Kerin Rose Gold Loves Being Over-The-Top | Face Forward

Kerin Rose Gold Loves Being Over-The-Top | Face Forward

– I like to take up as much
physical space as I can. I think that there’s a lot of power in taking up space, and
women haven’t taken up enough space in society,
in their relationships. I like to wear giant pants, and super oversized garments because it makes me physically bigger. I’m Kerin Rose Gold. I am an eyewear designer
and crystal artist, and the founder of A-Morir Studio. I’m pretty lazy fancy when
it comes to my routine. I look very high maintenance, but in reality, I’m
pretty low maintenance. My relationship with makeup
has changed over time because my relationship with
myself has changed over time. When I first started wearing
makeup as a teenager, I went to the drugstore
and bought everything. I think I was just so insecure in the way that I looked, so as I’ve gotten older
and just fallen in love with myself as a person more, and just started giving
so much less of a crap about everybody else and
society at large around me, this doesn’t really matter. The hair brings a lot of attention, most of it unwarranted. I think that what people don’t realize is, I’m not doing this for show. I don’t want you to know
how big my boobs are, how small or big my waist is, how big my butt is. That’s not for you, that’s for me. It’s just the way that
I feel most comfortable in my own skin and in my own body. I love over the top glamor. I love the fact that I can
throw glitter on my eyes or throw a big red lip on, and really overly exaggerate and overly emphasize these features. I emphasize the same things that a toddler would when drawing
a crude drawing of a face. Here’s the two lines for hair, here’s the big eyes, here’s the eyebrows, and then here’s the mouth. I have always been a lipstick girl. The Russian Red is sort of the one that I’ve used the most. I think that there’s so
much power in the mouth. It’s where words come from. It’s how you nourish yourself. As someone who had a chronic
illness for a long time, it was also how I took my medication and took care of myself. I’m not a nude lipstick kind of a person. For me, makeup represents glamor. I’m not trying to hide anything. Here, I have a zit
here, I have a zit here. I’m not trying to cover those up. I’m trying to celebrate
and emphasize my face. There’s nothing I’m trying to hide.

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