” to unlock the version. It’s the new seated version. Hugo: “Goddess version” it’s written. Hugo: I’m in love with the map so much. Dina: It’s so beautiful. I mean, it looks so beautiful. Hugo: why does she has like a
wheel? Dina: God is a wheel?
Hugo: God is a wheel! Dina: with the wings it’s so beautiful
Hugo: it’s so beautiful! Hugo: it looks like old and ancient books of astrology and everything… olalala. Dina: With the signs of astrology I never expected a seated version that would be a goddess! Dina: ok, we could stay hours looking at it
Hugo: yeah, just looking at her Dina: the real question is: if you could play a song, what would be your first song? Hugo: What? Dina: Complete the All-Stars mode to unlock… We can’t play it! We didn’t even see the All-Stars mode in the menu… Hugo: That’s the very first song we saw
at E3 Both: oh 365! 365! It’s a good idea. shapes Dina: it’s really delimited now Hugo: Yeah, it’s like Dina: you can see there’s boxes, and
you have to fit in one of the boxes. Usually when I play with people
that are new to Just Dance I tell them for example “Go into the green” and they are like… Hugo: Can we talk about the co-op mode? Dina: Dance as a team! In this mode
everyone contributes to the same score. First song! Dina: Just Dance 2020!
Hugo: “365” people. Hugo: I love this ending Hugo: Okay, we are in the heart of something Dina: perform only “good”…
Hugo: or better on any song, okay. Hugo: Ok, that’s a new level up. Song reward: unlocking the avatar of “365”. Hugo: It really looks like notifications popping up. Dina: so we got…
Hugo: we got the golden
Dina: Megastar so we got the golden one Dina: the machine is still there
Hugo: the gift machine is still here. So there’s still some stuff to win Dina: Avatards, Stickers, Aliases and Skins! Hugo: Aliases… yeah, aliases! Dina: Aliases Dina: aliases… say it again. Drey: Alias Hugo: Alias Dina: Alias Drey: Alias! Huog: alias
Dina: alias! Hugo: alias Drey: it’s like talking to 5 years old Dina: Okay, let’s play The Machine. Hugo: Okay one Dina: so no songs to unlock apparently Dina: 300 balls Hugo: ah! that’s an alias! Dina: new alias?
Hugo: title! That’s titles. Dina: Yeah, previously they were called “Titles” Hugo: Yeah… you know what “glitter” is? Dina: Yeah.
Hugo: Okay cool
Dina: glitter is like… It’s glitter! Dina: and eater… So it’s… Dina: so previously they were called “Titles” and we had to unlock them by doing actions Some actions I never completed because it was “Dance to 500 songs on “Sweat mode””. Hugo: it was 300 and I completed
every single one of them. Hugo: That was work. Now you can win them. Do we have new fx’s? Dina: share to JDTV… Does it still exist? Hugo: Is it still a thing?
Dina: is it new? Maybe it’s gonna be new. Hugo: I don’t know but I’m
curious about it. Toggle FX… Big heads, it makes sense Vodovorot, yay! Panda, as always. Hugo: We didn’t have this.
Dina: no…
Hugo: it looks like leafes Balloons… Dina: it’s the balls from the machine. Dina: I like this one
Hugo: Oh, yeah for sure. You like it. Dina: on the song rewards… The one in the middle is locked because
we have to dance it three times I guess Hugo: and you can see that there’s already a pink lign… Dina: ah yes, divided in three. Both: Okay, let’s…. Dina: it’s just so exciting! Hugo: Let’s see some songs! Dina: Let’s start by the
end: “7 Rings” Extreme. How do you… You have to score
Superstar on “7 Rings” We can totally do that. Extreme! This is the first extreme! Dina: It’s really different.
Hugo: Yeah. Hugo: the gold move looks so different Dina: it’s full of shapes! Hugo: Yeah, it’s more… I don’t know. It’s looks simpler, you know you can see the stars Dina: there’s like… squares and triangles Dina: I don’t know.
I don’t know if I like it. Hugo: it’s new
Dina: I think I preferred the previous one. Hugo: Yeah, but it’s because you…
Dina: it was more magic Hugo: you’ve been used to it for years now!
