Kinross Gold Tasiast & First Quantum Minerals’ subsidiary Mauritania Copper Mines

Kinross Gold Tasiast & First Quantum Minerals’ subsidiary Mauritania Copper Mines

First of all thank you very much for
watching this I know that a lot of you would not understand anything from what
I’m gonna say but as I told you last week I’m doing the same thing and I’m
going over the same realities the same facts that I talked to you about the last
week and it’s always been the painful subject the exploitation of the mining
companies and foreign companies when it comes to our country and I would like
also to seize this opportunity to wish all Mauritanians happy Independence Day
because we’re gonna celebrate our Independence Day tomorrow the 28th of
November 2018 and this is gonna be the 58th anniversary and what pains me and
pains a lot of Mauritanians here in Canada United States in Europe in Asia in
Middle East in the United Arab Emirates in Africa everywhere around the world is
the fact that our country regardless of celebrating its 58th independence today
tomorrow everything in the reality everything is shocking because all these
regimes that’ve ruled the country from the independence till now they did not do
anything unfortunately and this is why a lot of Mauritanians ‘re now expatriates
around the world looking for better life conditions and
this is normal every human being is looking for better life conditions and
that’s why a lot of people they were driven out of their countries because of
wars because there’s no transparent distribution of wealth in their country
is the same thing in Mauritania and just let’s look back at the
history of the country the country got its independence the 28th November 1960
is now 58 years more than half century the first 18 years of independence there
was a civilian president but unfortunately those governments ruled
the country from the independence until 1978 they did not establish peaceful
rotation of power they established unique political party and led
later on to the culture of coup d’etat to spread in the country and still
spreading unfortunately and from 1978 the military took over the power and all
what we have seen and come across since 1978 until now is always the same
continuation the same circumstances the same slogans democracy freedom of
expression good governance but none of these happens on the ground and to the
point that in Mauritania military and presidential seat are inseparable items in the country and now they can’t imagine that the country can be ruled by
a civilian because the military intervention in the corridors of power
and we’ve seen what happened in 2007 and that was a trademark in the history of
the country but it not work because there were manipulations and we
remember at that time that military they used to have their own
president and everybody knows and sometimes as we say in our local
languages when we say things there are things that we say to the to the
other but when it comes to us as people as country as population we have
to be truthful with ourselves and we have to be honest and that’s why I did
not put emphasis on the experience of 2007 because it was just a cover it has always been the military and it has always been the same game they came
from the front door and leave from the back door and they come from the back
door and they leave from the front door as what we’ve seen now the preparations
and the setrup that is going on in the country and in most cases they do what
Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz did he just took off his military uniform the general and
transformed himself into a president-elect and you see what is
happening in the country now the same circumstances and we know what it
says the same conditions in the same circumstances lead to the same results
and that’s what’s going on in the country nowadays anyway happy
Independence Day for you tomorrow and as I told you today I’m gonna I specify
the broadcast for talking about the mining companies in the country and
especially the Canadian based Kinross and it’s sister First
Quantum Minerals and their subsidiaries in Mauritania Tasiast Mauritania and
Mauritania copper Mines in and we’re gonna see all these companies
what have been done in the country and what the country is benefiting from
their operations the youth the Mauritanians because the
unemployment rates are sky-high a lot of Mauritanians fled the
country and now we see them in the United States here in Canada in Europe
everywhere and in African countries they are looking for better conditions
because in the country and this is the painful reality that all the riches of
the country are concentrated in the hands of ten percent in embezzlers and you
can’t see this anywhere in the world because this has been leading in
some other countries to genocides but more Mauritanians are very patient and
this is why I’m a hundred percent sure that one day is coming and they’re
gonna get rid of all these social chasms and they come back to their country and
all these expats and all this diaspora scattered around
the world will come back to the country hand in hand regardless of their color
of skin and the content of their characters and everything is gonna be
okay and heading towards a bright future let’s talk about Tasiast Kinross Kinross Tasist started at that place
Tasist is in Mauritania that’s the location of their mine and Kinross is
well known around the world as I told you it’s Canada based mining company
registered here in Toronto about five hours from here I’m speaking to you by
the way from Montreal in 2010 they bought another company that has been
operating in the country for a long time and its name is an Australian
company its name is Red Mining Back Red Back Mining and they
bought it and they paid more than six billion dollars at that time and since
2010 until now is exploiting the mine and as I mentioned in my previous
broadcast and the same thing for its sister in Akjoujt these companies
are not following the international standards when it comes to the
management of say cyanide because we know that gold and copper these are – mines that could never be exploited without using these poisonous materials
but there are codes and regulations in the world that all these companies should
follow but unfortunately when it comes to Mauritania because of the ignorance
