LA Lakers vs GS Warriors Full Game Highlights | 12/25/2018 NBA Season

LA Lakers vs GS Warriors Full Game Highlights | 12/25/2018 NBA Season

This APA Christmas special is presented by State Farm and continues remote It’s the goal of State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers Merry Christmas everyone with the steel off a bad pass from Lonzo Vols Timman Durant’s first shot of the night is good Fourth best in the West now Koosman the second leading scorer of electors knocks down his first shot uniform this time Ingram nice fake up and under scoop layup all pretty moved from Ingram Jeff along. Well, I think their defense will continue Their defense Ingram Course with LeBron James Lonzo ball tough shot to box the rebound and the putback and he’s the new starter It’s gonna be you ster who’s been chasing klay Thompson dishes an inside Kevon loading and loading fax it on beautiful drop ball three turnovers for the Lakers Durant corner three Nice back kicks it out in the corner Ingram open three, that’s good I’m just shooting the ramp puts the bass Nice space by curry sidestep layup you go from steady or the fourth spot on the Western Conference right now. I Was a heck of a drive by do bot that curry, it gets late early in these young guys career He’s already headed as they forgot of Duncan. He’s only 19 points in four blocks in another as Chandler gets an offensive boards Ball gets a good open look for three and thousand To me, can he finish and can he make enough? Perimeter shot because the other things on the floor he does very well is the addala Fires it back Cruz most open 3 pointer Jane scoop layup shots good This has been needed and impressive this recently had his best game as a warrior is James Yeah, you’re right. Thank you. Let’s just say it can we’ll cool. We’ll end up there with those two Puck hits the fruit for you Sweet fool steps back to The kids as Christmas gifts those drink my breathe this is passing out of three points Mark Rondo good extra pass Lance Stephenson drills The three pointer out LeBron James needed some of these veterans like Chandler and Stephenson and Rondo around the fast drop curry Averaging under five again bad pass from curry this time part Rondo back to heart Bart goes right at Iguodala And press the flesh Draymond Green finds Iguodala goes right at Rondo underneath backs at home Stevenson shot clock winding down throws up a pretty knocks it down Thank you Lisa well done Steph Curry’s Stephenson pull-up jumper got it Lewton the Warriors They had a six-game road losing streak and injuries are all part of it as Caldwell pas For that was ugly to know it open the door for players like McKinney. This Green gets it inside the kidney Oh and a block sohbats throws it right back I gotta go back to this guy said he watches a lot of LA cuz he lives it or the Lakers at bikinis Uh number games with the ankle injury the suspension James falling away got it tensions with NBA countdown at seven long date for the countdown crew Curry Thanks. Hi sweet bull damping’s why are they posting him up against Kevin Durant for the uses his size and strength Draymond Green to zoo BOTS Falling away boy. You altered that shot here comes ball. The other end throws it up squeeze my frozen down heart quick release James the rebound Thompson thought he pushed off miss tip is good James gets inside and lays it up and in So negate the 3-pointer inbound Durant kicks it out nigga, dolla tries a three County figured out how it would be incredible to play with him some front office people around the league as A Gotama I across it They felt that it was tampering and James drives pass inside Sioux box wet the flush Thompson’s a green breeze sakes pump by changing shots good and one lost it Durant for three got it And James James goes right Adam kicks it out Lonzo ball. Nice little fake-ass Inside sohbats finishes in being turnovers Luke Walton loans gotta love the way his teams competing here pass inside alone He throws it down Good look from Durant and mark as you said you can see him bow the words I felt a pop and he just went back to the locker room Kuzma meet my tits in some style a place between Isaiah Thomas Pistons fan full-faced and the Warriors Durant gets inside tough finish threes floater misses rebound tipped and taken by Hart park Koosman ball fake and a travel we go say Courage put three-step curry Curry gets inside finds Looney back to curry three-pointer I’m not sure. They don’t need to go back to zoo BOTS for another offensive player in the game. Big Adama portray Who’s my missus big Adama pushing back to the raft Get the missus 17 games drives off valve slips inside lamps good Ingres elbow jumper is good They’re fqo left open decides to shoot and gets it Rhonda one-on-one with Livingston couple of old veterans going at it. Oh sweet bull from Rhonda No fouls to give Stevenson throws enough quickly A couple big shots to get us going And they hands later for a second. Yes when he was told that LeBron James may not come back He was like giddy. He would have been clapped. He’d been like jumping up and digs on him there’s the help from green leaving Rhonda wide open his three-pointer ex-con why genre But a pit bull mare, the lead is 15 again Green can’t get them to go so much changed But I think Rondo so much as always made of his intelligent that I don’t think enough people top Durant sees an opening drives pass Rondo and missed a layup Follow poke zoom box all along from a slam Better today. I think he’s had better lateral quickness And awareness than I anticipated Klay Thompson Chandler McGee who makes mistake you could just live with Rondo. There’s no hots they connect 160 points eight assists five rebounds for Rondo Caldwell-pope corner three, that’s good But I truly do believe as much as anything It’s a function of there’s defensive slip four and a half remaining Thompson back nigga dolla a Gazala feed inside. Come on Looney for the land Here comes Rondo what a masterful performance from Rajon Rondo Hart nails the free quarter Lakers How long will they have to be without their leader Mike? Alright Lisa. Thanks so much as we mentioned Grabs that rebounds As we’re under two minutes remaining Kuzma side step banks at all barring injury, I’ve never bought all that acclamation I I don’t get like help playing as hard Throws one and look at your record last year. It’s an easy transition You tell me I can be one of the pips and be successful Makai loop again sit down distance still have to get their edge back Count it and a foul What a great road win for this much improved Laker team a blowout victory over the two-time defending champs 127 to 101 the final Rondo 50 You


  1. Lance dance move.😂😂warrior fans are like cowboys and oatriots fans.. Ignoing
    . winning loud losing quite… Warriors are garbage

  2. I better not see no fake Golden State warriors hopping on dicks when we win the conference…🤣too late y'all chose sides already!!

  3. The crazy thing is LeBron wasn't playing at all when the Lakers made that fourth-quarter run. If they can play like that consistently with Bron being on the bench. They'll be a team to reckon with.

  4. Lance went off, Rondo is a great leader, Zubac put in work & Zo did his thing. Also that Ingram/KD play was so basic but beautiful.

  5. Tanong ko lang sa May nakakaalam ? Anong site pwde makipag pustahan pag dating sa NBA at magkano Minimum ng Pustah ? At Gaano ka Legit yung Site na yun para ma assure ko naman hindi ako ma chochope. ty sa sasagot, lalo na sa mga Filipino, haha hindi kase magaling sa English kaya Tagalog nalang ✌️

  6. Who goes in here after larriors defeat L.A ?

    Noticed the score Lakers has much lead in the end of the game compare warriors blown out the Lakers in there homecourt.

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  10. Unfortunate that my Lakers couldn’t stay healthy this year . Us vs GSW in the WCF woulda been way more interesting than Warriors vs Blazers

  11. Lakers might look like this more often now that they have Davis. Just need some shooters to become the West favorite.

  12. Lot of lechoke fans says "No lechoke No problem"…those fans of lechoke are keyboard warriors. Commonsense, this is an only season. Look the season series of Warriors and Lakers, its 3-1.

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