This is super new and… I’m into it really Dina: so we did a Megastar, so I think we should have unlock and new Extreme version… She looks like a doll.
Hugo: yeah. Dina: it’s the first Extreme I’m gonna watch of 2020 Hugo: You’ve had chose this one Dina: ok, we’re not dancing it Hugo: no no, we just watch it Dina: oh she’s cute! Hugo: that was something Dina: that’s a lot of moves already. Hugo: that’s smooth, I like it! Hugo: She’s so precious. Dina: She’s very detailed, very technique Hugo: it’s like you need to
isolate everything to do the moves so accurately, you know, it’s just so… Dina: every beat there is something
Hugo: yeah. That’s a real extreme. Hugo: Wow girl. Hugo: It’s hypnotic. Dina: Okay, we got this
Hugo: yeah, we got this
Dina: and that’s just it for the rest we’re like… Dina: My brain is farting glitters… It’s just… Hugo: your brain is farting glitters? Dina: yes! Hugo: olala
Dina: it was so precious! Hugo: that was something! Dina: so technical! Hugo: It’s so hypnotic, you’re so into watching her… Dina: but that’s a real
technical performance. Hugo: It’s super technical. Yeah, to… to make her moves so… precisely Dina: Yeah, I don’t know why I had “Mad Love” Extreme from last year in my head Hugo: yeah, me too Dina: for some reasons… because of the dress maybe
Hugo: I don’t know Dina: so they took back a bit of the colors from the normal version Hugo: Yeah, things like the flamingos, the pillars, the statues, and everything didn’t prove. Dina approved! Dina: I don’t know if I wanted it,
but I got it, and I’m happy I got it. So we’re not gonna go through all the tips, but… We’ll see that later, if we have time. we forgot Dina: Playlist is…
Hugo: looks exactly the same as 2019, as we can see Dina: “Must Dance 2020”. Okay, so there’s Justin’s 2019. It says most iconic songs. Maybe we don’t agree with the
iconic and we can create a playlist. Yeah. Yeah, and I have this
recommended I’d N7 ring. And this is what I get recommended. I guess you have to dance
more to get in good with them. Yeah, I guess the Rhythm gets it was time. There’s still this Hugo: searching. Yes, Dina: you can search by
character or by number. It looks the same as before. So I type. Faster, Hugo: maybe a bit faster. So Dina: it looks more or
less the same as of 19. Yeah with the daily challenges recap Hugo: Vivid different because
now be out of his like a fraction Dina: division. So we still have the stats
as we dance nine minutes. Hugo: Yeah. I Dina: don’t answer card. This is important from
what I have from nine. See you so I can still choose
my nickname, which is the 13. I’m gonna keep this choose Avatar. So what do we have here? Hugo: What you got free ones Dina: will be already got a
Serie of Avatar some songs. We didn’t dance I recognized
my mascara here is this time? I Hugo: guess yeah must be Dina: so there’s 10 given to you on Hugo: out of 234. Dina: This is worth it this Hugo: is worth. I recognize well, I guess this Dina: is the volcanoes reviews. Yeah is the Corral niggas machines. Yeah skins the Skins are back. Hugo: Okay, that’s the big
thing because it was in 2018. Dina: Yeah, I think so. So that appears just behind the coat Hugo: or there is only 21 and Dina: you all unlock them on the
guest machine and alius Elias Hugo: and yes. Oh, yeah. Okay. There’s still some. Just like before but you are
unlocking by doing things. Dina: So there’s 146 as written on top as
if I have eight one three songs related to history. Hugo: Wow. Okay. Okay. Now you have to think Dina: what what is all related to history
round of a Paws this to three songs featuring animal ask. Oh that’s nice. Yeah challenges. It’s reason. Yeah. Specific Hugo: to your agenda Dina: as well as on Top
Lemon analysis on the bottom. It says that you can
switch out its gender. Oh nice that remark from the doctor e
say I’m a nice girl for example of pests, which guy that’s nice. Hugo: That’s amazing. And that’s god and goddess. Dina: There’s no like dense 300 songs and
sweat more be the hardest word the sweat mode because I. You don’t use bad language. So that’s it for the denser profound. The big new thing is
the return of the Skins. Hugo: Yeah, and the title is now aali IAS. So Dina: what does my sticker albums like? Hugo: Oh, that’s all games. That’s that is cool. That is cool. Oh, yes, that’s all the games. Dina: We have one Hugo: on his ins for Dina: our be Hugo: in the middle. Yeah. Dina: Oh, Hugo: it’s so cool. Dina: The memories. Yeah, it makes you nostalgic. Hugo: I like it. That’s cool. That’s Dina: really cool that it’s
organized working video gallery. What is this? So content please come back later. Hugo: Okay will do Rude the Dina: one question. I am.