of some members of the government when they send them and the poor management
of the riches of the country and also the ignorance of the consequences on the
long-run of the activities of such companies in the country the government they don’t have a strategy and they have no surveillance on the activities of these companies and that’s led to this
as I told you before the announcement of this Facebook Live I divided this into
two parts in the first part I’m gonna talk about the procedures and also the report that was prepared in 2016 by Kinross Tasiast and some
people they sent me messages and even they pasted the link of that report
on my Facebook posts and i would like to tell you that i’m
aware of that report that report was prepared and even when you see the
sweeping statements that were used in the report it’s baseless and not viable it’s
biased and I will tell you two points that people who’re not specialized in
the field can figure out that this report is not following international
standards when it comes to the environment and preserving the lives
of humans in the surroundings of those gold mines let me tell you something
about the report and that’s why I ignored the report when it comes to the
fence and everybody knows that people who are working in the mine-site they
know that the fence some parts of the fence are buried by sand dunes giving
access to livestock cattle and humans to come to these dangerous places and
there are some incidents were some animals crossed the fence and died there and some humans also in the report it says that the fence is
secure and this is the first lie when it comes to that and that’s why I did
not mention this report because for me it’s a lie and I don’t know why by the
way they prepared this report in English English is not an official
language in Mauritania we know that in Mauritania there are two languages
French and Arabic I don’t expect them to write the report in Arabic but at least
they are Canada based and in Canada there are two official languages English
language and French language and as long as they are operating in a francophone
zone this report was supposed to be prepared in French and I don’t know if
the government has access to a French version of these activities because it’s very contradictory and the report contradicts
itself so many times and it’s 49 pages and I will just give you the conclusion
of that report because when it comes to that and you know the the mining companies are looking for benefits they’re generating benefits for their own
interest and that’s why when it comes to this companies don’t pay attention if
the government and the people of this country aren’t aware of the
consequences that the substance that’s used by this company is gonna affect their
future the future generations their environment their livestock
it’s not the responsibility of the companies and you know the proverb that
we have —- —– ——- ——- —– ——-so they always try to operate
within this and they follow the minimum requirements of standards because it’s
very costy and especially when it comes to the history of Kinross and its
activities in Mauritania starting from 2010 and now and look at the report that’s been prepared you will find always these gaps and I would like to tell you
that I don’t know if the government is aware of that and especially when it
comes to TSF the TSF is an abbreviation of
Temporary Storage Facility and they have so far four and I have some engineers who
have been working on-site and they gave me different accounts about the
activities some of them they use what’s known by the liner ponds
these liner ponds sometimes they have gaps in them and this gives the
possibility for these poisons to leak into the soil to leak into the ground
and that’s what’s been happening and I have some pictures and I have some reports
and as I told you I don’t want to jeopardize the future if anyone who’s
still working in the company and I’m a Mauritanian also and I’ve been
working there in different companies and I’ve been following this issue for years
just as I told you last week in the Facebook Live in the
broadcast this is not something that just started yesterday or today this is
something that I’ve been following Ok I may not be living in Mauritania and
for specific conditions like so many Mauritanias who’re scattered around the
world nowadays but I have my own sense of nationalism and that’s living inside
me even if I’m not in Mauritania Mauritania is living inside me and I’m not the only one when it comes to that all Maurit anian diaspora they have the same
feeling they share the same views and if we are outside our country we should be
aware because one day these are not our countries by the way we’re living in
these countries for a specific time but one day comes we all gonna come back to
our country so that’s why we have to care about its future we have to care
about the future generations and we have to speculate and investigate all the
activities of all the foreign companies operating in our country
now as I told you in the report even the report does not say that Kinross is
compliant with regulations when it comes to cyanide management let’s look at
the summary audit report that was prepared in March 2016 page 23rd and as I told you
the report is 49 pages it reads as follow implement quality control Quality
Assurance procedures to confirm that the facilities are constructed according
to accepted engineering standards and specifications the operation is in a
substantial compliance so it’s not fully compliant and when you see there are
three choices on that page fully compliant substantial compliant and none
compliance and as I told you this report is just using sweeping statements to
describe the activities of the company and they just chose the middle because
we have that proverb that says the middle way is always better —– —— this is the report so the report does not say that Kniross
mining is compliant with international regulations when it comes to this
the same thing for the fence the fence is secure and they have never thought of
building a green belt around the fence and as I told you in the broadcast last
week that some Mauritanian engineers have been working with Kinross they
suggested on them to do this but they have never done that and we will see
