KleshGuitars In Japan – GOLD and SILVER – Easy Come, Easy Go!

KleshGuitars In Japan – GOLD and SILVER – Easy Come, Easy Go!


  1. Shane, happy that you're enjoying yourself and the culture. My dad took R&R there when stationed in Korea in the mid 1950s. He loved the bath houses and talked of them frequently. Give one a try and TELL us about it.(no video in the bath house, please!)

  2. Your video journey is very like some of those Docu Journalists episodes that pay so much on the TV. Pity you can't sell them to a network..

  3. I know the feeling with the train system. Totally confusing to Americans. Was there in '79 with the Navy. I am also learning Japanese online. My favorite band is from Japan, Band-Maid. I am flying to Dallas this weekend to see them live.

  4. Hey Klesh I have read that Finder are keepers is the law which prevails in Japan.. post tsunami someone found loads of cash but he choose to return it…

  5. It's GOT to be a shock for Japanese people, with their amazing manners, to a country which seems more concerned about what bathroom to use than the Golden Rule! Thanks for sharing your adventures, Shane! 🐉🐉🐉

  6. Nice! You made me hungry. I was there in 1969, it changed a bit. The people and the food were great. Looking forward to seeing the next video. Thanks Shane and be safe in your travels.

  7. シェーンクレッシュの素敵なビデオでした。いつか日本に行きたいと思っています。人々は格別だと思います。  ; D

  8. I am so going out for suchi right after watching this! great video – looks like a great trip. Would love to visit there someday!

  9. Let me guess the next video will be how much gold can you extract from 24k leaf sushi? is it profitable? Well first you have to minus the cost of a a plane ticket to Japan.

  10. Cool as mate
    Yes very respectful people
    Pity you can’t find TJs surf shop
    They have AWSOME coffee there
    And Shiina would take you surfing 🏄‍♀️ lol
    Not just a surf shop either
    If you do find it tell them you know me
    You will be looked after

  11. What an awesome and interesting video, ive always been interested in japan and the culture and culinary arts that they do over there, im not a chef or anything like that, just really enjoy the way they do things, hopefully ill be able to visit someday, cant wait for the other vids klesh 🙂

  12. Something strange I learned recently from Codyslab is that gold is extremely toxic. If it was capable of oxidizing like lead it would be able to kill you

  13. Omg if I knew you’d be in japan I could have taken you to the area of mountains in (undisclosed area) of japan my mother’s side family own…yea they found a fist size rock of gold when the government was making road there and there are old gold mines and nice creeks I’m sure you’d like to spend good long time at!

  14. I had a friend years ago that was in the Marines and stationed in Japan for two years he was in a bar acting up and a policeman came in a clunked him over the head with a baton knocked him out he said they dont put up with it

  15. My god you would not believe the trouble I had to go thru just to enable my insta account and to follow you… hahahah.. It took me 46min… but I got it … and as of now … Im a follwoer…. on insta

  16. Like #547 myself, great job on culture points. I assume not much crime like pickpocketing and the like there, but the crowds are amazing. looking forward to upcoming videos and you have a nice friend there in Japan.

  17. I have visited Tokyo and noticed how clean everything is. I asked someone and they stated ‘Due to the terror attack sometimes ago, a new law was imposed where all trash is taken home. Trash receptacles are only near the drink vending machines. Th he Japanese people were also do polite.

  18. It’s been a while Klesh but great video such a cool country the food looked pretty good to be honest except for the fermented beans but hey if they taste good it taste good 👌

  19. Natto, fermented soya bean with texture like snot! I saw those crosswalks on TV 30 years ago, They much more orderly and regimented.. Now they're just sauntering across!

  20. Bet you had a great time with your old friend.
    I had an uncle who was stationed in occupied Japan. He picked up photography while there. Never met him, as he had the bad fortune of being stationed in Hawaii the summer of 1950.

  21. You look as tho you need a holiday lol. Is it that tiring running around Japan? It looks so nice over there and as you say "clean". Plus the big bonus; great food. When I was a Fisheries Officer, I loved working on the Japanese boats, they always had the freshest and tastiest foods and the best chefs on board the mother ships. So I can only assume you're getting even better there. Love what you're doing Shane, it's bloody brilliant 🙂

  22. My son goes to that restaurant. Every now and then, he'll just fly to Japan just to eat at that restaurant and then fly back home. He gets business coach on the planes that have the little mini suites when he flies to Japan.

  23. Japan? Nice man. I got as far as Northern Wisconsin recently for some great fishing… and a few delicious fish fries. Hope your trip was great.

  24. Not sure why… but I have not been getting notifications for this channel.. soo today I turned the bell off and back on again.. we'll see if it fixes it…

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