Where do you express the old story mode? Is it only by clicking here? Because that’s the only place I saw it. I
Hugo: was nervous fears. Dina: I’m Jimmy avoiding
watching all the other songs. Oh my god. Hugo: Oh, wow. Okay, Dina: I Hugo: click.
Yeah. Dina: Because the only way to Hugo: enter I guess. This is Vegas secrets and we oh Dina: welcome to the all-star Hugo: match discover or ReDiscover. Iconic just didn’t songs. Dina: So I really thought All-Star
was going to be in the menu somewhere. Yeah. Apparently the point of the ulcer mode
is to unlock High Hopes to dance it. I
Hugo: don’t know should we. Dina: Okay. I wonder if there’s a minimum
score to pass the planet. I
Hugo: don’t know. That’s is it going to be just this song
or do we really have the coach speaking or something? Dina: I don’t know. Did the part where in shoes yeah, Hugo: it’s like what are we doing? What Dina: are we doing here? I won. What it what is this? Hugo: I want do we have something new? Okay. She’s now in the sand. Dina: The magical box. Of course, if I have to
name one iconic song of This Hugo: Dance, this authors mode is playing
like 10 different songs from the 10 different games Dina: not gonna lie. I was expecting a lot of film between
the giant planets like him going from one Universe to the other the in Trope
that we saw before the first night. We saw it more or less in the
trailer of the also more, right? You know, I think I’ll do a video. Just about the old Simone Hugo: you should Dina: I going through every step of the
old star mode and I wonder though if I go back in the menu. Hugo: Oh, Dina: yes use you didn’t see that menu. Hello star is here. So there’s still this menu that
happens when you launch the game. Hugo: Yeah, Dina: I like I have to go. Hugo: Yeah, is she? Okay. Okay, hold on. Dina: And the Hugo: cat is bad, but this
is Chef with a mustache. Dina: Oh dear. So this is a kid’s mood. It’s back again in this Edition. Of course first song Baby Shark. What is this? Hugo: There’s also the
dear reindeer is here. Dina: Watch this just you see. Shaky-shaky. Yes. I was it was fun. Okay. Hugo: That was cool. That was promised Dina: by God pop culture. Hugo: Dude, that’s what Footloose
top culture is Footloose. Oh. Dina: Jungle dances Hugo: never store. It didn’t get cooking. Meow meow by Dina: cooking. Hugo: Yeah those back mini. Yo School. Dina: Let’s do part two. Yo. Yo. Yo, yo, yo, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, whoa. Hugo: He was so Dina: I love this version of the panda. Hugo: I love a rainy here like this. He’s cute too. What’s his big diva if Rock concert? Oh, wow. Dina: She looks like a crillon have yeah. Okay time to discover
the songs that we yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh. The time extreme. she looks like she has one
of the pens of kills love Hugo: ya. Dina: We need to score
Superstar on the time. Are we doing it? Hugo: Can we unlock everything Dina: it’s gonna take a bit of time. But yeah, I love the time so Hugo: you didn’t even see the joke. You did you’ve done it’s Dina: gonna take a video. We can watch the preview. Yes. Hugo: Oh. Dina: Oh. I like it. Hugo: Ooh, I like Dina: the map. Yes. Excuse me. Hugo: Hmm. mmm. Like that, Dina: I really liked it when
she kill like yeah, this is Hugo: cool. It’s really smooth. I like it a lot. I like it. Well, I’m still in Seven Rings my head Dina: I approve already. This one Hugo: doesn’t have an extreme
what know the for at extreme. No,
Dina: not even put of erotic. No, no Hugo: talk. Have them have an extreme extreme me. That’s a good Dina: one. Hugo: Okay. Okay, very Dina: extreme. Okay, Hugo: I okay. I’m into it so much. Thank Dina: you. Thank you next to it. Caveman version Hugo: what have they done with