later the spendings that these government they did this company is
spending on the other activities in the country are nothing even the country is
not benefiting from their existence they are not providing jobs because when we
come to the statistics we gonna see that is 4,500 employers workers we will
talk about that later on when it comes to their subcontractors so imagine we
are talking about our country that the population more than 3 Millions and this
company we see in their news releases that they are contributing in lowering
the unemployment rates in the country and we see what they are doing
let’s talk about the other one its sister in Inchiri in Akjoujt around the
town of Akjoujt you see Akjoujt today that town you know that town you look at
all the old residents of that town now are living in Nouakchott they left
they left the town because most of people who are living in Akjoujt today
are newcomers they have nothing to do with the people who’ve been living in
that area for a long time why these people fled their town and we
know that when there are some mining activities in town this means that this
town is gonna be developed and people are gonna moving in instead of moving
out of the town and that what is happening in Akjoujt and unfortunately in
other towns in Mauritania these industries did not bring to them
anything Akjoujt now they started to witness
some new illnesses and some new diseases related to the activities of Mauritania
Copper Mines – known as MCM in the region children health problems asthma
miscarriages skin lesions headaches all these things and all these debilitating
illnesses started people started to notice that and that’s why our people
have fled the town and this company is not developing anything I don’t know in
the beginning of 2011 or 2012 they were you know in some statements I’ve seen
that MCM is planning to build a hospital in Akjoujt but that hospital is empty
nothing in the hospital and there and labor unions also they are playing the
same game when it comes to labor unions because labor unions in most parts are
just a part of the regime and the company they figured out that the easiest
and shortest way to Mauritanian resources is to apply to establish good
relationship with the government good relationship with the President and give
projects and give all what they that they need to the people related to them
to the to the government and that’s why in Mauritania we don’t have a private
sector by the forces of the world because all the people who are working
in the private sector the private sector in a way or another just the backyard of
the government those people working in the private sector they have they are
the outer hands of people in the system in the regime if you don’t know
somewhere somewhere in the government in the cabinet in the president
yeah if you got all the Academy credentials in the world you are most
likely not to find any job in Mauritania and that’s one of the that made the
country a hell and that’s why you see everybody now trying to get their
passports and get out of this dominant land and I don’t blame them because when
you study you go abroad you bring your engineer you work in you out your PhD
your teacher your you got any qualities of intellectual qualities on there any
skills and you come back to your country you can never find a job to preserve
your career your dignity and you remember the the the strike the workers
strike in 2012 in exist because they were striking against the unfair
recruitment procedures engaged by the company MCM and that’s where retaining
was killed in 2012 I don’t remember his name but his will admission he was
killed in cold blood and it’s a shame that will you see the report of the
government at the time said that the cause of the death is unknown why
unknown because these workers they were in the peaceful sit-in and they were
rounded at doom by the National Guard and he was killed so the government sent
the National Guard to do to the seat to the peaceful sit-in and then they said
that the cause of the death is unknown the same thing they did because MGM is
just a subsidiary of the first quantum minerals and the first
quantum minerals released a press release at that time there is no mention
of that moiety mean who was killed in cold blood and those people who were
injured in that see this for city and more Athenians forget about all that
and now no one is talking about that even when you go online sometimes you
find some blog posts about what happened at that time all this is because of
these companies because of Kino stars at an assister initiate so we have to be
aware of this so now let’s move to the other pattern is very painful and the
other part is the subcontractors and I will give you some numbers and these
numbers is given by kill know start on that website I told you last time that
between 2011 and 2016 that has just Mauritania as claiming that it has been
2 billion US dollars and 2 billion u.s. dollars that amount is the equivalent of
710 billion more Athenian can see the old currency is not a new one by the way
and we find trance on the website for the spendings of all these amounts of
money you will find out that 101 billion Mauritania augeas the old currency once
again spent in salaries and when it comes to salaries he lost a theist
claims that its employing around five four hundred four thousand five hundred
Mauritania sand that is not true we’ll find later on there about one
thousand and a few hundreds are employed by King rose but the rest three thousand
or maybe four thousand are employed by other subcontractors and we’ll find
later on that there are three hundred subcontractors national but they are
exploiting the workers so the workers are exploited twice they are exploited
by their government they are failed by the government failed by their country
failed by the authorities that are supposed to to be aware of what’s going
on there and to preserve their dignities and to provide them
with with jobs because that’s one of the main goals why will bringing these
foreign embassies our country to provide the unemployed youth with jobs so this
is not what is happening in Mauritania unfortunately so and they are filled
also by the subcontractors because we will see later on that three hundred
three hundred Mauritania subcontractors when we go on the own in reality we will
