Just Gold

Just Gold

*wait for it and dance ;D* Time for the main attraction, the story must be told Time for a chain reaction, it never gets old Some bots get satisfaction, breaking the mold Some bots are just distractions Some bots are just gold *some really creepy laughter XD* I’m not the bad guy>:D I’m just a bit surprising. 😉 It’s not worth loosing sleep Zzzzzz It’s not worth ANALYZING! There was a time, not so long ago at all I was just like YOU! Can you hear my call? Now I’m poppin’ in, over here, over there I’ll be checking in, but you never be aware. In the beggining I kept a keen eye On the state of affairs with the new guy Now I got a new gig, let me know if you dig Ain’t going home, so i better go BIG Just got a glance at Cam 2B Then you get a little surprise…. IT’S ME! You may say that I’m breaking your mind… In my opinion.. YOU’RE MUCH TOO KIND! Time for the main ATTRACTION! The story must be TOLD! Time for a chain REACTION! It never gets OLD! Some bots get SATISFACTION! Breaking the MOLD! Some bots are just DISTRACTIONS! Some bots are just GOLD! *instrumental and sexy bear smirk ;)* You did a good job >:D *Yea she did XD* Watching those little screens,>:3 It warms my survos and circuits To here some fresh screams *did u said fresh MANGO? X3* But dont get me wrong You were very brave! When faced with “friendly” singing animals, you never caved! I’m finished training, done EXPLAINING! No more facts are left REMAINING! Now you know the gist of IT! You’re a perfect FIT! I don’t want to hear no more COMPLAINING! I’m passing down this golden opportunity! Eternal scrap yard, IMMUNITY! Take it with PRIDE! And enjoy the RIDE! You’ll forever be part of this community:D Your story must be TOLD!>:D You are a chain REACTION!>:D That never gets OLD!>:D Some bots get SATISFACTION!>:D Breaking the MOLD!>:D Some bots are just DISTRACTIONS! >:D Some are just GOLD!>:D Hope to see you soon – kat12345


  1. This song explains my life rn I'm LITTERLY DEPRESSED(ik I misspelled something) and at school my life is just gold… aaaaand this was made 2015…idk how old I was when this came out all
    I know was I was born 2009

  2. gurl teach me how to make dis 100000000000000000000000000000000000,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 likes!

  3. Me years ago: legit recorded this on a phone from the laptop to keep it and listen to it

    Also me years back: Made fanart based on the song and sang it repeatedly

    Me now: Oh hey it's that one animation! H- SHGURR MADE THIS!? WELP

  4. When I first saw this 4 years ago, I didn't have a channel because I wasn't allowed
    Now I can say this because I do have one-
    1:54 L E G O

  5. I knew ittttt! I remember watching this when i was around 7 and remembered it was by "shugur" (is how i spelled it) then a while ago i saw that she had kinda changed so i went to see her first videos and found this! :))


    ME: I know that even before she was famouse I actually thought she would be popular because of this lol T-T

  7. Русский коммент,да.

  8. I saw this 4 years ago and I thought it was the best thing ever and it still is and i only now realized it was made shgurr

  9. Me (gold and spring) : ` `a chain reaction? OK mate! If you say so other us'` `
    Song : finished training done explaining
    Nobody :
    Me (gold and spring) : ` `oh.` `

  10. 6 year old me who liked FNAF: this is so good!
    Present me: I’m gonna watch this again! Wait I’m subscribed to them realizes its shgurr

    sPiLl ThE tEa SiS

  11. I watched this at the age of 8…. I watched the channel grow and stood by, then the furry shit came and I was like hell naw. But then…. story time animators became popular and I come back to her being one and I’m like, oh fuck yeah. The SR pelo made like the best animation about story time animators and I lost interest

  12. I forgot this existed, then at like 1am I remembered the video with the caption "instrumental and sexy bear smirk". WHAT THE FUCK BRAIN. AFTER 4 YEARS YOU CHOOSE TO REMEMBER NOW

  13. I love this video… I first watched it a long time ago and who new I would become a fan of Shgurr a long time after

  14. No sabia que publicaste esto, yo vi este vídeo entre el 2016 y 2017, era bien fanático de fnaf, pensé que el vídeo era de otra persona. 😮

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