the coach of medicine extreme? Dina: Other guy on the left
looks like so it’s yeah, okay. We need to know so I sent to
take it take it to the market. So we’re not going to do tonight. No Hugo: looks cool anyway. Three Fair. Okay. Okay, you know what? I’m so into it what? Dina: Yeah look at me. Facing and your this is a my
entire nation in front of this. Okay on the troll level
I get where you like it. Hugo: It’s amazing. It’s attitudes comedy and everything. Look at the overcoming in this you Dina: cannot you said
like the comedy side. I Hugo: am covered in it. Dina: So what’s next so you’ll to show
your snake Okay, then 5 times 2 so you we’re not going to be able to do tonight. So let’s watch it. Hugo: Yeah. It does look like a cake. like a muffin together of a Dina: muffin version. I said Hugo: well, do you are so wrong
when you seen this move in it? You couldn’t think it was for a snake. This is snake in snake language. So cool Dina: looks cool though. I mean if you don’t look
at the aspect of especially Hugo: coach. It’s okay. If you look only at the choreo, it’s okay. Dina: Okay. Stop moving. I really loved it. Yeah Sushi Xtreme. Okay, let’s score the superstorm. Hugo: Yeah.
She Dina: yeah, let’s I want to I need to
watch this this this extreme in my life. Then to the sushi was super unexpected for
me and Justin 2020 and I really enjoyed it. Hugo: Yeah, the normal one that did you
expect an extreme after after hearing were normal one, I guess not. Okay. Yes. Yeah. Yes. She’s the cook. Okay. bam. Dina: Whoa. Hugo: Excuse Dina: you. Yes. Wow, go go go. Hugo: Okay, Dina: girl. She’s Hugo: serving. Dina: Wow, give me a fan. To she Hugo: wants can I just say it’s feels like
it’s my first extreme to have this kind of personality in it, you know, like
that’s kind of humor a bit in Dina: it like a kind
of you I would agree on Hugo: that if I ask Dina: I like this diverse
and really yeah, it’s Hugo: gross SEO like it’s
so much rain over me. Ah, Dina: oh. Is there Hugo: a jump this is a jump like this is
best to jump like this within the old die. Dina: First male Hugo: coach. Yeah. Dina: I like yeah, I Hugo: so Dina: into Hugo: it too. So Dina: cool. They remember I Hugo: love Dina: this song. Hugo: Even Dina: if it’s old. This bridge is everything the bridge of right
Hugo: movies always Dina: always everything. Oh, yes. It was awesome. It
Hugo: was Dina: awesome dickson’s Hugo: are Dina: awesome this year. Hugo: Wow. No, no dinner. Dina: So we’re gonna do
about my speech tonight. Hugo: No, we’re not gonna
do that my skit tonight Dina: on my think. So phenomena. Yeah.
I’m no another one roll. Hugo: Lion dance. Okay. Dina: It’s like this. Let’s watch it. Last time wasn’t since
2017 Hit the Road Jack. I Hugo: think hit the Rodriguez was 2016. So Dina: 16. My mother’s going to be
lighted another video to do. Hugo: What is he wearing coach one? Dina: The pants is green and the girls Hugo: because when he
was turning it was blue. Dina: Yeah, who’s oh, yes weird. It goes over the Hugo: past four weird Dina: its weight. More easy. Hugo: Yeah, is that so much Jack hours Dina: because Hit the Road Jack every time
people were playing it for the first time was I whoa, I don’t understand
about what’s happening. Hugo: What do we have left? We’ve got kill this love. Dina: That’s Hugo: yeah, give us love experience Dina: is there’s weird stuffs over there. Hugo: Yeah, but we can’t
watch it full but we’re stuck. Dina: Is it that it’s late because I’m
too tired or this just looks like Mom Hugo: say no. Y Dina: and Y space guys here