find six or seven that are existing but these we can divide them into two groups
there are groups for services and there are groups for goods and those groups
for goods also they buy whatever and they prepare the bills and that is acts
at the expense of the mind experience of the workers and at the expense of
Mauritanians because these subcontractors they suck the sweat and
blood of these workers and that’s why a lot of them are frustrated and now at
this moment that I’m speaking to you about this issue there are more
Athenians who die in the Sahara searching for God and their goal is
pillage it and these companies are pillaging our national resources and
they are not providing our youth with jobs in cooperation with the regime in
force because we have always to put that in mind that these companies using the
regime as a cover and that’s why there is a conference by the way in 2013 it
was the second moiety mian mining oil and gas conference exhibition it was in
Politico a 2012 or 2014 I don’t remember but at that conference some
international news agencies they applied for permission to visit these companies
MCM and canisters yes but they were denied permission why
this question has to be answered by the government as long as and these
companies also as long as these companies are following international
standards knowledge chemists to the management of the substance that they
are using to extract gold from the from their miles why they were these these
international prestigious media outlets and organizations were denied
permissions to visit these companies but there is something suspicious and as I
told you I’m 100% sure that these substances has been leaking in our
grounds has been leaking in our environment and I’ve gave you I have
given you some some examples from in Chile and this has been followed for
four years and the government doesn’t care instead of caring about these de
silence the voices of people who want to speak out against the the activities of
these companies anyone who tries to speak out against this injustice is they
silenced our person and we have some examples and I have some special
documents and some special reports that were prepared about these things
especially in x-ray enthusiasts Anna computer compatible really Eduardo
him entirely Ceratosaurus harkaman division so I told you when it comes to
the numbers so 101 billion that was in salaries so five hundred thirty billion
rukia’s the old currency in contracts so Kinross does claiming on its website
that it has spent five hundred thirty billion Mauritania Rubeus in contracts
with sub contracts of the national companies imagine and this by the way
these statistics that I’m giving you is between 2011 and 2016
I know that after 2016 there are no numbers and that we will see that
because they claim on the same stage sick that they have paid to the machine
in government 71 billion Mauritania no Geass in taxes and that was between 2011
and 2012 16 but after 2016 there is something that I would like to
tell you here they were tax exempt after 2016 beautiful bathroom at the UH
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so after 2016 you know they are enjoying the tax exempt by the regime so they are
no longer paying the taxes for the government so let’s look at the 300
subcontractors that they are dealing with Kerastase just said that it gave it
has it has spent five hundred thirty billion yukia’s old currency one three
hundred let’s clear this point for you the four four hundred four thousand five
hundred workers that are mentioned on the website of tesla’s at Kinross – yes
only one thousand and few hundreds are employed by Kinross directly the rest
are employed by these three hundred subcontractors and these they are
working without working trucks they don’t have any contracts the workers
they don’t have any time they don’t have health care they they don’t they are not
paid overtime and when it comes to the pay in general even those who are
employed by by Kinross for international standards they are not well paid but
their conditions are better than those people who are employed by the
subcontractors because I will give you an example the subcontractor Kilmer’s
gives the subcontractor about 450 more athenian thousand
so the subcontractor will give to the worker as a salary 100,000 so you can
see that the subcontractor he got all the salary that was given to that person
by the by the King rose by their by the company and they gave him only a quarter
a small portion of their pay and this is a miserable appeal and in general all
these miserable payment that are made by the subcontractors and by Michael Ross
in general this is not contributing in lowering the risk of unemployment among
the among Mauritania youth and the same thing for MCM the country you see that
the poverty in the country is demolishing everybody because Mauritania
were talking about a rich country a country that has a lot of resources a
lot of natural resources like iron or gold fisheries kappa all these but
finally we have poor people because of the mismanagement of this worthless and
that’s why we have a lot of voices in the country nowadays and the regime is
trying to distract people and to distract people by creating some
racial tensions between the social components of the country now as I’ve
been I have said in some previous podcasts that Mauritania should
concentrate on the future of their country regardless of the division these
divisions are created by the regime these kind of freedoms they just divide
the people to stay in power and this is this is an older trick that has been
enforced in different parts of Africa and we have so many examples when it
comes to the third-world countries so let’s let’s let’s continue with the
number that King Ross tells us is giving on his website for his investments in
Mauritania and we have seen so far it’s very catastrophic and no one is
benefiting from that except the regime and the subcontractor companies that are
working and alliance with it let’s go to the local communities and this is the
hardest part when it comes to the local communities imagine that always and this
is well known in the world when a company a mining company is operating in
the region they have to do a sort of development but for the local
communities living in the areas where it’s exploiting because in the
