Kevin Durant (Golden State Warriors):”Steph? He is an amazing person”

Kevin Durant (Golden State Warriors):”Steph? He is an amazing person”

pre-baby we missed last year he said at this point in time this European was a finished product is totally sure is not a finished product what do you guys need to be a finished products for free we got everything leave here for personal experience I mean tonight was utter bubble it’s like being seen in Steph Curry in the relationship that you guys have as both being stars of the team on how you guys mesh so well so far this season I’ll time you either one of us look at it as we start either play go-stop is China or a good brand of basketball player from gives each other you anything Judea he had to leave it happened pretty in blue how big he is as a person has a player not really care about stuff everybody is kids outside freezing off this song different different some people like oh you’re going to be kind of cooked under some time tomorrow night at essaouira freedom the red my home run early so might we had a nice mom Big Brother involve other relationship man going back to Florida nope stubborn and hard-headed made yourself doesn’t make each other each other better and you can see you know he’s getting he’s getting better but it’s about a day two hands in the world over 30 plus and where is it into the teams seriously who is the issue in the first three half

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