Kenya Miners part 4: Recovering 2-3 times more gold using our shaker table than sluices

Kenya Miners part 4: Recovering 2-3 times more gold using our shaker table than sluices

Hi, my name is Jason with Mt. Baker Mining and Metals and today we are in Migori Kenya Here we are presenting the Mt. Baker shaking table You can see in the picture Steve and Jason Jason is the young man and Steve is his Father We have got everything all set up Get it plugged in, Julius is going to plug it in okay Julius plug it in and moves across the table this way The gold then comes down here and into here The local miners are putting ore onto the shaker table and this women in the blue coat and yellow bucket was the first in line She is running her ore on the shaker table and she is very, very happy because it’s going so much faster than the way she would normally do without the shaker table she is very very she can process her material so much faster they are draining the water down into this first tailings pond the tailings are settling out the water is running down this ditch and they are pumping the clean water back up into the shaker table Yeah, thank you This guy is making a little feeding trough for our shaker table You can see the women working with the mercury This is one gram one gram is a very good days work right? Yes. This is from the shaking table, the material? Yeah it is


  1. Good work man. I'm fascinated by this all, if you have a second trip back planned and need any volunteers to help out then let me know and I'd love to help out.

  2. Ever since 3 years ago which I contacted and sent sample of ewaste to Mt Baker I saw potential for them to grow globally. They truly deserve any success, very honest and hard working family. Good job

  3. Great job with the table. Shame they still use the mercury I find some in the rivers here in Switzerland…

  4. nice work. I'm pretty sure any mercury in the soil can be recovered with the table as it's associated with gold and cinnabar is about as dense as iron. next project, Pakistan hammer mill to eliminate incineration of ewaste

  5. Can you lot do anything without getting white man involved ?Have you not learnt anything? Did slavery not teach you anything? So long as they make a profit to make a difference to their lives.🙏🏾☥

  6. that also means 2/3rds of their gold is in the tailing pit and eventually needs to be washed out across the shaker

  7. i you can get a product called jet dry from america or online , put it in there . your water is a lot of clay , the jet dry will break that up better to receive more gold, or place dish soap,. dish soap amount 8 fluid oz. per 100 gals, or 2-4 oz of the jet dry in the mix, also place it in the shaker box as well,

  8. God is so generous that he helps men of good faith to find the way of secrets
    there is too much gold in this world all you need is a shaker table

  9. Ive only used tables for final Cleaning..your SLUICING WITH IT?? that should be about a 1/4 ton per week..or am i missing some thing. Nice table..where the Mine..

  10. damn it, still using Mercury which poisons wherever it hits the air as well as wherever it is left behind on the land and in the water system ~ grrrrrrrr, please learn how to use Borax as a flux in purifying the gold concentrates ~

  11. Good work!
    Would like to have your email or whatsApp number to ease communication with you. There's a lot of potential customers here in Tanzania.

  12. Actually we normally speak stupid, white people make things more easy, I appreciate the work but we should know nothing comes easy

  13. This most be for a reason and not just the love you have for them 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Tailings are more gold if you know how to proccess using medicines… but its too dangerous for the health of community

  15. Next week socket falls into the pond – 3 kids get shocked to death doing their laundry in mercury laden settling pond- TIA

  16. it's such a shame the people of Africa and have no idea what they got in a mis how these Europeans have to go over there and rip them but they resources they natural resources it's a shamehow to African people are just a bystander's when they taking out all that wealth and it's never going to go to them they starving over there but yet they land is Rich that's such a shame why do African people won't get educated about the minerals that's in Africa so they could do the mining of their own and built the roadsand both of Billings and Africans in the roads and get food for their peopleI hate to see videos like this when Europeans got control the damn shame

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