Kevin Hart on Blake Griffin Not Playing for OKC | Cold as Balls | Laugh Out Loud Network

Kevin Hart on Blake Griffin Not Playing for OKC | Cold as Balls | Laugh Out Loud Network

I’m kept hot now as you know I’m a comedic rock star a part of living that rock star life It’s having a bunch of friends that are athletes. They’re busy. I’m busy. I mean they were also busy The only way I can talk to these people right here, and this nice back welcome to coldest balls This week, I’m talking to Blake griffin We get in the tub oh man the cold tub action huh give them the cold teller I see we both got a duck yeah Let’s go oh Yeah, you used to yeah How do you get it every day almost every day every day no one my house. Yeah, I got one of your house Somebody’s, no well it’s a ten tub Right success hashtag was oh yeah there We go my biggest thing is just getting in and then getting used to it I never get used to for people who don’t know who I’m talking to This is Blake Griffin. Huh Blake Griffin aka Bee Gees? bubble guts no Blake you’re from Oklahoma, man. Yeah, why didn’t you want to play for the? Oklahoma City Thunder no I was drops of Los Angeles, and uh yeah? But how come you didn’t say I want to be a thunder you know at that point. I was a rookie You know I just wanted to Oklahoma managed I Don’t know you just up for a new deal So you could’ve been like you know what now it’s time for me to go home. No I thought about that and you know I’ve the Clipper I’ve been with cleavers my whole career, and I just thought it was important for me to finish what I started self, Oklahoma basically my name is Blake Griffin, and here’s my Oklahoma I’m Blake Griffin, and I’m following the money He goes to money train and look at me getting on it Chacho money coming up yes, that’s right there you go good for you, sorry CPG traded, man yeah, he said yeah, obviously I mean that one of the best players in the league Played with him for six years to see a player like that go Tough, you know it’s tough, but at the same time It’s it’s a new opportunity for us as a team did he tell you before did you have a conversation? Talk to him I mean you know when you see like animosity between guys and they’ve missed that that You know connection, so what is going on? What is in this pot I get that question a lot Here’s the best way. I know how to describe it my dad’s black my mom’s white with red hair, okay? Sorry, how’d that happen like I’ll just get into that that’s what people wanna know like the early 80s in Oklahoma. That’s a crazy town yeah, I mean you know hey, how know it was going on, Oklahoma a Just Sort of Harris you just can you take it off no, no, it’s actually just my real hair. That’s India, yeah It’s so that I thought it was a piece. No no cover. You Thanks. Good for you mean well We’re not gonna get to it. That’s all right later. Oh Come on. It’s not that bad I know. I just get in got it three two one and I’m gonna do four three two one Okay, five ten twenty nineteen sixteen ten here. We go five 100 109 Okay, right here. We go you ready three. I’m serious Just got to stand up first what what were you drafted? So I’m talking about man you remember else was in a dress yeah Hashim to be was second to be yeah, James Harden was third that was quite a drive, man Not a lot of bust in that draft either except beachbum As a bus as a busted bone Do you talk about it like when you see James and stuff do you guys so tell Helena – I know? But you never go like remember that time when I was number one to drive you and number three Now how do you feel about James’s contract? I’m just happy for a man hi Iman. Yeah, I’m really happy for me. He deserves it Man so now look at you now look. Will you stand now cat let’s talk about the playoffs and where you guys don’t go What was that? What’s the problem? It’s hard You know everybody else trying too much heavy Jim – only one team comes out this fall. No it’s nobody’s individuals Oh, you can say behind. Somebody’s back yards you say Are you gonna get in the time I mean You invited me here to do this Because we’re both uncomfortable. It’s about being uncomfortable don’t look comfortable. Do you but no you don’t look alright, so that’s my point I’m Charlotte comfortable. I mean you look like you doing a lot more than I do all right There we go What did I say about red hair guys you guys have a thing? I don’t think so it’s gotta be a thing Craig Craig Google red hair men You know only one cover you but I’ll stand up for redheads you should do like a commercial you would nail it hi I’m Blake Griffin, and I like the dog. Oh, oh I Guess I’m gonna have to dump some dandruff Good that’s it you do it to a camera oh? Hi I’m basketball it’s Blake Griffin. I like to dunk cut this is stupid. What do you not like in India um? I just feel like everybody Is working hard we’re all trying to do our best. That’s great. No. That’s a lie That’s people that you don’t like do you Audrey myeongrang get along Yeah, we actually do get along you never kid you in a bit mm-hmm never never yacht me He kicked a lot of people in a day I saw, but he never got me. That’s his thing goofy You don’t never got me give you avoid me all right. Let’s take this two out We gotta go all the way in all right, but I just got used to this bomb. Yeah, used to be you’re right Let’s do it Stu is coming out and we get mine nice off there All right So I want to know some more stuff blink word on the street is that you had to stand up comedy bug for a minute yeah I still do I’ve loved stand-up comedy since I was a kid some of your favorites. Give me some of your faith Ha ha ha carrot top Right off the bat. I mean, that’s what comes to mind Hey come on now some of your favorites making me a give me some of your favorite growing up I used to manage to watch with my dad so like Richard Pryor Eddie Murphy there has to be You know another comedian out there that you’re probably and she’ll probably like oh he’s so funny. Who would you probably? Like you got a fan of me or oh no you’re great. I like I like your stuff Have you seen any of my stuff but yeah? Yeah, but uh what have you seen like what’s my favorite bit? Give me one of my specials names. Just give me one I Will just say that whatever that what we’ll just we’ll put a good spin on it When I question guys and just really can’t push me in position just where I’m like you like just but we’re not good I’m adding it up. Give me one of your jokes Tell me one of your jokes was one of you when you get bits So I do this bit about how when you’re a basketball player people always are yelling you at the street So I’m walking down the street right and people would just be like yo yo Blake go Lakers My timing so mr. Good Alright that’s another good Kent. I got some questions for you Dora Can I ask you something sure what video game am I on the cover real easy no very easy FIFA FIFA what’s wrong you own a cover of FIFA Hey Hey That’s one you’re not even all the way in the top, what are you talking about that in the tub all the way? Question number two what year did I win the NBA slam dunk contest? I remember that because that’s when you I’m thinking you jumped over to kid you know and that’s how I remember the year cuz I remember Kias Or hot that yeah, you know, I’m go 2009 2011 give me some ice You know Cuz you don’t have any facial hair. You don’t trust a man without a moustache baby face I’m not gonna deal with this me and my guy we got a good thing going Oh Steve is gone Stevens girls this nice Man, that’s no Segal. That’s what I call it from and oh that’s little Ronaldo Let’s just keep calling not just no don’t cuz he never blinks in nothing just leave him alone. Yeah, okay last question yep This is for the rest of the ice. Okay. What was? My home telephone number the landline not so far easy, Oklahoma because that’s their young I Said nah Nah, man Yeah Observe that I know why you did it. I just need to relax you Hi, I’m Kevin Hart unless you hate laughter click and subscribe and it’s do they laughter then you’re a monster



