Kerri Strug’s Unforgettable Determination to Win Gymnastics Olympic Gold | Strangest Moments

Kerri Strug’s Unforgettable Determination to Win Gymnastics Olympic Gold | Strangest Moments

Injuries in sport –
they’re unavoidable. For an athlete, injuries are part of
life, but when they strike at the Olympic Games, they can put
careers and legacies in jeopardy. Sometimes, pushing through the pain
barrier is the only way to win a medal, but when it’s gold at
stake, anything goes. US gymnast Kerri Strug made her first Olympic Games
appearance in 1992. Standing at just
1 metre and 41 centimetres, Strug’s tiny frame contained
a tough, experienced competitor. She was part of the team that won
a bronze medal in the All-Around behind Romania and the Unified Team
of former Soviet republics. Serious injuries plagued the next
few years of Strug’s career but at the 1996 Games
in Atlanta she was back and ready for another shot
at that elusive gold medal. She was a member of the US team, led by Béla Károlyi, a coach famous for
the incredible physical demands that he placed on his athletes. For decades, the event had been
dominated by the USSR. In 1996, it was a strong field, with the Russian and Romanian teams emerging as the main contenders. After a closely fought contest, the US was leading going into
the final event, the vault. It was down to 14-year-old
Dominique Moceanu to seal the win. She needed to score 9.430 to secure the gold for the US. Maybe it was too much pressure
for such a young girl. It wasn’t enough. Kerri was left
to pick up the pieces. The crowd was on its feet… ..but Kerri wasn’t. Just like Moceanu, she couldn’t stick the landing. The bad news didn’t end there. Strug had heard a snap. Strug had torn
two ligaments in her ankle. In normal circumstances, that would
mean the end of her Olympic Games. The US needed
one last solid vault to seal the nation’s first-ever gold
medal in the Team All-Around. Kerry wasn’t ready to go home
with a silver medal and neither was Béla Károlyi. He told Strug they needed her to
go one more time to ensure their victory against the Russians. She prepared for
her second and final vault. All eyes were on her as she sprinted down the runway. The US had their first gold medal in the Team All-Around. The sheer determination
and heart shown by Strug had secured her place
in Olympic history. The team went home as heroes but it was Strug who had
provided the iconic moment. Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.


  1. Everybody thought she was so cool because she “landed on 1 foot” but like she landed on both feet but then pt her other one up.

  2. She didn't even cry When she was injured she's so brave And she did it again with such a painful injury.Even if some pain is temporary they shouldn't have forced such a young girl to risk her health.

  3. OMG everyone in the comments is so annoying
    No she's not going to go home. This is what's she's trained for. This is what she loves. This is what she was born to do, so let her do it.

  4. So her determination is a strange moment? She should probably have killed herself instead of trying at all 😂

  5. Y’all if she truly wasn’t happy with what she was doing, if she truly hated it she wouldn’t have stuck that landing

  6. Why i have never seen this kind of video on Russians. Its always american who brings pride and joy??. Media biasness towards europe and US.

  7. This is just my opinion! I think she wouldn’t risk all her health for this. For me a life is worth more than a medal. But I’m proud that she did that

  8. Kerri was consistently criticized and ridiculed for being soft and weak, largely because of her numerous injuries over the years. Fitting that we now look at her as an example of dedication and bravery.

  9. I still remember watching this. She is a true champion. Her courageousness and determination is what the Olympics is about.

  10. Strug shouldn't have made the attempt. She risked her future mobility with that vault. It was her abusive coach who compelled her to do it.

  11. At 3:26 that’s infamous pedophile Larry Nassar carrying her off! (Barely concealed by the taller man in front of him.) It’s also a well known fact that the US did not need Strug to do this in order to win. Such an iconic moment of serious abuse. This video featuring the pedophile “doctor” and misleading information must be taken down IMMEDIATELY!