but we don’t want bad boy. Hugo: Why do you care about bad boy right Dina: side? Where does Hugo: this come from this comes from the
movie an old movie by the humorists group, which is called Monte pifan the movie
about the life of Jesus, but it’s a parody. Jesus is on the cross and everyone
around him saying it could be worse. Always look on the bright side and
he’s on the literally on the cross. Dina: So these four coach Hugo: come from the nothing
this comes from nothing. This is Halloween to me. Oh they oh, Dina: that’s an entrance. Hugo: ready weapons. Dina: I’m sliding around me too. She hasn’t 20 jacket that was winter
is not really coming. So you return. How is it take it was weird. Hugo: It was amazing. Dina: Okay, one thing from an outside
point of view that somebody that doesn’t know the song or the video. Which is it’s going to happen, please tell
me in the comments somebody if you’re just like me and you don’t know the song No
Okay, exterior pruning of yeah, this is a really weird song Injustice. Hugo: No, it’s not. Dina: Yes. It is total sense is no but the memorial
in itself is really yeah, but it’s different. Hugo: This makes total sense. This is perfect. This is perfect for Just Dance. This is so weird. This is so 2022. Yeah,
Dina: it’s Hugo: perfect. It’s next Dina: time difference. It’s the cover. Oh, Hugo: it’s a cover. Yeah. Well, that’s bad. Sounds like the first things Dina: cover the style is
exactly like the music Hugo: median. Brady they have weird outfits like that. Yes. Dina: Yes. Hugo: Okay, Dina: looks like a good boy’s been. Yeah,
Hugo: it’s real. It’s a classic voice been video. Dina: Yay. Bingo Rings. Is it a female coach Hugo: again?
No, it’s amazing. Dina: It’s Hugo: pink.
It’s pink. So you don’t know nobody’s bats. Is that your point? Dina: Okay Bakery was Hugo: technical. Yeah. What have they done? I’m so eager to for this one. Dina: I’m here and I’m
hearling a bit stressed. Hugo: Yeah. Yeah this Dina: rest ice and we able to survive through. So quickly and it’s not the end. Hugo: Look at this map Dina: if it’s coach, whoa. What is he gonna do? A
Hugo: few tears. I feel tears in my eyes. Dina: Something I think it was a bit
more repetitive than the other extremes. We saw just a bit Hugo: Yeah, but have you seen the Dina: repetition Hugo: of it? Decision of it in these
terms of practice for Dina: sure. Oh, yeah, but this game is going to need
our practice to master all the coreos. It’s like V extreme or Hugo: what? I don’t know but I feel blessed that we
are doing things like this to us like Pro players. Dina: It sounds to me like
this is your 10 years. Yeah, there you Hugo: go.
This is what we came for powerful. It’s empowering. It’s so great moves. It’s into your face. I mean, this is all I need I don’t I don’t
know if the other extreme are going to blow my mind like this one. Dina: Okay. I’m doing this one. Please make me laugh extreme. Hugo: Please make me laugh
even more of extreme. Yes. Wow. Look at this code. Is that Jesse? Dina: Okay. Hugo: Yeah, and Dina: it’s your bit underneath
ya from me as if now, Hugo: you know, why after what we saw
the right now on Bangarang extreme, I Dina: think it’s Hugo: because of that you think Dina: it’s a bit it’s less complicated
than the other extreme different as of now. Can you Hugo: come? You come here. Dina: It’s different styles. Yeah true, but I’m less
impressed in Love by it. Let’s say as of now as of home. Hugo: Yeah, even like the Dina: moves of the Courier’s
I’m like, wow, I love it. You know what I mean? Hugo: I agree. Dina: It looks like it’s
superhero-themed something like Hugo: that.