  2. OK. Am I the only one who doesnโ€™t understand the show? Two dudes sitting in an ice tub, having a conversation about some bullshit. ๐Ÿค”

  3. Really Blake, I wouldn't have put up with a tasteless joke about my mixed race parents. That nonsense must get old…. Does Kevin joke about the light skinned "sista's" to their face too?
    Blake should have changed the subject, or at least defended his parents. Thankfully, Interracial marriage is much more commonplace now than in the eighties.

  4. Who else sees that old spice deodorant in the background looking photoshopped??๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Blake: my dad is black and my mum is white
    Kevin: Then How did that happen…lol…with Blake's look, hahahaha, c'mon Kev, it's his mum's being white and his hair is curly from his dad being black… hahhahhhhahaha….I am so loving Kevin… hahahaha… watching from Fiji. BULA!!(Hello!!)

  6. " Blake Are You Not A Fan Of Me ? " ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ

  7. I was dying when Kevin told BG name some of your favorite comedians Kevin thought he would hear his name ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. director : Do you know what would be great ? … seeing Kevin Hart annoy Blake Griffin for 10 minutes straight

    bonus 2:55 without any comments the look on Blake's face tells it all

  9. Blake needs to be in movies with Will Ferrell sarcastic actors with calm faces.his like a Matt Damon who inside is really funny.

  10. My Next Man is gonna have RED Hairrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Can't Waite. He's gotta be ggggreat! to me!
    So one woman Man

    Kevin. Sit dat azz doWnnnnn๐Ÿ’

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