Labrador Retriever Pros and Cons

Labrador Retriever Pros and Cons

– Labs are the most popular
dog breeds worldwide and they are one of my
favorite dog breeds as well. Of course I have Andy but
still Labs are not perfect and there are some little
disadvantages of owning them. In this video we will talk
about the pros and cons of owning a Labrador Retriever. (dog barking)
(playful music) Some of the facts that are
mentioned in this video can be viewed as both
advantages and disadvantages. It really depends on the
person and their needs. For example, Labrador
Retrievers have long puppy hood. They act like puppies until
they reach three years and even when they’re
adults they still act kind of childish. It can be a good thing and a lot of fun if you’re an active person
but if you like calm life then it will be hard with young Labrador. In my opinion, the biggest
advantage of Labradors is their personality. They are probably the
most eager to please dogs I have ever seen. They are just happy if you are happy. They are also very happy,
sweet, affectionate, and actually very patient dogs. I’ve never seen a Labrador
that would not be affectionate towards their owners. Because of their temperament
they are easily trainable. As we said they are eager to please but they are also very intelligent. If you combine those two
qualities you have amazing easily trainable dog. That is why Labradors are the most popular assistance dogs in the world. Let’s mention some cons as well. Well the biggest is their shedding. It’s crazy. It will have their fur everywhere. Not only your floor but also in your books, your
keyboard, on your clothes on your carpet, curtains, just everywhere. Actually made a video on
how to minimize the shedding because if you’re living with
Labrador in small apartment like this it’s really crazy. You will have to vacuum very very often. Especially when they
are changing their fur which is twice a year. But they really do shed all
year long and they shed a lot. It’s really the only and the biggest thing I really don’t like about Labradors. The second biggest disadvantage
is that they like to eat. All dogs like to eat obviously, but Labradors are something else. They like to eat
everything and all the time and they just don’t
know when to stop eating which is the reason you see
so many obese Labradors. Which I really hate to
see because I feel like the dog is suffering. And it’s also not their
fault it’s always fault of their owners. You should be the one who is responsible about feeding your dog. As I mentioned they like to eat everything which can be dangerous. They really enjoy eating
trash, poops, even mushrooms or some other toxic food. It’s really a big
disadvantage which can lead to fatal consequences. If you are an active
person the next advantage will be great for you. Labs are very active dogs even though now it really doesn’t seem like
it Andy’s just sleeping here but it’s also because we
just arrived from a really long walk from the woods
so he’s kind of tired and it’s normal that
they are not as active inside the apartment. Labs especially enjoy
swimming but they will happily do any other activity that you like jogging, cycling, or just long walks they will love it. They are also very
friendly towards everyone. They still need to be socialized
but it’s not that hard because they are very social and they most of the
time love all the people and even other dogs. Labs are very smart dogs
and as with all smart dogs they need mental stimulation. If you are not giving them
some kind of job during the day they will become bored and
boredom can lead to anxiety and anxiety can cause bad
behavior or like distraction or excessive barking. Labradors are prone to some
serious health problems. But it’s not much worse than
any other dogs of their size. They’re especially prone to hip dysplasia which is the biggest problem of this breed but also are fatty tumors
and ear infections. But let’s end the video
with something positive. Labradors are great
looking dogs especially when they are puppies
they are just adorable. Just look at these few
photos of Andy as a puppy. Tell me in comments what
is your favorite thing about Labrador Retriever
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  1. Friendly and energetic. Those traits are my favorite, especially friendly with people and other animals. Good video.

  2. My Labrador was a heavy shedder, I bought a soft brush to fit the tube of my vacuum cleaner and brushed him with it. He used to be very happy when the brush came out so not problem just one more game to keep the shedding down. Also a stripping blade (use it outside and shut the door cos the fur flies everywhere) helps with this problem. Labradors are so worth a little effort though pay you back a hundredfold with love and fun.

  3. They shed a lot but I really enjoy brushing dogs. It calms me down~~ so at least one of the cons isn't so bad for me 🙂

  4. Aww I have a silver Labrador his name is Hero he has absolutely no cons about him lol except for when he farts oh don’t get me started on when he farts oh man

  5. We have our first Lab ever and I am madly in love now with this breed. I can’t imagine getting anything else. He is so easy to train to do anything you want that we started a YouTube channel to show all that he has learned and continue to learn as he grows. Check it out!

  6. Barking? Mine only barks of he is playing or is trying to protect me or the house. But he never just barks at other dogs or out of boredom.

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