  12. Guys shes an athlete, it's what shes trained for. Just be happy and proud of her, I mean to have that much determination and dedication is so amazing!! I respect her so much for giving it another go even tho she knew it might be her last🤯❤❤❤❤

  13. I hate how the crowd wasn't worried at all about her injury. It must hurt and these selfish humans just cheer and call her victory theirs. Smh

  14. I remember this when it happened and I remember being in awe and proud. Now, I'm watching the victim impact statements of 165 women and girls (mostly gymnasts, including gold medalists) who were sexually assaulted and molested by Larry Nassar for more than 3 decades. They all get a chance to speak if they so choose. A great majority of them not only talk about what Larry did to them but what their coaches and organizations of gymnastics did to them. They were taught to obey and push through with a straight face even if they were about to pass out from the pain. After encouraging these gymnasts to push themselves to injury, these organizations referred them to Larry Nassar where they were further abused and sexually assaulted and because they were taught to stay silent even through pain, it took more that 3 decades for him to be charged. And that's why such a huge number of people were molested. MSU, Twistars, USAG and many other organizations are now being investigated as it was found that coaches and faculty knew of the abuse but covered it up. There is a very good chance Kerri saw Nassar for treatment as he was the star doctor of the team and went to all of the Olympics when they came around. It's not just gymnastics, I saw abuse whilst training as a Short Track Speedskater. Yes, motivation and determination and strength is important. But being able to speak out when you are in extreme pain or are being abused physically, verbally, sexually is far more important.

  15. I was so confused y the narrator said "it came down to" blah blah blah 3 TIMES!!!! LIKE IT ONLY COMES DOWN TO ONE PERSON. U DONT SAY IT COMES DOWN TO WHEN U HAVE 2 OTHER CHANCES AFTERWARDS

  16. "Pain is temporary, pride is forever" That's disgusting, no one should ever haver to do what she did injured, she might be a hero for some, but to me that's abuse

  17. My recollection despite the hype and media – her vault was not required. She still contributed to the gold medal for the US. As well I am not sure we should be admiring this. I don't want her an invalid but I am not sure all that risk was necessary or something to encourage. Maybe if she had been injured or not won gold it may have taught a lesson to future competitors. Its not always about competing sometime the real hero, the real brave one is when to say no. Look what happened to Kevin Durant in the NBA finals. Not everything ends up like a picture perfect story ending.

  18. Понимаю что смотрела ту же программу, но только в российской версии. Стэнд на который прыгают спортсменки был ниже поставленным нормам. Наша россиянка также вывихнула ногу, получив более сложную травму. Другие же отделавшись парами ушибами смогли прыгнуть дважды. Признаю, я бы не смогла прыгнуть во второй раз, на поврежденную ногу. Поэтому думаю, что это золото более чем заслужанное.

  19. It's the Olympics not a day care. If you fail you fail, there is no redos. He is a trainer for a reason, to push you to do your best. It doesn't matter if you're hurt, if you are capable of running that ramp then your trainer will push you run that ramp again. Grow up you snowflakes, that's what the Olympics are.

  20. This so patriotism at its peek. When people still loves their country beyond words. Such level of love for your country and team unites nations. Now, sports is getting more and more political. Sad really.

  21. This is honestly so so wrong to be uploaded.. and the last sentence "Pain is temporary, Pride is forever" yeah.. well… the faces of the judges say it all.. this is just abusive.. nthing else

  22. To anyone saying that she did the right decision:
    They got abused (mentally, and physically and sexually).
    They got brainwashed.
    And it was the wrong decision. Why? They had many shots left for other golds.
    Do you know what happened TO Kerri Strug after this? She never competed or did gymnastics ever again. Her leg was destroyed and useless.

  23. She worked her entire life to get to this point. A broken bone was NOT going to stop her from getting her team that gold!

  24. Wasn't that Comaneci's old coach? And I'm not sure whether I like this or not…? Grit and determination… But seems forced… That landing was clearly painful for both herself and to those watching (Including the judges). I'm sure if she were older and had more self confidence she would love to have told him to F*** Off! If you want the Gold Medal that bad – do it yourself.

  25. Stupid Moconenu. I guess that’s why they don’t allow 14 year olds to coppers in Olympic Games? 14 year olds are kids!
    Why didn’t she go for the 2nd run, not injuries Strug??

  26. I remember I was 14 and into watching the Olympics for some reason… Oh yeah, my huge crush on Moceanu and uh we didn't have cable. I remember just being really inspired and proud when Keri won it for the U. S. A.

  27. I'm torn about this moment because it's amazing but the injury she got and the additional damage after the last vault was insane. I have respect and anguish for that will.

  28. I remember watching this as a child on tv and crying 😭 for her. I was so amazed and excited because of her, she was the reason that the USA team won Gold. To this day I can’t believe that she did that I understand her reason for doing but I don’t like that they put her health at risk for a medal and etc… like what if she didn’t stick the landing?! But she was able to make her and her teammates dreams come true 💕

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