Knotted Bead Bracelet Tutorial – DIY Bracelet Cord Knotting Technique

Knotted Bead Bracelet Tutorial – DIY Bracelet Cord Knotting Technique

Hey everyone! I’m Jessica from
and Bespangled Beads on Etsy. Today I’m going to show you how to make a
knotted cord bracelet using waxed linen cord. This bracelet is going to have a sliding knot
so that your bracelet will be an adjustable size and fit almost any size wrist. You’ll find a complete list of supplies and
tools needed for this project below the video. We’re going to start with 24 inches of waxed
linen cord (.8mm) and tie a knot as close as you can get to the end. Just a quick note: If you want to make a design
that has more knots than this bracelet, then you’re going to want to start with a longer
piece of cord. Now before I start beading, I’m just going
to apply a little bit of beeswax to the end of the cord. And then I want to pay attention
to which direction the threads are already twisted and I want to twist between my thumb
and forefinger in that same direction. This is going to help prevent fraying. I’m going to start by sliding on a spacer
bead and then I’m going to make a knot. Now I’m going to use an awl, which is a pointed
steel tool that’s mounted in a handle. And this is really the trick to getting your
knots to land exactly where you want them to go! While the knot is nice and loose, slide in
the awl towards the bottom of the knot, and pull. The knot should slide easily along the cord.
This is how you get it to move wherever you want it. So we’re going to pull on the loose end of
the cord until that knot gets nice and tight up against the bead and pull it really tight, and then using your thumbnail, kind of push up against the knot as you slide it off the
awl. Give it one more little tug and that knot
should be nice and secure right up against your bead. Now that is going to be the dangling end of
the bracelet so we’re going to go about 2 inches in and this time we want to make a
double knot. To do that, you make a regular knot and before
you tighten it up you’re going to go back up through the knot again with the end and
you’re going to have something that looks like this. I usually check my placement with a ruler,
and that way I don’t waste any cord and I can make the ends the same length on both
sides. Now I’m going to string on three 12mm beads
and then make a knot. I’m making all of the knots on the inside
of the beading as single knots. Next is going to be one spacer bead, one 12
millimeter bead, and then one more spacer bead. And another knot. Now three more 12mm beads, a spacer bead,
and three more of the 12mm beads. And a knot. A spacer bead, a 12mm bead, a spacer bead, and a knot. Now our last three 12mm beads, and a double
knot to finish off the beadwork. Now I’m going about 2 inches out from that
last double knot, and I’m going to make a single knot. Again I use the ruler to check the placement
and tighten up the knot against the awl. Add the last spacer bead and then the final
knot to finish up the bracelet. Snip the end about 2 to 3 millimeters from
the last knot using some really sharp scissors, and then we’re ready to finish off the bracelet. Now I’m going to go over this part pretty
fast because I do have another video that is entirely dedicated to making this sliding
knot. So if this gives you trouble, check out that video. Using another piece of cord about 6 inches
long, you want to make a loop on one end and leave a longer end to the right. And I’m going
to hold both cords of the bracelet overlapping in my non-dominant hand and hold the loop
between my thumb and forefinger with the other cords at the same time. I’m going to wrap the longer end of that cord
around all of the pieces about 3 or 4 times, wrapping away from the loop, so in this case
I’m wrapping towards the right. I’m going to take that longer end and go back
up through each of the loops of the coil that we just made, including the first loop. And then pull both ends tight to tighten up
the knot. Trim the excess cord about 2mm away from the
knot on each side, being careful to only cut that extra piece
of cord. Now you’ve got a knotted cord bracelet that’s
an adjustable size with a sliding knot! Be sure and check out my cord knotting tips
and tricks playlist for more great tips on knotting cord including a great way to finish
up the ends of the bracelet that we just made without using glue.


  1. Very Nice tutorial! Will definitely be giving this a try. I tend to prefer using Chinese Knotting Cord instead of the waxed linen. As you can get them wet and it won't ruin the color or fray.

  2. Thank you for the video! If I wanted to make a bracelet that would adjust between 6 inches and 9 inches does that mean I would make the main bracelet length 6 inches and the ends 3 inches each? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think you made a mistake when slided beads on. The rythm was 3 beads, spacer bead. But I can see 1 bead and spacer bead on the bracelet. Is this correct?

  4. I really want to start making bracelets but I don't really know what I should buy. It would be really nice if you could recommend me something…

  5. The beads I use have very small holes. I normally use Bead Cord Natural Silk No, 7 or 8, Will the Waxed Bead Cord you recommend work with these beads? Or do you think the Bead Cord I normally use will work with this type of bracelet?

  6. I want just regular stretch like bracelets, but instead of the stretch cord I want the adjustable square knot, are all those knots you are doing between beads necessary for some reason? or just a design choice? Could I do this, but have no knots other then the ends? and the square knot part?

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