Killer Frost vs Silver Banshee \ Chase | Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Killer Frost vs Silver Banshee  Chase | Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

(GRUNTING) (SCREAMING) (GRUNTING) What the hell? – And no onions.
– DEADSHOT: Tiger. – They got Frost.
– What? I’m goin’ after them. (TIRES SCREECHING) (SCREAMING) (TIRES SCREECHING) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTING) Stupid piece of garbage! (CONTINUES THUMPING) (GROANS) (GASPING) ZOOM: Hope you’re doing all right. Sorry if Banshee got a little rough. She feels terrible. Yeah, I’m all up in
my feelings about it. Honestly, we meant you no harm. We just want to talk. (GRUNTS) The fact is, I’m a fan. I mean, this gift you have,
it’s really quite extraordinary. I don’t think people realize
what you’re capable of doing. KILLER FROST: What’s this about? It’s about a favor. Everyone needs a favor once in a while. Banshee here would like me
to help her go back in time to seek vengeance against
the clan who banished her. The bastards! Blockbuster, uncomplicated
fellow that he is, would like his own island. (GRUNTS) Me? I want the card. Waller can trace me, you know.
She’ll be sending them. What if I can make all that go away? And what do you get out of it? Like I said, a favor.
One hand washing the other. It has to do with Professor Pyg. I think I finally understand
how he fits in. And for you, it would take
no more effort than freezing a tray of ice cubes. I’m listening. Don’t move. (GRUNTS) (GROANING) Sorry. Just a cramp.


  1. This plot line makes no sense
    He offers to do them all these favors but he is barely alive
    The others have seen flash before so they should know that zoom shouldn’t be having this much trouble but they follow anyway
    So when he dies (AND HE WOULD HAVE on his own without being shot by deadshot )they don’t get anything out of it

  2. Why can't they bring these good old drawings back!! They have way more detail then the shit cartoons now!!

  3. Isn't Deadshot supposed to be a… well a deadshot? He's just kind of spraying his bullets around. You'd think he's be able to hit their tires more easily.

  4. I feel like dead shot could have easily shot the tires or something i mean he’s notoriously famous for NEVER missing a shot so like it should have been easier. I think so at least. But hey it was still a good movie.

  5. I know it’s not really related to this scene.
    But can we talk about how ugly they made Harley in this movie?

  6. A Nevasca tava dentro da Van e o Pistoleiro deu trocentos tiros na Van?! Ele é mais doido do q eu pensei…🤔🤔🤔

  7. holy shit, the way Frost smooths her dress at 3:51 before she sits is such a neat animation. Kudos to the animation team for adding little details that can speak a thousand words about a character

  8. Killer frost and silver banshee were both in the justice league cartoon. They would make an interesting duo team up story I imagine. I don't really know their history, I feel like they both have the sane level of popularity

  9. Can someone tell me the difference in the powers of the black canary and the banshee are different or are they the same because the banshee flies right?

  10. Why is zoom riding in a damn van for 😂 when he can get them there much faster but in the process the would dye because they wouldn't be able to survive the speed force.

  11. I pretty much would freak out if I was Killer Frost in that moment too but isn't Killer Frost more deadly than Banshee?

  12. you’d think dead shot would be aware enough to realize shooting indiscriminately into the back of the van could easily
    Kill Frost.

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