Well Jack, Dina: yeah, it was more
in the powerful where see Hugo: ya the Dina: Dharma that like, Hugo: yeah a bit like Dharma. I didn’t feel Dina: connected. It wasn’t this for me. Hugo: Yeah, it was missing something. It’s it was a good interpretation. That’s not the point at all. But but Dina: the theme, you know
this theme that was given to a Hugo: quarry. Oh, yeah, I didn’t feel in
it at all because we got. Something already kind
of powerful for the trio. Dina: Yeah, but at the same time it
shouldn’t forbid the extreme Korea to bring something like look at Bangarang. It’s General is the same tile but the
extreme pushed it to the Limit through that this one is in another team. It’s not goddess. A thousand percent Hugo: know for now for all
the extremes with so we Dina: can’t do the one I like the less. Hugo: Yeah, I agree Dina: before we start
kissing some extreme. I want to say I saw all your comments
about kids who serve normal but it’s not the real Coolio. Hugo: I’m Tim. I’m Tim these people but yeah, I
know but it’s missing something Dina: the official Carrillo
is not fitted for a. Category routine engines and yeah, it had
to be adapted normal categories coreos and Just Dance the official keep up cores
are way too difficult for that category. So now we’re about to discover if the Just
Dance Team delivered on an extreme so it can be very difficult. So it could look like the official choreo
and if you guys are gonna like it if we are gonna like it. Hugo: Hey, yes cute. Dina: Yes. Hugo: Yes. Yes got Dina: it. Did you dance? Okay, Hugo: that’s different. Dina: Good to go. I enjoyed myself. Hugo: Yeah, me too. Me too. Me too. You’re the official Dina: representative of all the Hugo: Kpop. Okay my analysis for all
I’ve seen during the choreo. Some moves are really close to the
official one that reminds the officer one the boohoo of the crying everything. The chorus is exactly like the choreo so. That makes total sense. Dina: I think I’m disappointed by
the end because you weren’t do it. Hugo: And yeah, I was so expecting the
ending of the official choreo on this point because because it’s the ending
of the officer Corps is so catchy and powerful and everything and I felt again
really betrayed by be sending it felt smooth. Even if it was it was not
like the official choreo. I. Really convinced by the moves by
the oxygen everything but the ending Dina: at the coach was there. Yeah. I know there’s copyright and coreos
because it’s an intellectual property Hugo: and it is Dina: so is that maybe the reason
they’re not taking their show Hugo: Korea? Maybe it would that mean that they
had the operation for scooby-dee. Yeah, I guess what Karina? For stuff like that. Dina: Okay, that’s a good
twist that you’re adding. Hugo: So Dina: last Hugo: song but not least
from what we heard. I don’t know. Are we gonna dance Dina: it? This is for to race me. Hugo: Is it Dina: raining? Get it stopped at some point O we. What? Why do they lie? I have no words Hugo: what Dina: I have. No words. Hugo: What just happened here? Dina: Okay. Okay. What’s this was the weirdest
even the coach look? Hugo: Yeah, but it’s weird because because
if you stay just on the faces you lost at the beginning I was watching them and I
was like about to laugh and everything and I was like. Focus on the legs Dina: I said this is the end of this Hugo: video. Dina: We’re finished. She can’t finish it with a touch of gold. I think Hugo: this is oh, yeah. Yeah, if I was appropriate I
was with cherry on the cake the Dina: cherry on the cake. I’m so happy. I can be classified as a French Hugo: song. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Dina: So this was the official
discovery of Just Dance 2024 games. So we went through all the menus. We went through all the songs long as
you follow my previous reaction videos. I think you saw sound of this shit. I am if you saw my previous
reaction videos you so my reaction. Every song here it was Journey. Hugo: It has been a journey,
especially this year. Dina: I feel just as 2020 is a really Hugo: mix. Dina: It’s a mix exactly. Hugo: It’s a mix of. Dina: Avalon cultures coryell’s tile
music from different part of the world. Hugo: It’s mind-blowing
at different levels. That’s a full game with all of different
types all of different feelings Dina: that has no well now Hugo: I feel I feel it has been. Kgs of waiting for this game,
and now that we have it. It feels so great and
weird at the same time. Dina: Well, I hope you enjoy the discovery
with us if you stayed until the end of this video. Thank you so much. Thank Hugo: you for honoring us here. Thank you for having me. Yay. It’s so good to Dina: hear we share some feelings with it. We argued on some Hugo: we did but that’s okay. Dina: I mean, there’s songs that some of
you going to prefer that maybe we didn’t like and the contrary so it’s really fine. It just dances supposed
to be for everybody. So that’s as well as
the power of the game. Don’t forget to subscribe and
don’t forget to buy just in 2020. It’s out now. Thank you so much for staying
until the end of this video. See you soon with our by share the
love of Just Dance and just MASH which Hugo: to Twitch is doing live and it’s
amazing and it’s super super super funny. Dina: Oh you got a social media go
on my Instagram at after she go. Thank you. Thank you. kisses and macaron. Hugo: At some point.


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