Kim Kardashian Melts Down Over Lost Earrings

Kim Kardashian Melts Down Over Lost Earrings

and we have in many of them cried as she
and crying over a piece of jewelry ok that i think this is getting bigger
movable i think suspect that i i know i lied or analyze the list was acquitted
of that great dismiss here in our she freaks out over the room
she stressed out over the internet and then send this into fight here the conclusions next ten days
the repair you can make that but there is a real life they just got married conclusion number one end of this acute that behavior or gary had no idea
what he’s getting them so the new year note here as it was like that but would you have cilia these people
and yes the marriage is certainly but is not the state in the sense of
like a lessig reducing we don’t really believe but it is because of motivated abide
partly motivated by money before serious trade figured immediately shooting their
honeymoon over the whole thing is that spectacle for entertainment made and they’re profiting massively offered but it was a number three is looking
back im and he’s about small player makes a lot of money they lose a semi but does not hearing is
that was the big uh… kit which you had a note of that our money to buy a lot of survival are
very first of all i would made out of army i’d be there been married numerous guru team great
how much money did you make up your mind you make seventy million dollars off the
wedding you didn’t how much how much do you have to work to
make seventy five thousand dollars and i would like to use to make them one
hundred so that look as they were going to have savings that is where the
identify losses seventy five thousand dollar a year and i would be suicidal okay there’s no question about it and
then another thing is i wonder where diamond earrings when i
look at the freakin beach an indication you know that we wear nothing okay i
wear my bikini and i would be chilling that set flag your dumb for wearing
seventy five thousand dollar incident beach a couple of years back in years but but well the whole world is ready writing for the end of the silly reality
show and that’s why they do this and so on the size of the people looking
at your kids they’re not looking at your years body can’t believe you would
suggest that it like that find those lekin all of that question a
leading either for sure they fell in and with but i was a lot on forbes there are
a bit under the assumption is the right about that but that doesn’t look bad my conclusion overall you have to add a yeah i didn’t lose any
by then i a reasonably why she would have said though that but they can afford it a little more in


  1. So are u making fun of her?
    Maybe the eating were a lots of money
    THERE DIAMOND 💎 I WOULD CRY TOO CUS THERE blah blah blah dollers

  2. That money is many i would cry for that too i think she worked hard to get that both earring who would not cry for that expensive things you lost

  3. Kim is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, but still, her character makes me hate her. I mean, wearing $75,000 earings on the beach and in the water where u can easily loose them? How dumb can she be?

  4. The reason I watched this was a result of me searching someone lost something expensive is because I think I lost my water bottle in my school but I can’t find it
    Edit: you cannot blame Kim for getting crazy when she lost her earrings, it’s something expensive! It’s 75,000 dollars! She cried because she lost a lot of money, $75.k! How would you feel if that happened to you? I can actually cry if I lost something like 60 dollars! Anyone can relate? 😂 okay right now back to the point. Don’t blame on her for wearing earrings on the beach, young lady! You wore earrings on a news report (alright I’m sorry)

  5. I know that you'd cry since it's really expensive, but Kim is unbelievably rich, she could probably get another one if she wanted to. Also, it's the beach, of course there could be a possibility that it could get lost

  6. Sorry but who is the flipping hell spends that much money on earrings I could understand a dress but earring really 😒

  7. Ok so I sometimes forget when I’m wearing my earrings so maybe she forgot them…and everyone that is saying how he shouldn’t be chucking her in the water like that, well she was laughing so obviously she was fine:)

  8. Why did she buy that earrings that cost 75,000??
    It was not he's fault
    And the women is right why did she have earrings at the beach?
    Someone: love is the strongest
    Kim: nah nah hold my earrings!

  9. $75,000.00 is nothing to that woman and she was not smart for wearing them in the ocean 🤷🏿‍♂️ Like Kourtney said, there are people dying

  10. First of who would have earrings on while in the water. (This is my opinion) If she knew that some earrings do come off in the water she would of probably not lose her diamond earring. All I am saying is that she could of taken off the earring before getting in the water and this would have never happened

  11. Y’all would cry because you guys poor no offense 😬 ( I ain’t the richest bitch too) but Kim makes millions and 75k is nothing.

  12. People are saying that it is natural to cry over losing a 75k dollar earring, but listen to this. Why would you wear it in the ocean? And why would you even buy it for that much? Waste of 75k if you ask me…

  13. I think everyone would cry if they lost a 75K$ earing, not think they WILL even me and I really hate this girl host for some reasons 🤷‍♀️

  14. I would have beat my own ass if I lost a 75,000 dollar earing. ( and yes I know I'm very late I just had to share ) but she was stupid for wearing them at the beach

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