thirstiest for instance in the coast as a last place that’s the vast region full
of people who are cattle breeders and by the way even their cattle is affected by
the cyanide and especially by the airborne toxins from the substance that
these companies are using and there are some documented cases where herds of
camel were wiped out for mysteriously mysterious reasons and it’s well known
busts in the region this company they are using cyanide on some other
substances and these substances are out of control and they can be acquired by
air carried by the wheels of the cars and
trying these – and they don’t clear that they are not following that the problem
is not even the car or this truck that is coming out of this poisonous storage
you know any place because we’re talking about very poisonous substances one gram
one gram so you can imagine that and sometimes they say that in enthusiasts
okay that place is now is safe because it’s an art in the in the art desert no
that’s not true because these things can be carried
these thing is they have toxins that are airborne and can be kind to other areas
not only tells us and the danger is not confined to specific areas like in
theory and all that the places of operation of these companies that is not
true by the way that’s very misleading it’s just like the sweeping statements
and or exaggerated statement used by the people who prepared a report I told you
really so when it comes to these local
communities Tasi acid Kiros and his subsidiary in mauritania mauritania
Tassie acid as and the first quantum minerals and its subsidiary in
mauritania mauritania couple – known as MCM they have never done anything to
improve the life of the local communities because as I told you energy
look alike juice today it’s a gas this town all the people left it they are
fleeing the tax in their fleeing the environment that is no longer safe and
does no longer healthy and as I told you all these people they love this country
that time went towards a mug shot they are fleeing because they witnessed
because the health system in Mauritania is very bad and now it’s getting worse
because of the approach these companies they start the child problems
miscarriages the pregnant women they miscarry for mysterious reasons and this
has never been this has never been the case in the in that part of the country
and by the way acute is my hometown I was born in exhaust in in late 1970s so
that’s that’s also but but now when we compare the the Syria at that time
especially in 1980s and now and now is supposed to be better and now it’s worse
after all these investments all these companies are bringing death these
companies are bringing destruction to the country and unfortunately we have a
system and government of mercenaries they don’t care about the future of the
country and they don’t care about anyone the only thing they care about is all in
their pocket they are milking these companies they are using them as cash
cows they just milking them inside their practice and they have a key
anything and they are interesting and buying property in Europe in Canada
indices everywhere in the world so they don’t care about anything so Kim
Australia’s when it comes to the local communities and their website you’ll
find this 3.4 billion more teeny Nokia’s 3.4 billion more teen years this is the
amount of money that this international golf company is investing for the local
communities in Mauritania that’s the same and what a shame
people in listen and there is something that I don’t know if King Ross is aware
of when it comes to the workers who are employed by subcontractors subcontractor
companies working for King rose these people they don’t have work contracts
they don’t have inadequate work conditions and also they don’t have
health care I’ll give you an example these people who are working in the mind
and working for these subcontractors they are poorly paid and if someone is
injured for instance they are not going to receive treatments in the her in the
health care facility of the company Kinross the subcontractor company what
clouds will transfer them quickly to knock shot and they will be poorly spent
on this is in case if the person is important like technician or is doing
something that is very hard for them to find a replacement for that person
they will transport the person to make sure to one of those public hospitals
the health care is very very poor the health they don’t have means or and the
means or ways have always been the same and after a few weeks they will bring
him back but all that period that he was sent from the mine site he was injured
they are not gonna pay because the subcontractor will inform converse that
this person is a bad person if they don’t need him and that’s why we fired
him so he’s no longer working for us don’t ask us about him this is a bad
person so we got rid of him and that is what they do but for those
people it’s only 1,000 and few hundreds employed by Kairos directly they are
well paid and when it comes to the nourishment when it comes to the food of
these people serving in this company you’ll find that there are three
restaurants around the mine site and these restaurants two of them are for
one of them is called seniors and one of them is genius seniors and another and
at the restaurants was built recently these are for people who are working
officially to Queen Rose so their food is cool and they have all what they need
but for the thousands of people who are employed by the subcontractors who are
paid to do the job for King rose they eat in a very bad restaurant is called
genius and the food they are eating is horribly
prepared rice and me rice and fish they have scheduled but all but they are
sometimes sauce with finger with chicken fingers and chicken fingers by the way
that’s very misleading because you know chicken fingers in the States chicken
fingers in Canada it’s now it’s never the same so what I’m talking about now
is completely different because in Mauritania they have never know one
chicken fingers so check your fingers this is this is this is a contemptuous
statement when we say that in the local language in Mauritania so these people
are motivated when it comes to their food when it comes to their labor
conditions and as I told you the labor unions in the country they are doing
