[ KNIFE MAKING ] HSS blade, Silver, Special wood

[ KNIFE MAKING ] HSS blade, Silver, Special wood

Mingo is made in Tanzania Africa, and Cocobolo in Mexico Sandpaper is # 120. When sawing, it is recommended to keep in the vertical direction. When applying glue, be careful not to apply too much. Accurately mark where to drill holes Slightly scratches it so it’s not too smooth for strong adhesion Level it overall When sawing a tree, it is advisable to cut it gently and gently without too much effort. Scratch marks moderately to increase adhesion It is recommended to apply the least amount of glue possible Determining your location is also very important Push the brass bar (2.5mm) to cut it Both sides are temporarily fixed to be one body and processed together. Use sandpaper sticks to trim rough surfaces Draw a line with a constant width Take out the pin that was temporarily fixed and fix it more carefully We prepare silver rivet rod (3mm) Hammer both ends of the rivet to spread as wide as the nail’s head Remove and remove any coarse marks. Apply oil and let it sit for a few hours before wiping. Repeat this process several times


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  4. I really enjoyed watching your video. I've made many knifes. I know, to truly appreciate a fine knife. To see all time and work that went in to making it. Your camera angles were spot on. Thank you for taking the time, making this wonderful video.

  5. Wow!! That is simply stunning! Easily one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen. A true work of art. Bravo sir! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. 실수로이 비디오를 누르십시오. 나는 소리를내는 것을 잊었다. 그리고 나의 커피는 차가워졌다. 나는 방해 할 수 없었다.

    주인에 대한 존중!

  7. What are you cutting with this knife that you need high speed steel. Are you cutting steel or bone? HSS is more brittle than high carbon steel so it may not be very strong, hard but not very strong. HSS is normally used for machining steel and wont keep a fine edge like a kitchen knife.

  8. Beautiful masterpiece. I am addicted to your videos. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope the next one comes out quickly

  9. Seriously mate you could have done all that on regular machines from a basic workshop, and quicker. So we all could do it. Nice end product, and like it.

  10. When I saw the construction of your pen I realized that the knife would be easy for you, but definitely another masterpiece. Ask why you didn't use epoxy glue? All respect to the teacher.

  11. 장인정신 역시 대단하시지만 뭔가 심상치 않은 내공을 지니신 분 같습니다. 멋진 비디오 감사합니다.

  12. You're such a great craftsman! You really can inspire people/me… and I really can't follow the mind of the people that hit the 'unlike' button!!! I think they are jeaulous… and have an intoxicated heart. Otherwise I can't understand such a 'stupid' click… anyway, You are great, and hope You are aware of it!!!
    I'm wishing You all the best in Your future! Greetz from Schwiiz!

  13. Not too bad. Though I do not approve "instant glue" and lack of clumping. Epoxy and clamps take much longer but they are absolutely worth it from my point of view. And if you make more than one knife in parallel waiting will not necessarily means lost time.

  14. Comment faire pour acheté un couteau il n y a pas d àddrese ou dd numéro de tel merci de me renseigner en mes pri e sur messenger

  15. Beautiful work! I live in Bangladesh. Can I have your contact address? At least, the email, so that I can communicate personally

  16. When sanding to flatten pieces do it in a figure 8 motion. Easier to get it flat without making a radius on one side:) amazing work dude

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