nothing because a lot of them they are two or three I have to comfort that I
have seen them doing some some sort of defending the rights of the workers but
most of them the overwhelming majority of labor unions in
they are not they are not doing enough to prevent what we are talking about now
and all these thing adverse has been taking place in the country because they
are part of the government and this is one of the worst things in the country
that people they accept a bribe some people they have no principles
unfortunately and they have a low level of trust and that’s why these workers of
the companies they become between the motor of these companies and the pencil
of their own regime so they are crushing them in that mode so this is just a
brief description of what I mentioned in the in the in the in the last in the
last week protocol broadcast and I would like the company to take care of the of
these workers because this is the responsibility and this is gonna damage
the reputation around the world is no problem that you are paying the
Mauretania regime they are providing you with with the
cover but finally there are Mauritania so cannot be brought bit by you or by
the government or by the regime because finally this is our country and we are
defending it firstly in the front lines and we will never get back
so this I think that thing is now are clear when
it comes to the management of the poisons and there is something else oh
and I would like the government to impose on these companies when it comes
to their investigating their activities especially Kiros and innocuous you know
now we are talking about the tears of the temporary storage facilities for the
selenite surface and ID and the tailings in enthusiast region but never we have
no idea about how many tsf the MCM has how many people have been killed how
many livestock have been affected by these toxins so we have no idea about
them the government has never ordered an investigation and in the past used to
that there are some doctors working in the public hospital in the town of
vanished and they were preparing a sort of report but finally that report has
never seen the light and this is one of the main problems in the country
sometimes there are people who do something but at some point they got
exhausted or they get private by the regime or by these companies and then
they just withdraw even there are some websites carry the advertisements for
these companies they never ever mentioned anything about
their their activities because also in Mauritania we have a problem when it
comes to journalism journalism you know as is a mirror reflecting the main
concerns of the country and in Mauritania there are fewer three
websites Arab there have been writing about this issue 2010 to 2011 but after
that I’ve never seen anything and unfortunately the young generations of
journalists there their attention is attracted by things that have nothing to
do with this would be a priority when it comes to the future of the country and
the future generations and I think that that loves everything and I would like
also the the government to look into this and the ignorance the ignorance is
one of the main problems of the government because members of the
governors and I told you this story in the previous broadcast that Minister the
mining Minister came to the mine site Intel see us and they were preparing the
diviners parts and at that time he just said this is not important you can just
pour down on the ground because the war he is aligned Laura and we he’s
not going to be us at ease imagine this kind of people coming as a minister and
even the engineers were around him at that time you know one of the one of the
those ingenious told me that one of the guy is worth working on that project he
told machine because I can imagine that in the 21st century we still have people
getting some prestigious positions like mining minister and he’s talking like
this he has no idea about the field he has no idea about these companies the
dangers of the substances and this company is using for extracting gold and
copper women become educated converse Walmart a gamma del agua de austin para
Anna Baba who didn’t see any and a heartburn yukimura-kun Veronica yet a
militant attack our advocacy money real meaning at the heart Alicia hostile
McClure go to villainous renews me building a nice million paradeen will
die belonging to howl again a billion heart on our computer I am sorry Ms the
Soraa object in Berlin malady it has cameras in Havana money manicotti could
not come to not belong because it don’t belong starvin Kashiram or lead one huh
see ya and she has the woman Monica on my first one hostile laughs I was just
too young to be a new steering good Camaro at or at heart wannabe Rams
abacab syllabus is a lot of date master had been watching me do more anime ma’am
and who do I give a big welcome Lee and Amanda Amanda had a family night shift
to be run Hamid Abdul Aziz Allah Michelle – with the jalapeno
nah-ha Yahoo drove a machete with deep share 2001 and even a cool hobby we are
imaginative hot desert Ribeira and a Moroccan Arabic Spira Baramulla
Tunisian O’Keefe Cretan O’Keeffe mutiny Danny Murtaugh a Vienna be more said
Martha Gallagher’s were alum Dean was Vova POS wallahi Sousa was their
mainland in the wreckage if they mind but my palate monster would I’d kind of
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yeah I mean if we tear gas heat of the normal Marie Alfano Dorian Smith and
Naphtali not hard not banana well Jamie humid in UNIX machine the
word got me Mira yeah late can demand a body of swimmer Kip really it’s kind of
an abuti of put up maggots man I’m outta here
but I do come with an answer one ever thought I’d come home I’d come Edina and
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look at my boost be fantastic at Kadesh Allahu Akbar her
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the water when I’m seven o’clock and my booze sexy doctor pleasure she fuck Adam
the daughter of Sir Alan a demonic here Madhubala can’t be lost
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it will be Lana so coolly attorney you know Abu Mohammed’s not only
compliment of shower with a diaphragm about who can ablate the attractive as
Megatron at the net biryani you got little hug little silly toward our
cameras you


  1. ههههه انا ما افهت شي يغير لاهي انگولك(thanks you brother)ذاك هو نعرف انا بعد من الإنجليزية
    ربي يحفظك واعزك وثبتك علي الحق

  2. The last time,I said if only other people can understand hasaniya because you talked about shocking realities.
    Thank you for broadcasting in English👌

  3. You're, in my opinion, the first enlightened intellectual who could stand out from the crowd! A very profound speech spiced up with incontrovertible, shocking facts! Plz send me "a whtasap" on my phone number : 0021654974401 if u have time

  4. الكارثة أن إ قتصاد هذه الدة لة لا يستة عب أكثر من 20000 الأف عامل .. أسنيم 7000 تا زيازت 4000 الشاطئ 4000 … الزراعة 2000 ..الماشية =الضياع =إستراد لبن روز وحليب السعو دية ……أين نتجه مع السماسرة و المتملقين و المنافقين و المبذ رين …أحسنت في تقديم الحقائق التي لا نعلمها … YOU ARE ABLE >>GET US MORE INFORMATION AND REALITIES

  5. المؤمن إذا عاهد وفى. تعهدت مرات عنك مانك غالق حسابك ولانك ساكت عن كلمة الحق. اخي الكريم لك تأثير كبير لا-تغادرنا ارجوك

  6. Great Job these kids of issues what we should keep discussing and talking about

    May Allah make Mauritania a great country and all Muslims countries

  7. الله يحفظك يخي
    انا من متابعيك ومعجب جدا بطرحك للمواضيع وصراحيتك تحيه لك…….

  8. Bro STOP this Shit now ❗️it’s enough speak Hasaniya so every one can understand what ya’ll talking about and if you talking about Taziazet and gold why you don’t you go there and work hard and get 2000€ better for you then working as Dish washer in Canda or whatever

  9. لاأفهم الجليزية ولاكن متيقن تمام اليقين بأنك كل ماتقوله عن هاذ البلد المهمش حقيقة لاقبارعليها
    حفظك الله ورعاك ✌✌✌✌✌

  10. Well ,what you have said it right .However, i know that you have been experiencing all these shocking facts about Mauritania so far. You are being a mirror for every citizen who was not aware of what is happening around .

  11. احسنت في توصيل رسالتك للشعوب الأخرى خوي وعار على الدولة علينا ابنائنها لديهم الكفائة والقدرة لجعل موريتانيا في مصاف الدول المتقدمة ولكنهم لا يجدون يدا عند لهم العون مغيبون ومهجرون…وما خفي اعظم # كفووووو

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